How to Wear Flare Pants best for Your Body Type

How to Wear Flare Pants best for Your Body Type

Previous years, some people said that being fabulous means to avoid flared jeans, and boot-cuts, and boyfriend jeans, or pretty much anything besides skinny jeans. However, after several seasons of skintight pants, some designers expanded their offerings with trousers cut more generously at the hems. The runway shown at fall winter Fashion Week 2013 provided plenty of support that ’70s styles are continuing to make a huge comeback, including the incredibly flattering wide legged or flare pants.

Nowadays, flare pants have moved quickly to near the top of the list of everybody’s fashion favorites. They are ridiculously cool, feminine and chic, yet also look classy and elegant. They accentuate a curvy feminine shape perfectly and even make your legs appear longer and leaner.

Obviously, these pants are truly for everybody – and we mean for every body shape – So, to pull off this trendy look, here are some tips on wearing flare pants and what kind of pants you should wear perfect for your body shape.

How to Wear Wide Leg Jeans for Your Body Shape1. First of all, keep in mind that the biggest (and most common) mistake with this look is wearing flare pants that are too short or too long. The hem should skim the ground but not sweeping it, so make sure when you go shopping you take a pair of shoes with you. This way you can work out exactly the right length for your height.

2. Secondly, because flare pants are generally bulkier, you must pay attention to the width of the pants. Remember that the general rule for balancing an outfit is to have one flowing element and keep the rest of the outfit more fitted. So when wearing flared pants, even if the flare starts just above the knee, the flowing element of the outfit will be the pants while the top will need to be more closely fitted. The kinds of flowing and wide tops that are worn with skinny jeans will not look as good.

Top to wear with flare pantsFor some tips, a close-fitted and lightweight blouse made of silk or satin would make you look very sophisticated. If you go for a sexier look, you can opt for a tight tee or sweater tucked in your pants and smartly belted. As well you can define your waist with either a wide cinch belt or a cute thin belt.

Bohemian Flare Pants FashionBohemian Flare Pants Fashion Look

3. Furthermore, noted that no one wants to go out looking like she’s headed to a retro – themed Halloween party. So it’s important to keep the look modern and style these 1970s inspired jeans in ways that are definitely 21st century. There’s nothing wrong with a nod to the hippie vibe but make it contemporary with your styling, even you really want to go for the bohemian look.

4. Although it’s not a must-follow rule, definitely flare pants need to be worn with high heels. They just do. These pants are designed to be worn with higher shoes that leave room for them to flow. The silhouette looks best with height and it allows them to hang correctly. Shoes go best with flare pants are heeled shoes and boots, platform shoes and boots, lug-soled boots and shoes, any shoes or boots with chunky heels, sneakers (especially simple, old-school styles), wedge heels

.5. Finally, find the perfect style of flare pants – including both high-waist and low-rise styles – best for your body shape.  For the waist height, most cuts have a high waist but if you have curvy hips opt for a style that sits below the belly button, this will help balance the leg out. Based on the width of the hem of the flare and the position on the leg where the flare begins, flared pants come with different types such as Wide Leg, Palazzo, Bell Bottoms, Bootcut, and Trouser Pants. Here’s a rundown of the main flared styles:

Wide Leg Flare Pants Fashion Look

Wide Leg Pants: this type of pants is cut wide from the thighs down and do not taper in on the knee. The hem widths are normally also wide.

Palazzo Flare Pants Fashion LookPalazzo Pants: almost similar to the wide legged ones, palazzo pants are also cut wide, but loose and extremely wide from thighs to the hem.

Bellbottom Flare Pants Fashion LookBell Bottom Pants: resembling the shape of a bell on the lower part of the leg, this type of pants is cut narrow from hip to thigh and flare out from knee to hem. These pants were huge in the 70’s.

Bootcut Flare Pants Fashion LookBootcut Pants: as the name suggests this type of pants – mostly are jeans – are flared just enough to fit a pair of boots underneath the lower part of the leg. The pants taper in at the knee and are usually the least flared at the hem of all flared style pants. Some bootcuts are even barely flared at all, whereas other styles are more flared.

Trouser Flare Pants Fashion LookTrouser Pants: these pants are a combination of wide leg and bell bottom styles – fitted on top and flare out at the bottom – But the cut is subtler and simpler that does not too taper at the knee like bell bottoms, or too wide on the thigh like wide legs.

Here are some suggestions what styles of flare pants best for your body type:

Flare Pants Fashion For Pear Body ShapePear Shapes: pants that have billowing legs give balance to hippy chic. Stay away from pants that pleat or gather at the waist and be careful of pocket placement – avoid flap pockets or pockets that have a lot of embellishment –.  The idea of the flare pants for pear shapes is to slim the hips down and not the other way around, as well to bring balance between the upper and lower part of the body. So the trick is to wear flare pants that taper in at the knee and slightly flare out from knee to hem. Bootcut and trouser pants will offset any extra width you have near the hips, and bring a slimming effect to your legs

Flare Pants Fashion For Apple Body ShapeApple Shapes: since this body type is “top heavy”, your pants should create a more balanced look by filling out the lower half. Women with this shape normally have great legs and hips so they can pull off a hip-hugging jean that will emphasize their curves. Try wide leg, bell bottom, or palazzo pants to give a more proportional look. Opt for pants with front and back pockets to help disguise your rounder upper body while flattering your curves.

Flare Pants Fashion For Round Body ShapeRound Shapes: because this body type has more weight around the tummy and will likely have large breasts. Pants with a straight classic cut suit the most, and just like those with pear shapes, women with round shapes should wear pants that balance the upper and lower part of the body. Bootcut and trouser pants are perfect for this shape. Look for pants that are mid-rise. You want the waist to hit across the belly – not below or above it – to make your upper torso look longer. Go up a size and you will look much slimmer.

Flare Pants Fashion For Rectangle Body ShapeRectangle Shapes: every designers love this slim shape because it shows off the attention they give to the details. Woman with this shape is free to wear any style of flare pants with details or the simple ones.

Flare Pants Fashion For Petite or Small FigureHowever, if you are small or petite frame, this figure will look better in well-fitted flare pants. Your pants shouldn’t be baggy from the top down. Avoid cuffed pants as they will cut the length of your legs and make you look even smaller. Leave the hemline a little long and wear heels for a taller effect. Check out this general tips for petite figure “Fashion Tips and Style If You are a Petite Woman”

Flare Pants Fashion For Hourglass Body ShapeHourglass Shapes: definitely flare pants are for the hourglass women because the styles showcase curves. Ring in the bell bottoms. Your figure was especially made for this cut, since you’ve got the curves on top to even out the flare on the bottom. Just make sure you choose a pair that cinches at the waist. A stand-out belt accentuates your narrow middle

If you are considered plus size, check out article “How to Fashion Flare Pants for Plus Size Women”. As for other general ideas and tips when pulling off flare pants, take a look at this article “What to Wear with Flare Pants on Different Occasions”

Wearing Flare Pants with Flats
question by Soj

Depending on the occasion and your personal choice, obviously footwear that are flat – including sneakers, sandals, loafers, Oxfords, ballet flats, etc. – cannot go wrong with flare pants. Not only the looks are simple and extremely chic, but flare pants are actually very versatile that you can go with whatever shoes you’re comfortable in. Here are some styles ideas for wearing flare pants with flats

Flare Pants with Flat SandalsFlare Pants Fashion Look with Flat Sandals

Flare Pants with Sneakers or OxfordsFlare Pants Fashion Look with Flat Shoes

 Flared Jeans with Boots
comment by XAVIERFlared Pants with Boots

13 comments on «How to Wear Flare Pants best for Your Body Type»

  1. Soj says:

    You MUST wear with heels? SERIOUSLY? I think not. It is long past the time of the tyranny of heels. They’re gone with the same wind that blew away mandatory pantyhose. Platform shoes are not only unattractive, they’re a menace to one’s stability. They are notorious for falls resulting in badly sprained and even broken ankles.

    As for “avoiding” looking like the 70’s – are you wearing bell bottoms (aka flared from the knee)? Do you “clump up on (your) platform soles”? TOO LATE! Not a thing wrong with it anyway.

    Wear what you like. Anybody who has anything to say about whether or not it is fashionable, trendy, or “in” – or whether or not it is right for your “body type” – can go to hell.

    1. dee-nee dee-nee says:

      Hi Soj

      If you read number 4; “Although it’s not a must-follow rule, definitely flare pants need to be worn with high heels. They just do. These pants are designed to be worn with higher shoes that leave room for them to flow. The silhouette looks best with height and it allows them to hang correctly”

      I agree that everybody has the right to wear or not to wear heels. And yes, I think I should erase the word “high” there in the article.

      On the other hand, as you can see I also said this tip is not a must-follow rule, and what I want to explain is that flare pants with heels looks great because of the silhouette created by flare pants n heels itself (the italic sentence)

      If you don’t like heels or you refuse to follow this tip, it’s your own choice, and nobody has the right to complain.
      Besides there’s also picture in this article showcasing some ladies wearing flare pants and flats (sandals).

      Even myself, for casual occasion, I always wear my bootcut or palazzo pants with flat gladiators or ballerina flats – and I personally don’t really care if the silhouette doesn’t look tall or lean to my body, plus I consider all occasions mostly as casual :) so yes, I wear flats almost everytime
      But when I go to work or party I choose heels which I must admit my silhouette looks great with heels (although I probably don’t have to walk a lot when I work and I rarely go to a party – considered that as my benefit when wearing heels)

      Additionally, wearing heels doesn’t mean you have to wear those painful shoes like platforms or stilettos that have very high, sharp and pointy heels. There are still plenty of comfortable heels to wear. Chunky heels, wedges, or low-heels. Not to mention, there are many brands offering quality that provide great comfort when wearing heels.

      And everything still comes to your own personal choice. But I agree with you. I’ll add in my article saying that flats also looks good with flare pants.

      Thanks much for sharing Soj, have a great day :)

  2. maria says:

    Hey Deenee,
    Your article is very impresssive, indept and very very helpful.
    thanks a ton

    1. dee-nee dee-nee says:

      Hi Maria,

      Thank you so much, I’m glad to read such a nice compliment from you
      Though, I’m still trying to improve my writing better than this … LOL

      Have a lovely day Maria :)

  3. maria says:

    I’m confused. The last part of the article notes that you can’t go wrong with flares and flats but the beginning of the article saids you MUST wear some form of heels. Huh? Clarify,thanks.

    1. dee-nee dee-nee says:

      Hi Maria,

      You probably could check my reply to Soj at the comment above :)

      Like I said to Soj : because these pants are designed to be worn with higher shoes, the silhouette will look great if you wear the pants with heels (either low or high … generally your shoes must have some sort of heel). So basically, heels look good on flare pants mainly because the silhouette of the pants itself.
      If you want to follow the general rule, most style experts would say that flared pants should go with heels as it will make the appearance looks taller, more elegant, sophisticated, etc.

      But, at point 4 I mentioned : Wearing flare pants with heels is also not a must-follow rule.
      So if you prefer to go for flats … that’s also okay, it basically depends on your personal style and preference.

      LOL … maybe my English is really confusing for you, I’m so sorry for that. It’s not my first language

      Have a great day Maria :)

  4. XAVIER says:

    My girlfriend is not used to this style eventhough it looks great on her, but i agree with this article. One question, Girls comment and say that the skinny flare jeans looks best with high stiletto pointy boots, do you agree with this? i find it sexy since platforms and round tip boots are not as sexy as the pointy ones. Maybe its just me i dont know :) thanks!

    1. dee-nee dee-nee says:

      Hi Xavier

      Please take a look at picture I put on the article related to your comment
      Which one looks sexier to you ??
      Speaking of sexy … yes number 1 is sexier
      but speaking of comfort … I think number 4 is much more comfortable to wear
      And I like comfortable shoes :) LOL

      What do you think ??

      1. Xavier says:

        Thanks Yes its a bit retro since many have told me that this is old, however i find it hot since it reminds me as a cowgirl Style :). Lets see if this fashion style gets back. Any tip for this style, ley me know. Greetings

      2. Xavier says:

        Thanks Yes its a bit retro since many have told me that this is old, however i find it hot since it reminds me as a cowgirl Style :). Lets see if this fashion style gets back. Any tip for this style, let me know. Greetings

  5. Ashni says:

    I’ve a heavy back, would plazzo look good on me?

    1. dee-nee dee-nee says:

      Hi Ashni

      I’m not sure what you mean by “heavy back”
      Did you mean ‘thick upper back’ or ‘big bottom’ ??
      However, whichever it is, yes, palazzo pants are also good for both frames
      Or maybe you could check this article for tips for curvy ladies

      Thanks for the comment Ashni
      Have a great day :)

  6. Xavier says:

    Can you explain me why you said that pictures looks sexier? Thanks

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