What to Wear with Knee-high Boots this Fall 2013

Incredibly versatile that you can wear them with pretty much any outfit and any fashion staple, a pair of knee-high boots strike this fall 2013 to be one trendiest item to don with. Not to mention, they are also an essential part of any woman’s winter wardrobe to keep your legs warm, feet dry, and to make you look stylish. If you are in need of a winter wardrobe update, then knee high boots are the ultimate way to make a statement. Here are a few of most favorite things to wear with simple, taller boot styles.

Continuing the last article of “How to Wear Boots in Various Styles and Heights (Knee-high Boots)” we’ve discovered that tall boots surely work for almost any styles, from equestrian, to retro, to bohemian, to rocky-chick, even to military-inspired look. Now, let’s start seeing how these flattering pieces can be combined with many staples perfectly.

Knee High Boots with LeggingsKnee High Boots with Leggings: Not only that leggings make for a great way to give the appearance of slimmer, longer legs, a pair of leggings are also one best choices to achieve a polished look, whether you are going to fashion in casual or more formal way.  To accentuate an elegant look it is important to pair them with boots that match that factor, so opt for an opaque pair that coordinates with the color of your boots. But if you want to go casual, just pair your leggings with casual boots and easy outfits to provide comfort. If you decide to wear your boots with a long tunic, skirt, or dress, consider throwing on a pair of leggings beneath it all.

Knee High Boots with Skinny JeansKnee High Boots with Skinny Jeans: Because skinny jeans hug your legs, wearing a pair of knee-high boots over these jeans is a great way to look casual, yet sexy at the same time, making your legs look long and slender. Just tuck your jean leg into your boot to show off the full height of the boot. Plus, with skinny jeans you’re also in the enviable position of being able to tuck them into everything from dressy heeled boots to casual flat styles. Avoid loose or flared jean cuts, however, since these may bunch up if tucked into your boots.

Knee High Boots with ShortsKnee High Boots with Shorts: For those who like a little daring edge to their wardrobe, pairing over-the-knee boots with tailored shorts and opaque stockings can really add punch to an outfit. For the summer, wear shorter shorts that allow a little skin to show, while the addition of the stockings is essential if buyers are to avoid showing too much skin. Remember to keep the top more modest, opting for a chic shirt and cardigan. Note that when choosing what outfit to wear with knee high boots, the overall effect is to look taller and slimmer so choose outfits that complement the boots while making the body look sleek, slim, and sexy.

Knee High Boots with Mini SkirtKnee High Boots with Mini Skirt: The knee-high boots were practically made for miniskirts. With a mini skirt, make sure to leave some space between where your hem ends and your boots begin. Leave just a “peek” of your knees for the right look. From skater skirt to fuller style to pleated one to tight mini skirt, make your knee-high boots a wardrobe staple and an easy go-to when you need to step things up a notch! Have some fun with this sexy footwear style and don’t be shy.

Knee High Boots with Pencil SkirtKnee High Boots with Pencil Skirt: For a classy, stylish look, a pencil skirt that hits at the knee paired with knee-high boots that eliminates a gap of skin showing equals instant elegance, which is perfect for the workday. Never worry with the hemlines that don’t create the gap. Yes, tall boots look great with shorter hemlines that create the gap, but and they also look great with longer hemlines that close the gap. Please remember that tall boots create a naturally sexy look, and bearing baring too much skin above them may look trashy if you are not cautious about it. If you do opt to show a little skin, stick with a boot style and outfit that are more on the casual side, rather than the sultry side.

Knee High Boots with Maxi SkirtKnee High Boots with Long (Maxi) Skirt: Women who are wary of showing too much skin with a mini skirt or shorts may want to opt for another, more subtle way to highlight their knee-high boots by pairing them with a long slitted skirt, or just matching with any skirt that is long enough to cover the top of your boots. A maxi skirt is one of the most flattering items you can pair with tall boots. Onlookers may not be able to see the full length of your boot, but the part that does show will look chic and trendy.

Knee High Boots with Midi SkirtKnee High Boots with Midi Skirt: Exactly like how you fashion the pencil skirt, pairing knee-high boots with a midi skirt (calf-length skirt) will add those classy, urban-feel statements that make you standout. While many women tend to think only of fuller skirts as a match for knee-high boots, narrow skirts can look outstanding with tall boots as well. Additionally, you can also go with just about any heel height or shape of boots. But for women who can’t wear heels, flat boots are a really great choice here because you can have a completely dressy outfit while still wearing flats.

Knee High Boots with Mini DressKnee High Boots with Mini Dresses: Just like combining your knee-high boots with mini skirt, a mini dress with tall boots can be one of the most flattering combinations you’ll ever wear as it provide a more daring and formal option to style. This is especially true with taller boot styles, which help create a longer, leaner, and more cohesive look. Make sure that the skirt is loose fitting, however, in order to control the silhouette and prevent negative associations with the look.

Knee High Boots with Midi and Maxi DressKnee High Boots with Maxi and Midi Dresses: One of the most modern looks this season is paring knee high boots with a maxi dress. A knee-high boots and maxi dress combination – be it dressy or casual – creates a chic, polished, and confident look that’s actually quite addictive. Although a maxi dress is often only worn during the summer time. However, when you wear a great printed dress with a boots and blazer, you can wear the maxi dress all year long. Opt for any flattering dresses you like – from bohemian flowy dress, pencil dress, LBD, mullet dress, to casual shirt dress – all work perfectly to show on occasion and add a bit of style.

Take a look at Victoria Beckham’s styles donning her edgy, chic midi dresses and skirts with knee-high boots, and see whether you can steal some of her styles with knee-high boots. I personally think, Victoria’s got all fashion moments we never want to forget. The trick is to keep the combination simple and balanced yet generally flattering that you could actually call it a day there. Start with a simple dress and pair it with a pair of sleek, tall boots. Feel free to add them into the mix for a bit of pizazz, but skip really trendy boot styles, or anything that’s too defined. Try the half and half approach: half of a dressy outfit, paired with something more casual; half-frilly with something more utilitarian; or half-glamorous with something really simple.

Victoria Beckham Knee High Boots and Pencil Skirts

Here are some great appearance of knee-high boots taken from street styles and celebrities’ fashion:

Knee High Boots Street Style

Knee High Boots Street FashionKnee High Boots Street Fashion

Celebrities Knee High Boots Fashion LookCelebrities Knee High Boots Fashion Look

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