10 Smart Ways to Layer in Style from Winter to Spring

10 Smart Ways to Layer in Style from Winter to Spring

With the weather still a little on the unpredictable side between winter and spring, figuring out what to wear is even more difficult when the weather goes from winter to spring in a matter of hours, especially when it comes to fashion and stylish outfit. Sometimes the season is lovely when you’re dressing for mid-afternoon or selecting an outfit to wear to dinner, but to make it through the weird transitional period from chilly mornings to hot afternoons, there’s just no other way rather than putting some layer.

Naturally, when it comes to layering in spring, it pays to consider warmth, but the overall look is less about keeping cozy, and more about wearing all your favorite new season staples at once. Take a look at some of layering essentials, which if you break out each piece of this outfit, they can easily each work on their own this spring.

The Power of Cropped Top

How to Layer with Cropped Top for Spring

When it’s freezing cold outside, layering is probably the first thing you feel like doing. And it can be easily done by treating a cropped top as a layering piece. Whether your figure is plus size or petite, layering with a cropped top is easy as all it took was only a slim-fit blouse – or even a peplum top – and a contrasting cropped top worn over the blouse to create more dimension. Pair the top combo with a pair of skinnies to create more streamlined silhouette. You can also wear the cropped top underneath other layering piece, such as long vest or jacket when the temperature is warmer, or make a combo of three layering pieces for a chillier day

Layering with A Cropped Top for Plus SizeLayering with A Cropped Top for Petite Figure

Oversized Sweater Over Dress

Layering Outfit Idea Oversized Sweater Over Dress

What we especially love about the cold day is that we can still bundle up in our favorite cozy oversized knitted sweaters looking warm and stylish. Speaking of an oversized sweater, if you thought you could only wear this sweater with skinny jeans, you might need to push your thinking today with this versatile garment. Try pulling off this staple with a dress – mini, maxi, a summer dress or a slip dress – underneath to keep it youthful, or get a little edgy and grunge touch when paired with boxy booties.

Spring Layer Oversized Sweater Over A Dress
Oversized Sweater Over a Dress Plus Size Fashion

Tights Under Ripped Jeans

Lace Stockings Under Ripped Jeans Fashion Idea

Weather you combine the pieces with mini skirt, dress, or shorts, sometimes pulling off a pair of tights can be boring, or even look too tacky when what you have is lace or fishnet stockings. Luckily, there’s a way to combat this. To make your look different, yet more sexy and sophisticated, pair different kinds of tights – or stockings under ripped jeans. Whether going with a bolder approach by wearing busy printed tights, lace stockings, or a bright red pair under a darker wash, you can always inject more color, texture and print into your regular ripped denim. As for a more casual look, perhaps just a pair of opaque black ones under a light wash would do.

How to Wear Tights Under Ripped Jeans

Layering with Overalls

Denim Shirt Underneath

Cocktail Dress Layering Idea

The Three Layers for Spring

Menswear Inspired Outfit

Spring Layer with Off Shoulder Top

Layering with Long Vest

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