How to Choose the Right Bra for Every Type of Outfit and Occasion (Part 2)

B. Bras for Outfits with Special Neckline and Designs
With such a wide range of tops and necklines of women’s fashion, you obviously need an appropriate bra to suit any type of outfit, even a plunging neckline or a backless dress. You’ll definitely want to wear a bra in special designs and styles to make sure it works with your special outfit. Here’s a simple cheat sheet for picking the right bra for every type of top (neckline).


Plus Size Strapless BrasStrapless Bra: Just like its name, a Strapless Bra is constructed with no shoulder straps. It’s is an underwire bra with wide sides, molded cups, no straps or removable straps, and a hook back. This tends to include rubber strips or silicone stitched to the upper and lower edges of the bra to keep it secure on the body. The bra is specifically designed to be worn under wardrobes that are strapless such as tube dress, or other designs with spaghetti straps, halter-neck, off-the-shoulder, one-shoulder, wide neckline, etc.

Pay attention when shopping for a strapless bra – especially for full busted women. Because a perfect strapless needs to give great shape and maximum support, make sure to find a special design that provides the support necessary for a large bust. Don’t cheap out on this one.


Different Strap Styles Plus Size Convertible BrasConvertible Bra: Backless dresses are super sexy but how can you wear them if your bra back will show up? For that purpose use a Convertible Bra with a low cut back. A convertible is almost a magical – super versatile – bra that has detachable straps, which allows it to be worn in various ways to fit under a variety of different clothing styles. With a convertible bra, you can wear the straps classic, halter, strapless, one strap, criss-cross or racerback depending on your outer top.

If you have a halter top, for example, instead of choosing for a strapless bra – that might not provide enough support – you can choose a convertible bra that you can adjust your bra straps for. Many convertible bras feature straps that you can wear in a halter style, or even as a crossover style. A few convertible bras can even double as backless bras.


Styles of Plus Size Racerback BrasRacerback Bra: Refers to the way the back of the bra is designed, a Racerback Bra comes with thin straps that meet in the back and then splits into a Y, X or V shape instead of falling straight down the shoulders, leaving the shoulders and shoulder blades exposed. These bras are often front closure style and are perfect to wear with racerback tops meant to show off your shoulder blades.

Styles of Racerback BrasRacerback Bras for a more Sporty, Fancy Look

Especially for women with narrow or sloping shoulders who often find that bra straps slip, these racerback bra designs might be the answer as its straps won’t slip. Racerback bra styles are also great as workout wear or under tank tops. It is a good look that offers a whole lot of support and is extremely comfortable to wear overall.


Longline Bras for Maximum SupportLongline Bra: Although it may come in different lengths, a Longline Bra is an extended coverage bra that starts a few inches below the bottom of the cup, and typically goes down over the ribcage, to end a few inches above the navel. A bit different from a bustier, a longline bra may provide more control than a bustier. They are supportive and smoothing, and may also help with posture. These bras may come strapless or in strapped styles, and often feature slimming stomach support.

Totally perfect to be worn under formal and evening wear to enhance curvier, hour-glass silhouette, especially for women who want more support for their busts and some boning or shaping for the stomach may find a perfect solution in a longline bra, because the extended structure helps to absorb some of the weight of the bust and provide support without slipping down under the weight of the breasts.


Adhesive Bras for Backless DressAdhesive Cup Bra: Probably offers the least support among other bra designs – especially for women with large breast – a silicone Adhesive Bra is a bra without straps or back wings that stays in place with the help of adhesive. These bras are great for deep necklines, backless tops and strapless tops as they stick onto your skin and smooth out your silhouette, ensuring you have some lift and shape without anything else showing, not from the center nor from the sides, not from the shoulders and certainly not in the back. Since they offer minimal support, most women usually use them only as a last resort.


Colorful Bras for Fun LookColorful Bra: Although showing bra underneath your top is generally for the bold and brave ladies who would dare venture out in flirty styles, however, fancy, colorful bras are gorgeous beyond belief and are definitely the go-to pieces when you are dressing up or down. Depending on its designs and ornaments, these bras look great when you wear a sheer top and want to have fun with the colors and patterns used on your bra underneath to compliment the top, so choose a nice, punchy color.

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