After months of cold and chilly days, the Spring Summer bright will light up your closet – making it fun, carefree and not least refreshing. The flowing checklist features most of the must-haves for every sunny season, full of lightweight staples, skirt of a dress, shorter hemlines, beautiful floral prints, exotic flair, and happy colors. Stretch your wardrobe with some of those in the list to build a strong foundation of timeless pieces that can be paired, mix-and-match, with almost anything in your closet.

Spring Summer Dresses

The perfect dresses for Spring Summer should be lightweight, cool and loose enough to catch the breeze, whether it’s made of linen or cotton. Depending on the occasions, opt for colorful dress best suited to the event and pair it with the right accessories. Dressy, elegant pieces are for those semi-formal cocktail events or for formal venues, while simple, chic ones are perfect for hanging out with friends or for other casual occasions. Here are some of the must-have dresses for the season:

Spring Summer Dresses Essentials – Sundress
1. Spring Summer Dresses Essentials – Sundress
Maxi Dress
Spring Summer Dresses Essentials – Maxi Dress
2. Spring Summer Dresses Essentials – Maxi Dress
Little White Dresses
Little Black Dresses
3. Spring Summer Fashion Essentials – Little White Dresses and Little Black Dresses
Cocktail Dress
Cocktail Dress
4. Spring Summer Fashion Essentials – Cocktail Dress
A line Dress
5. Spring Summer Fashion Essentials – A line Dress
Shift Dress
6. Spring Summer Fashion Essentials – Shift Dress

Just like dresses, skirts for cool, breezy days also require same elements like dresses. Lightweight, flowy maxi skirts or long skirts as well as tea-length hems are incredibly hot this season – and probably for all years round. A-line is a flattering shape for all figures, and knee-length is still the hottest look for summer. As for the minis, the skater ones are one of the most versatile ones that can be dressed up for all seasons, with items you’ve already got in your wardrobe.

Maxi Skirt
7. Spring Summer Fashion Essentials – Maxi Skirt
Full Skirt
8. Spring Summer Fashion Essentials – Full Skirt
Skater Skirt
9. Spring Summer Fashion Essentials – Skater Skirt

Tops that are lightweight and cool with bright colors or prints are perfect for the season. White and denim shirts are probably the most ubiquitous item in any fashionable wardrobe that becoming just as essential. Tank tops and chic tees as well as peasant blouses are best suited for more casual, beach or day-to-day city attires, while tailored blouses can be donned to achieve a more formal, polished look.

White Shirt
10. Spring Summer Fashion Essentials – White Shirt
Denim Shirt
11. Spring Summer Fashion Essentials – Denim Shirt
Tank Top
12. Spring Summer Fashion Essentials – Tank Top
Chic Tees
13. Spring Summer Fashion Essentials – Chic Tees
Peasant Blouse
14. Spring Summer Fashion Essentials – Peasant Blouse
Dressy and Tailored Top
Dressy and Tailored Top
15. Spring Summer Fashion Essentials –  Dressy and Tailored Top

A pair of trousers, shorts, or pants for this season should be with fluid materials, comfortable, relaxed, and lightweight as well as cool enough to catch the breeze. Opt for the timeless skinnies – whether jeans or pants – as well as ankle pants or crop pants to allow you to be dressier than shorts while still being very “summer” in your attitude. Depending on its styles and cuts, tailored shorts can be paired with fashionable staples for a more semi-formal look. As an alternative to the effortless dress, slip on a languid jumpsuit. Pack it for your next beach getaway as a cover-up during the day and with metallic accessories at night.

Tailored Shorts
16. Spring Summer Fashion Essentials – Tailored Shorts
17. Spring Summer Fashion Essentials – Bermuda
18. Spring Summer Fashion Essentials – Skinnies
Boyfriend Pants
19. Spring Summer Fashion Essentials – Boyfriend Pants
Crop Pants
Crop Pants
20. Spring Summer Fashion Essentials – Crop Pants
Tailored Joggers
21. Spring Summer Fashion Essentials – Tailored Joggers
Jumpsuit and Romper
Jumpsuit and Romper
22. Spring Summer Fashion Essentials – Jumpsuit and Romper

Layer is the perfect transitional piece and helps to inject a little personality into everyday basics. Adding layer such as jacket, cardigans, vests, or blazer over your outfit will expand your wardrobe immensely. You will wear it so much that you won’t know what you ever did without it. This one item adds instant polish and allows strapless and sleeveless dresses to be a bit more “acceptable” in certain situations. Plus, depending on types of your layer, it also adds a much needed color pop on dull days and can elevate work wear when paired with a tailored trouser suit or leather pencil skirt.

Denim Jacket
23. Spring Summer Fashion Essentials – Denim Jacket
Vest and Cardigan
Vest and Cardigan
24. Spring Summer Fashion Essentials – Vest and Cardigan
Camo Jacket
25. Spring Summer Fashion Essentials – Camo Jacket
Bomber Jacket
26. Spring Summer Fashion Essentials – Bomber Jacket
Boyfriend Blazer
27. Spring Summer Fashion Essentials – Boyfriend Blazer

Find out more and more Spring Summer wardrobe essentials through article “The 50 Ultimate Spring Summer Dresses Essentials (Part 2)” and see what you have already had in your closet, or what you need to have for the days to come.

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