How to Choose the Right Bra for Every Type of Outfit and Occasion (Part 2)

Bras by Purpose and Outfit
Depending on the occasions, outfits, and needs, certain bras have different styles for different silhouettes. You may need a comfortable and supportive bra for everyday use, a strapless or convertible bra for special occasions, and perhaps a long-line, corset bra to complement every evening gown. Start here if you’re looking for a bra with specific design features or a certain type of construction, as well as a specific purpose in mind, like a sports bra, a sleep bra or a posture bra.

A. Bras for Everyday Wear, Casual and Professional Looks  
If you are looking for a great everyday bra, or if you want a seamless and smooth look under your shirt, you probably should stick to a bra that is simple and standard enough that has no extra embellishments, fits against the chest perfectly, and has small feminine details along with simple straps.

Generally, as long as a bra provides great support and comfort to the wearer, virtually any bra in any styles can work for this purpose. Many women find a standard, no-fuss bra the most comfortable but you can opt for whatever style you like best. Here are some examples of comfortable bra to choose from:


Seamless Bras for Casual OutfitSeamless Bra: Also known as Smooth Cup Bra, this type of bra is designed to be invisible under your clothes – without seamed cups that might show through, featuring cups that are usually covered with a single piece of fabric that is free of seams or stitching. The cups of this bra can be molded or unmolded, depending on its designs. There’s really no one who can’t wear a seamless bra. Literally a seamless bra is great for every occasion, as long as you’ve got the right style to match your needs.


Soft Cup Bras for Comfortable WearSoft Cup Bra: Extremely comfortable for everyday wear. Soft Cup Bras are designed to provide support without using an underwire. Although soft cup bras mostly don’t provide great support (because it has no underwires), if you are unhappy with a wireless bra but still want the maximum support – especially for women with large bust – there are some great supportive soft cup bras available at various plus size undergarment stores.


Cotton Bras for Everyday WearCotton Bra: Just like its name, a Cotton Bra is made of cotton. Some bras feature cotton only in the cups, while other bras are cotton all over. Based on its fabric, this bra obviously provides great comfort, lightness and coolness – especially for women who live in hot or humid climates. However, keep in mind that cotton becomes less supportive when moist, and also retains moisture and odors. So, better not to wear this bra when you work up a sweat as it will retain moisture and may smell


Comfort Strap Bras for Large BreastComfort Strap Bra: Having wider straps than average straps to help prevent the straps from digging into your shoulder, or padded straps to help reduce discomfort, Comfort Strap Bras are designed to provide a softer, lighter feel on the shoulders. Wider straps distribute the weight of the breast more evenly, which increases the comfort, especially for the fuller-busted woman. If you have shoulder pain from your bra straps or your bra straps are digging into your shoulder, make sure you look for this feature.


T shirt Bras for Practical WearT-shirt Bra: Also known as a Contour Bra, the T-shirt Bra has cups that hold their shape, even when not being worn. The bras are designed to be invisible under tight-fitted t-shirts, form-hugging fabrics and clingy outfits. They are seamless and practical – super versatile that usually have no lace or ornamentation – with smooth, molded cups that provide a natural, rounded, symmetrical shape to the breasts.

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