How to Style the 90s Fashion Trend Spring Summer 2016

When the ‘90s began, it was the time when the ’90s fashion supermodel was born. Ladies like Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, and more ruled the runways and captivated the world with their amazingly gorgeous looks, rocking trends and styles that were once considered modern and daring. So for this 2016 fashion trend, like the saying “what goes around comes around” – which works perfectly to describe the cycle of fashion – the trend that was considered cool in the 90s is cool once again this year.

To take us back where it all started, if you want to channel these 90s fashions – which is one of the greatest decades of all time – start thinking Britpop and grunge. Channeling the 90s is basically about sorting the bad from the good. It brought forth a youthful movement and offered carefree styles including grunge and minimalism that were the main trends of the decade, while casual and easy streetwear as well as “sexy school girl” styles were also trending. Learn some easy tips on how to rock the best ‘90s fashion, and find old pieces in your wardrobe that still look fresh today.

Fashion in the 1990s

90s clothing style Beverly Hills 9021090s Fashion – Beverly Hills 90210

Like mentioned before, the looks of the 90s are all about looking grunge and fun styling. Good 90s fashion means a bit of schoolgirl look – think mini skirts, knee-high socks and platform shoes –, a smidgen of R&B look – those with high-waisted jeans, dungarees, and oversized jacket – and a whole lot of Britpop grungy chic – from slip dresses, Doc Martens, and cardigans, to plaid shirt, layering, and low-rise, ripped, wide-leg jeans. While the Grunge style itself screams for an overall “sloppy” look that suggests you to not spend very much time putting together your outfit, and yet still managed to look awesome anyway. For a little hint of this cool fashion trend, take a look at some of the best ‘90s fashion channeled by style icons of the 90s – whether they wore them on the movie or real life.

90s clothing style - Winona Ryder Winona Ryder 90s Fashion Trend90s outfits - Jennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston in “friends” the 90s Fashion Styles
90s fashion icon Shannen DohertyShannen Doherty in “Beverly Hills, 90210” the 90s Fashion Styles
Fashion in the 1990s Alicia SilverstoneAlicia Silverstone 90s Fashion Trend – mostly from the movie “Clueless”

The 90s Trends That Make a Comeback in 2016

As the whole ’90s-revival styles are currently picking up steam most recently on the fashion scene in 2016, countless styles and trends which were popular 20 years ago are popular once again. Some of these throwback styles can look either amazing, or just really, really bad that we would definitely rather forget. Here are several classics that are totally appropriate to add to your modern looks.

90s Trends that Made a ComebackSome of the 90s Trends that Made a Comeback – from chokers, to crop tops, to highwaisted pants, to slip dresses, to combat shoes, to dungarees

Alongside the iconic 90’s jeans styles such as frayed or ripped denim, highwaisted pants, boyfriend jeans, overalls or dungarees, and oversized jacket to make a pulled-together outfit a bit more casual, other cool pieces and styles such as choker necklaces, crop tops, flannel plaid shirt, combat boots – or high top sneakers, backpack, a shirt around the waist, and dresses layered over tops have brought back the grunge into this 2016 fashion, as well as slip dresses for revisiting the 90s minimalism. While a black biker jacket as a surprisingly timeless trend that has staying power-likely for adding instant edge to any ensemble.

How to rock 90s fashion leather jacketThe timeless Leather Biker Jacket that stays trending from then and now

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  1. Antome says:

    Hey, do you remember the low heeled pump like mules?
    Being backless some people got a bit discouraged, but for that same reason they give the illusion of a higher hees, actually keeping them comfortably low :).

  2. Ecka says:

    How cool! Millenials bring back the 90’s look; and they’re loving it!

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