How to Wear Shorts best for Your Body Type

Shorts … some people love them while some hate them, no matter these fashion staple for summer are designed in many styles, fabrics, prints and colors, shorts are always be one of the most popular must-haves in every woman’s wardrobe. Shorts will give you the same cool, breezy feeling as a skirt, and for those who love to fashion in casual, yet sexy and flattering outfits will definitely have these versatile pieces more than one designs.

However, although shorts are considered just as versatile and simple while being more practical for active people, every woman should know what best to pull off shorts suitable for their figure and silhouette. You may show some leg, but fitting your shorts well that promises the best comfort in you is essential, so don’t push yourself with trend when your personal style and body shape don’t meet its designs.

When choosing shorts, make sure they lay smooth and flat, which are not too tight, ride up or tug. The trick is to flatter your shape and size, balance the top with accessories up or down accordingly, and wear it with confidence and perfect personal style. Actually shorts follow the same principle as skirts – it’s all about the silhouette. The most universally flattering shorts sit low on the waist and have a structured, straight leg.

As for the pairing top, a good rule to remember is all about balance. If your shorts are loose and baggy wear a tighter top. If your shorts are shorter and tighter, loosen up on top. Anchor your look with accessories like a long-chain pendant, sandals with some sparkle, oversized sunglasses, or a block-color bag to add some ‘pop’. Learn how to wear shorts for your body type and what to wear with shorts fashionably.


Shorts for Straight FigureWomen with a square or straight body type are considered to have less curvy figure, therefore look for shorts that add curves to your lower half while creating an hourglass effect. Balloon or bubble shorts, skorts as well as shorts with belt, front pocket, knot, pleats will add volume and some curve, while A-line shorts will also add an hourglass silhouette. Shorts with prints or textures as well as high waist are also work well for such body types, since prints and textures add the illusion of curves, while a high waist creates a great waist.

Shorts for Straight Body ShapeWhat to match with: Choose colorful and printed shorts to add curves on this boyish figure, and wear accessories around the waist to create curvier appearance. Match with top with nipped or belted waists, as well as tops that are full, rushed or flowing around the bust. Off the shoulder, boat-neck tops, wide V or U necks are also great to match with

Shorts for Square Body ShapeOVAL BODY TYPE

Shorts for Oval Body ShapeOpposites to straight body type, women who have oval shape should look for a pair of shorts with minimum embellishments. Since this type of body shape has a large bust and a full midsection, look for shorts that will minimize your lower half. Whether it’s in short, medium, and long styles, opt for shorts with a generous fit through the middle to keep you comfortable and a wide waistband to help hold you in. While tapered cuffs show off trim legs, a-line skirt create an hourglass silhouette

Bermuda for Oval Body Shape

What to match with: Remember that oversized or baggy clothing will add to your frame, so stick with a tailored clean short. Opt for tops with nipped or belted waists, flare at the hip, or have vertical details such as V necks or layers

Shorts for Plus Size Woman Denim Shorts for Plus Size WomanHOURGLASS BODY SHAPE

Shorts for Hourglass Body Shape Shorts for Plus Size Hourglass ShapeWith bust and hips that are well balanced and have a beautifully defined waist, women with hourglass shape are considered to be the luckiest one for having the most proportioned shape. From top to bottom, you are a picture of harmony and balance. And with this shape, basically you can wear most any bottoms as long as you pair them with the proper top. You can also choose from a variety of bottoms to settle on your mid-waist, high-waist or low-waist really well.

Shorts for Hourglass FigureTry A-line shorts to make your legs appear longer and leaner, and if you have a flat beautiful tummy to show off, don’t mind sporting structured shorts with mid-rise look, then paired with a crop top for more stunning look. If you think you have big thighs, consider wearing shorts for big thighs with less, minimal details, or shorts with mid-length or knee-length cuts such as Bermuda

Shorts for Hourglass CurvesWhat to match with: Pair with light-weight tee to balance the look, and instead of tops with heavy details or prints. Put skinny belt or other dainty accessories for a more flattering style.


Shorts for Pear Figure Short Shorts for Plus Size WomenWomen with pear shape have bigger size on the bottom area such as bigger buttock, wider hips, and fuller thighs. Look for shorts for big thighs that are high waisted to highlight the narrowest part of your body and give you that hourglass shape. Slim fitting shorts for big thighs like Bermuda is great to make your buttock looking less heavy and to give your legs a longer, slimmer look. However, an A-line cut is the most ideal option for a pear shape since this style is fitted at the waist, but gradually widens toward the hem so it gracefully skims your hips, thighs and backside.

Shorts for Pear Body Shape Shorts for Plus Size Pear ShapeIf your thighs are really thick, draw the attention away from the lower part of the body by choosing a pair of simple shorts for a clean look, and it is also important that you pick shorts that are not too short because they will just highlight the larger thighs, go for the mid-length ones instead (with an inseam of about 7 or 8 inches). Plus, avoid shorts with pockets or other big and busy accessories such as knots, ribbons, pleats, etc. The bigger your thighs are, the simpler your shorts should be.

Plus Size Shorts Pear Body Shape
What to match with: Keep patterns on top to attract the eye upward to your slim torso, and keep your bottoms solid. Add a longer top or one that flares out a bit to balance body shape.


Shorts for Apple Body ShapeIf your shape is more of an apple than a pear, focus on showing off your legs rather than your midsection. The secret to looking your best is highlighting your best assets and downplaying areas you want to hide. A pair of short-shorts can show off your great legs and minimize your waist. Or, you can also go for the high-waisted cut. Anything cut low at the waist may create a “muffin top” and will only draw more attention to your middle. Pick a cut that nips your waistline, making it slimmer and more defined.

Shorts for Plus Size Apple Body ShapeThere are four types of shorts best suited for apple shapes, including Short Shorts which are great to show off your fabulous legs; High-waisted Shorts to hide the “muffin top” and make the tummy area appear instantly slimmer and more defined; Back-pocket Shorts to add a bit of volume to your behind and balance out a rounder midsection; and Belted Shorts to define your waistline and flatter your overall look. The cotton cargo shorts are ideal for a casual outing, as well as denim shorts and the tailored ones, while a pair of shorts featuring a stretchy, elasticized belt allow more give as well accenting your natural waist.

Shorts for Plus Size Apple Body Type Shorts for Apple Body TypeWhat to match with: The apple body type looks best in fitted shorts that have a wide waistband. You’ll need to show off your legs to balance out your apple-shape. Drawing attention to your legs will help add more balance to your look. Fitted shorts help highlight your legs, while giving the appearance of a smaller waistline. If you’re an apple body type, also consider pairing shorts with a looser fitting top

Finally, check out article “Finding the Most Flattering Shorts to Camouflage Problem Areas” to find most suited shorts for different character of your body shape – whether you have tummy, wide hips, short legs, big or skinny thighs.

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All in all, no matter what body shape you have, every woman definitely can be flattering in shorts as long as they know what types of shorts best on her silhouettes. Put some accessories, wear flattering footwear, and appropriate tops to disguise the problem area. For example, sometimes tights are great to camouflage your legs visually (bright tights to give more weight or dark tights to reduce the rounded looks).

But above all, no matter what ‘problem’ you have with your body, self-confidence and personal character are still the number one rule in fashion. It’s important to remember that there is no perfect body type and each shape has its own styling advantages.


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  4. Jacqueline says:

    I would have to disagree. I’m a pear shape and I couldn’t wear any of those shorts because it’ll make me look heavier. A-line shorts and skirts disguise bigger bums/thighs and makes my silhouette look slimmer.

    1. dee-nee says:

      Hi Jacqueline,

      Yes, I believe you’re right

      Generally, for women with weight on her lower body (either round shape, pear shape, or hourglass shape)
      there are three types of shorts best for these figures:
      Culottes (a mix between a skirt and a regular pair of shorts), Tapered Shorts (the bottom hem is wider than the waist), and Bermuda (a longer-cut short)

      I believe what you meant is the tapered shorts, and yes, this shorts (a-line shorts) can actually hides hips, bums, etc, which only the small waist is on show.
      I guess, what I’ve seen from many women with these figure, Bermuda is the most popular and easiest one to choose. Of course, it still depends on each personal opinion.

      And your choice is great since tapered shorts has more fun, dressier and cuter look than the other two.

      Thank you so much for sharing Jacqueline
      Have a lovely day 🙂

    2. none says:

      i agree jaqueline. only thing is, depends on fabric, length . I have bigger thighs so I’d like something that skims but not too short. I’d love an aline tweed for fall..think tights and a sweater and booties. cute

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  6. Helene says:

    Since this is a guide, I wish the models in the pictures actually showed the different shapes. I am a pear, but looking at these pics, I look like a “round”. I have also tried knee-length shorts several times. If they end (right) above the knee, I look massively fat. What suits me (slim waist, big butt and rather big thighs) is high-waist shorts in an A-shape with loose fitting around the legs. The length gotta be so that it at least covered that “bump” on the side. I would deff add high-waisted A-shapes to the pear-list. Getting more daring and trying to buy more shorts now! (After living Singapore wearing long jeans every day)…

    1. dee-nee says:

      Hi Helene,

      Thank you so much for your advice.
      Yes, I’ve done some corrections with my article, especially the pictures.
      Again, thank you for the comment

      Have a lovely day Helene 🙂

  7. kygirl2004 says:

    I mean, really? why are almost half of these models wearing the grandma high waisted shorts? They are rarely flattering on ANYONE. Also, the apple shaped girls? Last i checked, the “so called oval body shape is formerly known as the “apple” shape. the girls listed under apple are not. they are “petite”.

    Did u have a 11 yr old girl write this? haha

    1. dee-nee says:

      Hi kygirl2004,

      LOL … yup, sorry but the article is basically still “under construction” …
      Sorry for the inconvenience 🙁

      I realized some pictures don’t really show the right shape (like Helene told me on the comment above)
      I can’t fix all pictures right away because google already detected the pictures in its search engine
      So I have to change it gradually, one to two pictures each day

      Thank you so much kygirl and have a great day 🙂

    2. livs says:

      Don’t be an idiot. If you have nothing constructive to say about this blog then go back onto Google and find a different one you like. Don’t hate on it just cause it makes you feel better. Also, I would advise you to look at your own spelling and grammar (which is compatible to a eleven year old) BEFORE giving negative comments about someone else’s writing.

  8. ELENA says:

    High-waisted short are really flattering for slim woman sorry ! You can see it from the pictures, this is really pretty

  9. Hannah says:

    I’ve had trouble for a while with my manly body shape. I have my dads figure and look quite like a linebacker. I have very wide shoulders and a narrow waist. Any tips?

    1. dee-nee says:

      Hi Hannah,

      For your upper body shape, you could probably check these two articles “How to Choose Clothes and Fashionably Hide Specific Body Parts” and “How to Fashionably Hide Specific Body Parts (Upper Body) Part 2” (problem with large breasts, narrow shoulders, and broad shoulders)

      I hope both articles help your problem

      Have a great day Hannah 🙂

  10. Liz Costa says:

    Any suggestions for where to buy a-line shorts that cover thighs? They are the only shorts that look okay on my pear shaped body but I can’t find them anywhere. thanks.

    1. dee-nee says:

      Hi Liz,

      There are various names for a-line shorts including short cullotes or wide leg shorts. You could check those keyword through google for online store ideas.
      I usually go to ASOS because they really have varieties of products. Or you could go to Shopstyle and Lyst for store recommendation
      I don’t know your size and personal style, but I like these two basic a line shorts (Jersey Culotte Shorts and New Look Inspire Skort)

      Hope it helps Liz, and have a lovely day 🙂

  11. Jessy says:

    Hello, hello,

    I understand the top half with thighs and everything, but I have muscle-y calves and really want something to take attention away from there. Any suggestions?

    1. dee-nee says:

      Hi Jessy,

      I have tips for muscular calves in this article “Finding the Most Flattering Shorts to Camouflage Problem Areas”

      Hopefully the article helps you out

      Have a great day Jessy 🙂

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    good job Keep on working, it’s wonderful.

    1. dee-nee says:

      Thank you so much Ossain

      It feels great to have people commenting on my article

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  13. Holly says:

    Thank you very much for this article! I found it very helpful and really enlightening that you used images to demonstrate the different body types on all sized models, made me feel a lot more comfortable both reading the article and figuring out which shape I was

  14. ola aly says:

    Should we still wear shorts when we have cellulite

    1. dee-nee says:

      It actually depends on your comfort and confidence
      There are many women with cellulite feel fine and comfortable when wearing shorts

      Check out these two articles showing women with big thighs wearing shorts

      Style Ideas: Plus Size Fashion Shorts for Different Occasions
      Plus Size Fashion Shorts Spring Summer 2015 from Various Stores

      Thanks for your question Ola Aly
      Have a great day 🙂

  15. Tracy says:

    What’s considered plus size nowadays?

    1. dee-nee says:

      Well, according to PLUS Model magazine; “In the fashion industry, plus size is identified as sizes 12-24, super size as sizes 4X-6X and extended size as 7X and up”


  16. Felicia Thompson says:

    What type of shorts should you wear when you have a muffin top, no hips nor butt? I wear a lot of skater dresses to hide the fact i dont have hips nor a butt. Would you please advise? Thanks!

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  18. Rebecca says:

    Thank you for showing slender to plus of each of the body shapes. That was immensely helpful for me, seeing different sizes of the same shape. After reading this article I think I can pick out some good shorts for me now!

  19. Gem says:

    This article is so good! Normally if I search for something they only show one body type. But here you guys show apple plus, apple skinny, hourglass plus, etc.

  20. Ann says:

    Where are these shorts from?

  21. Sydney says:

    I am a pear shape and when I wear longer shorts 7″ or 8″ it looks awful, like an upside down triangle. Way more flattering to wear short 3″ shorts. I find it gives an optical illusion and doesn’t accentuate a pear shape.

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