How to Choose the Right Bra for Every Type of Outfit and Occasion (Part 1)

Women’s fashion is remarkably varied. A woman who wears a turtleneck sweater one day might find herself wearing a tube top the next or opting for a halter dress another day. And just as how the right wardrobe helps you looking and feeling your best, the right bra could also be a tricky piece to perfecting your outfit. In fact, it is very important to know the types of bras available so that you can pick the right one for the right time and for the right outfit, so as to protect the general health of your breasts.

Therefore, every woman should understand that each style and type of bra is slightly different because the designs are meant to work under varying types of tops. Not to mention, the right bra that offers good support helps keep your breasts youthful and firm, and can make a big difference in shaping and making you look slimmer and proportional under your clothes. Here to let you know exactly what to look for – a bra that fits properly – in any wardrobe situation.


The first step to matching the right bra for any type of outfit is to ensure the bra size is correct. Obviously, the right bra size can make you look sleeker and sexier, while ill-fitted bra is uncomfortable, offers no support, and looks unsightly. The common signs of an incorrectly fitted bra include, straps falling off the shoulders, the back of the bra riding up, the cup wrinkling, and the skin under the arms and around the back looking lumpy.

How to Find The Right BraMake sure the straps sit securely on the shoulder. The straps should run straight up and down and should not ride up in the back at all – adjustable as needed. The gore should lie flat on chest, and the band should sit straight around the body and fit securely. As for cups, the breasts should also sit comfortably in the cups with underwire sits flat against chest. Breasts should be completely enclosed in the cups with no spillage out of the sides or front, while underwires should lay flat against the top of the rib cage and should not poke, prod or push against the skin in any way.

Keep in mind the cups that are too small will result breasts spilling over the top of the cup; cleavage looks overemphasized; bra center sits away from the chest; and even sometimes you also have to continually adjust outside of cup. On the other hand, the cups that too large will make cup’s material wrinkles, and the cup won’t sit securely against the breast

Choosing the Right Bra Band and CupNot to mention, the band of your bra should also need attention, for example, if the chest size of your bra is too small, it results skin bulges over the chest band under the arms and around the back, leading to visible and unsightly lumps. As for chest size that is too large will make bra slips, offering very little support, and even straps sometimes fall off the shoulders.

It is important for women to understand how to identify an incorrectly fitted bra. A simple three-step process which consists of measuring the under bust to determine the band size, and the bust at fullest to determine the cup size, will get you an accurate measurement. Not to forget, most lingerie stores offer professional bra fitting services, where experienced staff members are able to guide buyers to the best bra for their figure and style. Here are the three steps:

Determine the Right Bra Band Size1. Measure your band size: Use measuring tape wrapping around your rib cage, directly and evenly under your bust, and level around your body. Save that number

Determine the Right Bra Cup Size2. Measure your cup size: Wrap measuring tape securely – not too tight – around your chest, so that the tape crosses over the fullest part of your bust. Round to the nearest inch and save that number
3. To find the perfect fit, refer the number of your cup and band size to the Bra Measurement Chart to find your perfect match.

Check this video below for a clearer explanation to find the right and fitted bra size

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