Not only when we want to wear a pair of shorts, but also for other fashion staples, finding a great fit and look for different body types is all about knowing which style that can be worn correctly. For plus size ladies, for example, they have thighs and curves that actually can be accentuated and flattered when worn with the proper fit and style. Depending on each body type – whether you are a pear shape, apple shape, or round shape – shorts can look just as good on everybody (including full figured women).

For all women in different body shape, it is always important to have some basic tips handy on choosing the right shorts for your figure before starting to make a purchase. Looking for numerous style and outfit ideas from street fashions, bloggers, and magazines can also be very helpful to figure out which shorts are flattering.

Check out these easy tips and great style ideas for plus size women to wear summer shorts, perfectly fit to their figure:
– How to Wear Shorts best for Your Body Type
– Finding the Most Flattering Shorts to Camouflage Problem Areas
– Style Ideas: Plus Size Fashion Shorts for Different Occasions
– 15 Shorts Ideas Great for Spring and Summer 2014

But surely, tips are given only as an idea which you can skip them away if they don’t work for your figure and personal style. Dressing with confidence and comfort is much more important than wearing the latest fashion trend or following several fashion tips. Again, fashion is all about feeling good about what you’re wearing, looking poised, appropriate, and feeling self-assured in all situations. So, keep cool this summer and check out these great shorts from various online stores


plus size summer shorts
Exclusive Culotte Shorts In Jersey ($22) / Exclusive Shorts In Check ($33) / Shorts in Bandana Print with Pom Poms ($33) / Exclusive Shorts In Leather Look ($54)
Festival Shorts in Sequin
Festival Shorts in Sequin ($68) / Culotte Shorts In Animal Print ($29) / Culottes in Polka Dot ($29) / Exclusive Culottes In Pretty Rose Print ($29)

For a few quick tips, make sure you understand styles, fit, and the rise of your shorts, for example between high-rise shorts and high-waisted shorts. A pair of high-rise shorts means they are generally going to come up to anywhere from just below to right at your belly button, whereas high-waisted shorts will usually come up past your belly button, up to your waist.

Also, the fit tends to be slightly different. Although there are still high-waisted shorts that looser and less fitted, but generally this type of shorts tends to be more fitted through the hips to the waist, while high-rise shorts are generally less closely fitted and fit more like a regular pair of shorts: not too loose and not too tight, especially in the hip area.

Charlotte Russe

Crochet Cut-Off Denim Shorts
1st row : Refuge “Hi-Waist Shortie” Denim Shorts (Burgundy) ($27.99) / Refuge “Hi-Waist Shortie” Denim Shorts (Hibiscus) ($27.99) / Refuge “Hi-Rise Shortie” Denim Shorts (Black) ($27.99)
2nd row : Crochet Cut-Off Denim Shorts ($27.99) / Refuge “Bermuda” Destroyed Denim Shorts ($27.99) / Refuge “Hi-Rise Shortie” Denim Shorts ($27.99)

City Chic

Hi Waist Short Short
1st row : Hi Waist Short – Light ($59.00) / Hi Waist Short– Black ($29.95)
2nd row : Studded Animal Short ($29.95) / Indie Girl Short ($59.00)
Harajuku Short
Short Wet Look Short ($29.95) / Harajuku Short ($29.95) / Short Clean ($29.95)


Distressed Denim Shorts
1st row : Distressed Denim Shorts ($22.90) / Diamond Print Bow Shorts ($17.90) / Chambray Drawstring Shorts ($24.90)
2nd row : Abstract Chevron Print Shorts ($14.90) / Dotted Floral Shorts ($14.90) / Tribal Print Shorts ($14.90)
Cuffed Denim Shorts
Paneled Grid Print Shorts ($17.90) / Cuffed Denim Shorts ($19.90)

Another tips for wearing plus size shorts, you should make a few important considerations focused around size, width of leg, trend, construction, detail, and fabric. For example:

  • You must wear the correct size as it is important for coming up with a stylish look. Sizes that are too small will appear tight and will likely feel uncomfortable, whereas sizes that are too big will add bulk and sag and can make the wearer appear disheveled.
  • Make sure you also know your body type – whether bottom heavy or top heavy – For a pear shape (bottom heavy) with thicker thighs, you can select a pair that fits the widest part of your thigh and goes straight down from there. Or you could also pick shorts with an A-line cut. As for women with apple shape (top heavy), a wider leg can balance a larger upper half, and create curves.
  • Although all women are absolutely can follow trends and styles as they like, make sure when picking out shorts, you do not get caught up in the flow of what is popular at the time when it may not be suitable for your personal style and body frame. Keep in mind to always find pieces that make you comfortable and feeling good.

Lands’ End

Chino Bermuda Shorts
Chino Bermuda Shorts – Pattern ($55.00) / Sport Knit Shorts ($25.00) / Digital Print Bermuda Chino Shorts ($65.00) / Linen Madras Chino Shorts ($55.00)
Oxford Chino Shorts
Oxford Chino Shorts ($49.00) / Dobby Shorts ($59.00) / Day Pincord Shorts ($49.00) / Indigo Pattern Shorts ($59.00)


Lee Plus Size Denim Bermuda Shorts
Lee Plus Size Denim Bermuda Shorts ($44.99) / Jessica Simpson Plus Size Petra Belted Shorts ($43.99) / Jessica Simpson Plus Size Amei Printed Shorts ($39.99)
American Rag Plus Size Printed Shorts
American Rag Plus Size Printed Shorts ($40.99) / Lauren Ralph Lauren Plus Size Pleated Shorts ($89.50) / American Rag Plus Size Crochet Shorts ($49.99)
  • Although you are allowed to wear all types of shorts you want, it is also important to put importance on the fabric and construction of your shorts. A thicker, sturdier fabric, for example, will camouflage lumps and bumps and will retain the garment’s shape throughout the day. Flimsy cuts and fabrics will wrinkle and look sloppy after wearing them for several hours. A thicker fabric will also allow you to wear light colored shorts without appearing see-through.
  • Finally is the placement of details of your shorts including pockets, knots, ribbons, pleats, etc. These accessories can either be your best friend or worst enemy depending on the placement. They will add width — which is great for those of you who are an apple shape who want to create curves – and add width to your lower half, not so much for those of us with a pear-shaped body


Crocheted Shorts
1st row : Crocheted Shorts ($34.00) / White Lace Soft Shorts ($$34.00)
2nd row : Tie Front Soft Shorts in Dotted Chevron Print ($29.00) / Cool Aqua Smart Dressy Shorts with Textured Fabric ($34.00)
Solid Black Cross Front Short
1st row : Solid Black Cross Front Short ($24.98) / White Lace Soft Shorts ($34.00)
2nd row : Sea Green Chino Shorts ($29.00) / Corduroy Shorts ($34.00)


Inspire Blue Faded High Waisted Shorts
1st row : Inspire Blue Faded High Waisted Shorts (£17.99) / Inspire Navy NYC Shorts  (£9.99) / Plus Size Black Tie Waist Shorts (£14.99)
2nd row : Inspire Black Plain Skort (£14.99) / Plus Size Black Floral Print Shorts (£14.99) / Inspire Black Tile Print Contrast Skort (£14.99)


Women’s Plus Printed Shorts
Women’s Plus Printed Shorts ($34.94) / Women’s Plus Patterned Poplin Shorts ($36.94) / Women’s Plus Stretch Twill Shorts ($26.00)
Women’s Plus Raw-Cuffed Denim Shorts
Women’s Plus Foldover-Waist Linen-Blend Shorts ($28.00) / Women’s Plus Pixie Chino Shorts ($24.94) / Women’s Plus Raw-Cuffed Denim Shorts ($34.00)

Styles for Less

Plus Good Disposition Woven Shorts
Plus Good Disposition Woven Shorts ($12.99) / Plus Hawaiian Kisses Woven Shorts ($16.99) / Plus Floral Dance Woven Shorts ($12.99)
Plus Sun Traveler Woven Shorts
Plus Sun Traveler Woven Shorts ($12.99) / Plus Medallion Crochet Woven Shorts ($21.99) / Plus Perfect for Me Denim Shorts ($29.99)


High-Waisted Dyed Denim Shorts
1st row : High-Waisted Dyed Denim Shorts ($29.90) / Crochet Trim Floral Lace Shorts ($19.90) / Layered In Lace Crochet Shorts ($29.90)
2nd row : Tribal Striped Roll Cuff Shorts ($24.90) / Kaleidoscope Stripe Woven Shorts ($19.90) / Diamond Print Challis Shorts ($19.90)
Denim Dolphin Drawstring Shorts
1st row : Ombré Faded Frayed Denim Shorts ($19.50) / Creased Roll Cuff Denim Shorts ($29.90) / Stacked Waist Roll Cuff Denim Shorts ($29.90)
2nd row : Denim Dolphin Drawstring Shorts ($29.90) / Super Soft Roll Cuff Denim Shorts ($19.50) / Crochet Lace Trim Denim Shorts ($32.90)

Yours Clothing

White Cool Cotton Roll-Up Shorts
White Cool Cotton Roll-Up Shorts ($26.00) / Black And White Polka Dot Print Jersey Shorts ($30.00) / Black And Pink Daisy Print Pull On Jersey Shorts ($30.00)
Hot Pink Velour Shorts With Silver Crown Detail
Hot Pink Velour Shorts With Silver Crown Detail ($19.00) / Black Board Shorts With Drawstring Waist ($23.00) / Taupe Linen Viscose Roll Up Shorts With Tab & Button Detail ($30.00) / Mid Blue Lightweight Denim Boyfriend Shorts ($47.00)

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