How to Choose the Right Bra for Every Type of Outfit and Occasion (Part 2)

As one most important must-have lingerie items, wearing the right bra will certainly help you looking flawless and elegant in any outfit. Although there are certain tops or dresses that should be worn without any bra – especially for evening or cocktail venue –, but still, whether it’s for looks, fashion, support, or comfort, knowing how to pick the right bra to an outfit is important, because no matter what you’re wearing, you can’t look or feel good if you don’t have the proper undergarments.

In continuing previous article “Choosing the Right Bra for Every Type of Outfit and Occasion (Part 1)” we know that the degree of which the bra frames the breasts varies between style, functionality, fashion and fabric. Here are some more tips for picking the right bra for every type of outfit.


Whether you go out for a walk or get ready for party, whether you’re looking for a cleavage bra that gives you a sexy neckline under a low-cut top, or a full-coverage bra to provide all day support under your professional work wardrobe – or something else entirely, it’s time to explore different styles or bra, which should you be wearing for which occasion with which outfit.

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Types of Bra Cup
Generally, there are four main types of bra cup which include Balcony Bras, Demi Bras, Full Cup Bras, and Plunge Bras. These are different bra cuts and styles, named by the way the cups are cut and worn.


Outfit to Wear with Balcony BrasWhat to Wear with Balcony Bras

1. Balcony or Balconette Bra is designed to provide dramatic uplift and cleavage. It is typically a half or three-quarter coverage bra that covers the nipples and lifts the top half of your breasts. It creates nice, rounded cleavage, but doesn’t fully cover your breasts. Women with broader shoulders or firm breasts look best with this bra, while women with narrow shoulders or breasts that aren’t as firm sometimes may find that a balcony bra doesn’t fit in the most flattering way.

As for necklines, this type of bra is great for women who want to wear a low-cut and wide neckline – such as V-neck, scoop, square neck or sweetheart – as it leaves the top swell of your breasts exposed for a sexy look. There’s rarely a bad time to wear this type of bra – it’s more about whether it’s the right fit for your body type and the clothes you’re wearing.


Outfit to Wear with Demi BrasWhat to Wear with Demi Bras

2. Having lower cup-cut than a balcony bra, a Demi Bra is also another sexy half-cup bra whose cups are partially cut away. It gives great cleavage and a frame-like effect, perfect for low-cut necklines or when you want to show a little bit more cleavage. Because the bra comes with less bra cup, it offers less support – but enables low cut garments to be worn without the bra being seen. Most of the support in a demi bra comes from the band, making it critical to select the right cup size in your demi cup bra.

Just like a balconette bra, this type of bra is great to wear with low-cut and wide neckline, even if you want to wear very low neck – such as deep V-neck or plunging neckline. Demi bras or low-cut bras are rarely wrong for any occasion, although you might find that they’re not as well suited for office attire, everyday or running errands that some women may find this bra too revealing – with not enough coverage – for professional and casual occasion


Outfit to Wear with Plunge BrasWhat to Wear with Plunge Bras

3. As for a Plunge Bra, it is an extremely popular special occasion bra that vanishes under deep and seductive necklines. A plunge bra is perfect for deep V-neckline (plunging) or other very low-cut neckline tops and dresses, as the angled cups and narrow center gore creates the appearance of increased cleavage. This bra is really great for special occasions.

Outfit to Wear with Plus Size Plunge BrasWhat to Wear with Plus Size Plunge Bras

Knowing that today’s fashion trends bring a wide variety of dresses and outfits with plunging necklines, you obviously need a plunge bra to match the needs. It is definitely your must-have underwear and you should definitely invest in one or two this year. The bra is great when you have a low-cut outfit or shirt, want to be giving your bust the perfect shape but don’t want your bras to show.


Plus Size Full Cup BrasDifferent Styles Plus Size Full Cup Bras

4. All sexy, low-cut cup styles aside, if you are looking for comfortable, supportive bras with great coverage – especially for ladies with full and large breast – a Full Cup Bra is your best option. This type of bra typically completely covers the breast – is a typical, practical bra for everyday wear – which offers maximum coverage or shaping for all day comfort. Although there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with wearing a full cup bra if you’ve got smaller breasts, but most women who don’t need a full cup bra would prefer to wear something with less coverage.

Full Cup Bra Styles Different Styles Full Cup Bras

The opposite of demi and balconette bra, a full cup bra will not cause a crease or indentation along the top of the breast, making it a great choice under T-shirts or knits – and aren’t great for low cut or deep necklines. From classic and elegant to sexy and festive, with laces, patterns, or in solid hues, since you’ll find full cup bras in a wide variety of styles, shopping for a full cup bra is more about matching the right style of full cup bra with your wardrobe and your fashion sense.

Classic Full Cup Bras Styles and Details Full Cup Bras

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