Ways to Wear Mid-calf Boots for Different Occasions

Although some style experts say that the key to wearing medium rise boots is to make sure your skirts and dresses sit above the knee – in other words long or midi skirt won’t look good with mid-calf boots – I do believe we can still fashion any outfits we found flattering – long skirts, skinny jeans, flare pants, flowing dresses, etc. – as long as it fits perfectly, making us comfortable and confident. Find out some easy and stylish ways to wear mid-rise boots for all different occasions.

And obviously, even mid-calf boots are great with long skirts or dresses. Heavy heels complement long skirts and dresses perfectly while slouchy boots are best to bring those ’70s vibes back when paired with long skirts or dresses. Try it! Go chunky to offset longer silhouette. However, because chunky boots usually have already taken much attention to your outfit, make sure you put a balanced look by wearing skirts or dresses in simple colors or patterns. Don’t put a beat-up boot with your tiered skirt. Save your rough-and-tumble footwear for jeans.

Mid Calf Boots With Long SkirtMid-calf Boots with Long Skirt

When wearing a fuller skirt, it’s more refined for your hem to fall just over the top of your boot. With a fitted shape, allow a few inches between your hem and your boot. The same rule applies to coats. Calf length boots vary in shaft height. Some styles work better when the tops finish under the calf, while others are best a little higher on the calf. Generally, wider calves look best when the shaft finishes under the widest part of the calf.

Mid Calf Boots With Midi SkirtMid-calf Boots with Midi Skirt

Mid Calf Boots With Bootcut JeansMid-calf Boots with Bootcuts

Mid-calf Military Boots with Skinny JeansMid-calf Boots with Skinnies

As for other styles, rock your boots with skinny jeans tucked into the boots. A classic, straight cut boots makes them easy to slip in and out of, and they’re perfect if you want to put your jeans inside. The looks are a little more casual but still refined. Or just leave them out by sporting your classic boots under a pair of boot-cut jeans, allowing just the heel and toe of the boots to be seen. Additionally, know that slouch boot volume bulks up a narrow calf, and can also flatten out a wider calf if the volume occurs underneath the widest part of the calf.

Mid Calf Boots With DressMid-calf Boots with Dress

Mid Calf Boots With ShortsMid-calf Boots with Shorts

Mid Calf Boots With Mini SkirtMid-calf Boots with Mini Skirt

You can also wear a flat or low heeled style with a mini or shorts for chicer styles. A pair of leather boots with flowing frocks gives outfits a down-to-earth feel. Not to mention, socks layered underneath boots can also be a cute look for fall and winter, in addition to keeping your tootsies nice and warm. As always, mind the proportions of your outfit and aim to flatter your shape. In general: the higher the boot, the better. Obviously, if you want your socks to show, you’ll need to invest in a pair that hit slightly higher than the rise of your boots, for example knee-high socks for mid-calf boots or over-the-knee socks for knee-high boots.

Boots with Socks Fashion LookMid-calf Boots with Socks

Mid Calf Boots With Leggings and TightsMid-calf Boots with Leggings or Tights

For a more elegant look, invest in heeled boots for your valuable asset in adding back some length to your legs. Wearing boots that are a similar color to your legs, your hose or your tights will give longer silhouette to your legs. Think about wearing tights and boots of a similar color to create an impression of continuity of your leg from the boot cut-off point; this will stop your legs from appearing “chunky”. Either way, you’ll look more conservative and pulled together. Find some inspirational styles for wearing different variety of mid-calf boots on different occasions.

Mid Calf Boots for Plus Size WomenMid-calf Boots Fashion Style for Plus Size

Mid-calf Military Boots with DressMilitary Boots with Mini Dress

Mid-calf Cowboy Boots with DressCowboy Boots with Dress

Rock Chick Looks with BootsRock Chick Looks with Mid-calf Boots

Bohemian Chic Looks with BootsBohemian Looks with Mid-calf Boots

Mid Calf Boots for OfficeMid-calf Boots for Work

Mid Calf Boots for PartyMid-calf Boots for Formal Occasions

Mid-calf Boots Fashion for WinterMid-calf Boots Fashion for Winter

Mid Calf Boots Daytime WearingMid-calf Boots for Daytime Wearing

Learn different types of mid-calf boots via “How to Wear Boots in Various Styles and Heights (Mid-calf Boots)”

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  1. Srijani says:

    Loved the article… I have a pair of mid calf leather boots locked up in my cupboard just because I was not sure how to wear them… Now I am ready to rock the winters..

    1. dee-nee says:

      I’m glad you like the article Srijani 🙂

      Thank you so much and
      Happy rockin’ the winter with boots 🙂

  2. Tricia says:

    First, I just want to say thank you. So many people look to celebrities for their fashion ideas and as a larger women I can’t because most celebs don’t look the same as I do. I love this site because you are displaying all women of all sizes. I look at these pictures and see that these women look beautiful and are rockin what they are wearing and that gives me confidence to do the same. Thank you!

    1. dee-nee says:

      Thank you so much for your words Tricia,
      It pleased me greatly 🙂

      Yes, I believe women are beautiful in their own shape, in their own style
      and that’s what I want to encourage through this blog

      Again, thanks for the comment Tricia,
      Wish you a wonderful day 🙂

  3. christina says:

    hi i have great pair of black mid calf boots but i have no idea what type and color of jeans and tops would look great with them.i would really appreciate it if you could give a bit of advise.

    1. dee-nee says:

      Hi Christina,

      Black is a very universal color that you can pair with all types of color – from dark to light shades. So wear whatever color of jeans you like to wear with the boots.
      As for types of jeans, most women love to wear it with skinny jeans tucked into the boots, if it doesn’t make you comfortable, you can opt for jeggings or leggings instead of denim.
      For tops, depending on your personal style and type of the occasion, generally you can wear whatever tops you would like to match with the jeans. If you want to go for a casual look, opt for simple, chic tee or shirt – plaid, denim, or white shirt are also great to pair with boots. For a more semi-formal, or special occasion, add layer to the outfit such as blazer or jacket.

      Here are some styles I like with black mid-calf boots, since I don’t know your body type, I picked different bloggers including plus size :
      Black boots with classic blue denim
      Boots with White (or pastels)
      Black Boots with Black Denim
      Boots for Office Look
      Boots with Plaid Shirt
      Boots for Casual Night Out
      Black Mid-Calf Boots with Leggings

      I hope you like one of the looks 🙂
      Have a wonderful day Christina

  4. Stewart says:

    Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your site?
    My blog site is in the very same niche as yours and mmy
    visitors would certainly benefit from a lot of the information you present here.
    Please let me know if this alright with
    you. Thanks a lot!

    1. dee-nee says:

      Hi Stewart,

      I’m very very sorry for the late reply (too long I guess) … I’ve been off writing lately due to my busy day life

      and Yes, you may quote my articles, as long as you provide back-link (sources back to this site)

      Have a great day Stewart :))

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