How to Choose the Right Bra for Every Type of Outfit and Occasion (Part 2)

C. Finding Bras for Your Specific Needs
Different body shape has different needs in finding the most suited and perfect bra, while some bras are actually designed for that reason. Some women want to have the illusion of greater breast size and cleavage, while others want to make the breasts appear to be smaller. There are needs for bra that is specifically designed for a curvaceous, voluptuous woman, and there are also women asking for special sporty bra for working out. Find more about bras that are designed for specific needs:


How to Wear Push Up BrasPush-up Bras: For women who want to create sexy, rounded and feminine cleavage, or want to enhance their breast size, might find a Push-up Bra as the perfect solution. This type of bra comes with design that lifts and supports the breasts by incorporating padding at the bottom portion of the cup that will instantly lift the breasts, making the breasts look visually larger. However, if you’ve got loose breast tissue, you’ll need to be careful with the push up bra design, because some designs may make your breasts look ‘flat’ on top.

These bras are perfect to be worn with a low-cut top, V-neck dress, etc., and often come with feminine, fancy details such as lace, embroideries, or prints – although there are also many of them available in classic features –, plus,  since the bras are focused on creating rounded cleavage, usually they are offered in demi, balcony or plunge cup cuts.


Fashion Tips for Padded BrasPadded Bras: Similar to the function of push-up bras, a Padded Bra is specifically designed to create larger and fuller busts visually. The bra come with cups contain shape-enhancing pads or lining designed to increase bust size and add cleavage. While some of these bras use padding evenly all around the cup, some also come with graduated padding, which is thicker at the base of the cups and thinner at the top to provide lift to the breasts – the same function as push-up bras

This type of bra is great for women with looser breast tissue to create a fuller, more rounded, firm look, which in contrary not great for women with large or full breasts as it will make the body looks disproportional. For women with a slight unevenness between breasts, the padded bras are the best options since these bras often come in two styles – either with removable inserts, or with padding sewn into the cups of the bras.

Difference Between Padded and Push Up BraThe Difference Between Padded and Push Up Bra

Noted the difference between padded and push up bra: While a push up bra is padded more on the bottom of the cup to push up the breasts and creates cleavage, a padded bra is padded evenly all around the cup which just makes the breasts look rounder and fuller but doesn’t necessarily create cleavage.


Molded Cup T-Shirt and Contour Bra DesignsMolded Cup Bras: If you are looking for a bra that creates a round shape without using any bulky padding, a Molded Bra is a great choice to try on. Based on its cup design, this bra features cups that are made from a single piece of fabric, which is heat molded with a thin layer of foam or fiberfill to form a cup shape for a more rigid, non-collapsing style. If it’s a style that fits your body type, a molded bra is a great style for everyday wear. It is a bra style that works well with all types of clothing – from a clingy t-shirt, to a fancy dress.

Plus Size T-Shirt and Contour Bra DesignsSeveral bra styles can have molded cups, including contour bras and T-shirt bras. However, there’s a slightly key differences between these two bra styles. Basically, a contour style cups can either be seamless or seamed, while a T-shirt bra always has seamless cups.

A seamless contour bra (or a T-shirt bra) is great if you are looking for modesty – looking for a bra that looks invisible under the most form-fitting top, while a contour bra that has seamed cups is great to provide extra more support.

Depending on the body type, women who are full-chested may get the benefits of seamless contour/T-shirt bra because the bra style offers some shaping without adding any hint of bulk. While for fuller figures or women with large breasts, a contour bra with seamed cups are perfect because this cup style offers extra support.


Fashion Tips for Underwired BrasUnderwire Bras: Just like its name, Underwire Bras are those bras designed with sewn-in molded wiring that runs underneath the breast in each bra cup. The purpose of an underwire is to contour the natural shape of the breast by encompassing the entirety of breast tissue and giving it lift and a round shape, separating the bustline for better shape and extra support under the bust.


Fashion Tips for Plus Size BrasPlus Size Bras: Women with curvaceous, voluptuous figures, or those who wear bra bands anywhere from 38 to 42 and larger, might need certain bra designs that can accommodate a more generous figure. For that reason, a Plus Size Bra is exclusively designed with a more curvaceous body in mind, which means it should fit better than a standard bra that has simply been made in a larger size. This type of bra typically include features like a wider band, proportional bra cups with more coverage, wider straps and other design features that make life easier for full-figured women. Plus size bras are usually available in various plus size stores and can come in a variety of styles, so they’re great for any occasion.


Fashion Tips for Posture BrasPosture Bras: Back pain and poor posture is the number one reported issue from women with large breasts. If you suffer from shoulder or neck strain because of the weight of your breasts, you might like to try a Posture Bras to better support the breasts while removing any tension on your back, shoulders, and neck. A posture bra therefore ensures that the bra straps don’t pull at all on your shoulders, and that the weight of your breasts is distributed evenly. These bras are designed to make it easier to stand or sit upright, and they can provide a huge boost to quality of life.

There are a few key factors to know the right posture bras, because not all of these bras that contain the word “posture” are truly beneficial for its original purpose:

  • First of all you have to look for bras that have separated cup that encapsulate each breasts – the separated cup will give maximum and properly support to each breasts.
  • Secondly, a posture bra should always have a crossback design – a high back with a racerback cut – which is important to relieve the tension from your upper back, helping to stand up straight.
  • And thirdly, look for a front hook to relieve tension from the breast better, because a back hook means that all the weight from your breasts is supporting by your back.


Fashion Tips for Minimizer BrasMinimizer Bras: And if you want to make your large breasts look smaller, a Minimizer Bra will the do the work, because it’s designed to help you look an entire cup size smaller. These bras can also be sexy and functional, which tend to work in two ways: either by lifting and redistributing your breast tissue to look trimmer, or by simply ‘squishing’ your bust in an attempt to reduce protrusion.

However, this bra is often best suited only for large busted women – rarely looks good for full figures or women whose breasts are already wide – because minimizer bras tend to enhance a wider look. Not to mention, women with narrow shoulders may also not be best suited with this bra because the bra may make the breasts look disproportionately wider. As for women with full busts but whose body types are not best suited to minimizer bras, may choose full cup bras or full figure bras for a better option.

There’s a vast range for the best minimizer bra, from bold colors to classic hues, from seamless to cotton to lace. This bra is very functional, especially if you have trouble fitting into shirts because of your large busts. Look for a minimizer bra whose underwire have ample support and fit exactly to your measurements, and make sure the bra still follows the shape of your breast, while reducing the overall size appearance.


Fashion Tips for Sports BrasSports Bras: Also known as an Athletic Bra, this type of bra is definitely a must-have for any woman who wants to be comfortable and supported while working out, playing sports, enjoying an active lifestyle or even just running errands and doing every-day tasks. Based on its designs, the Sports Bras protect the chest from tissue damage while you are exercising. Women with small breasts are recommended to choose sports bra with compression (extensive stretch materials) styles, while large busted ladies better to look at encapsulated cup styles to prevent excess bouncing.

Because sports bras emphasize more on support (to help hold the breasts in place while you’re active) rather than shaping, nowadays, the sports bras are designed for different support levels according to the activity – by understanding the different needs of varied sizes.

Basically, the impact levels based on how much they will make you bounce – the higher impact levels the more supportive the bra should be. So, if you’re shopping for a sports bra for a specific activity, look for a sports bra designed for that activity. For example, the sports bra for running is going to have a much more rigorous support system than one designed for yoga.


Fashion Tips for Sleep Leisure BrasSleep Bras: Also called as Leisure Bras, a Sleep Bra features soft, comfortable easy-to wear design as an alternative to going braless when you’re relaxing at home. It’s a bra that provides minimal support and is intended for sleep and leisure activities. While full-figured women often are more comfortable sleeping in a bra, as are women with sensitive breasts, some women with small bust sizes use these bras as every-day bras because they don’t need the support other bras offer.

If you have a hard time getting to sleep because of your breasts, the sleep bras offer enough support for large busted women who feel uncomfortable while sleeping. These bras are soft, stretchy, and made of smooth, breathable cotton or nylon, which is designed to provide coverage and comfort without causing irritation with just enough containment to keep your breasts from sagging in a manner that will disrupt your breathing or interrupt your sleep.

Type of Bra Styles and DesignsVarious Styles and Designs of Bra

Finally, with numerous styles and designs of bra offered in many stores, again, it all just depends on the brand, and the words they choose. The descriptions mentioned aren’t always 100% accurate. So, don’t ever completely depend on a bra style’s name to tell you how it will fit – but, still it can give you clues of which bras best suited to your needs.

All bra’s styles and designs aside, always keep in mind that your main goal in finding the right bra is that your bra should be comfortable and supportive. It should be structured to keep the breasts from moving around, and supposed to prevent sagging and strain on the neck and back. Make sure you have these four key factors – even as you move around, bend over, or lift your arms up over your head:

  • The cups should hold the breast correctly
  • The gore should stay flat against your sternum
  • The band should hold the bra in place
  • The straps should fit securely – but not tight – to help mete out the weight around the shoulders and upper back area.

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