How to Wear Plus Size Coats Fit and Fabulous (Part 3)

Finally, after you have covered the basics of fit and fabric, let’s start figuring out what best style fits you. With so many options, inspirations, and fashion perspectives to wear, surely women with curve can go for any style. Pen down and ‘throw away’ negative thoughts saying that you cannot wear this style or that style. One rule is to find what style that works for you and comforts you. Just look for coat’s selection from many sources, find the best fit, fabric, and price. Lastly, opt for styles that suit you.

In continuing the previous article “How to Wear Plus Size Coats Fit and Fabulous (Part 2)”, here are the basic categories of coat’s style and some suggestions for you.

Have fun with styles that simply suit you
As for styles, you can just go with the classic ones or with the most anticipated styles following this season’s trend. Fabrics like leather and suede are so high this season as well as stay classic. And now, even faux fur has transformed itself into a variety of cuts which plus size women can wear without looking bulky. Remember that leather, suede, and fur – either genuine or faux – always need special treatment to protect your coats lifespan in your closet and on your curves.

For plus size women, sometimes there are styles that need few tips when deciding to purchase one. Parka or puffer coat, for example, many plus sized women shy away thinking this style will only add to their curves. Toss the statement away.  Whether a vest or coat, you can wear a parka as long as it is lined, so that the down feathers do not poke you nor shed on your clothes. Look for a puffer coat that falls at the top of your hip for day to day casualness or knee length for chic appeal.

Plus Size Parka Fashion Styles

Plus Size Rain Coat Fashion StylesWith parka’s being so on-trend right now, there’s no excuse for every women – including curvy figures – for not wearing puffer coat, parka or rain coat to Stay warm in relaxed style, even the quilted ones.

Moreover, whether it’s a pea coat, trench coat, or swing coat, these classic styles are considered to be the most favorite styles for fall winter coat. And sure plus size figures can don them both single breasted or double breasted. Fit here is critical. So whether it’s double or single breasted, the coat must be able to close over you bosom. Find a coat – or get it tailored – perfectly fits to your torso as well as close over your bust properly. Opt for hip length coats for an everyday casually chic wear, or knee length for a more sophisticated look. Also consider the fabric and weight of the coat, does is suit your frame and figure? Stiff fabrics stand out and make you look larger. Very heavy or bulky coats will make a petite person look swamped.

Plus Size Trench Coat Fashion StylesClassic Trench Coat for Plus Size Women

Plus Size Pea Coat Fashion StylesClassic Pea Coat for Plus Size Women

Based on it’s style, both pea coat and trench coat are military-inspired coats – while trench was originally designed for the army, a pea coat was designed for the navy – A pea coat is usually shorter, more fitted and tapered, and has no belt. Trench coats are easy to layer and exude a certain modern factor, while pea coats are a little bit preppy and more formal. Specifically for a trench, one most important detail is the belt. Make sure the belt fits your torso elegantly and comfortably. Trench coats are fabulous for creating a waist on just about everyone.

Plus Size Swing Coat Fashion StylesClassic Swing Coat for Plus Size Women

As for swing coats, the coat’s movement inspires the name of this style of jacket. It’s fitted close to the body around the arms and shoulders, while the length floats away from the body, which flatters the shape of almost every wearer, creating leaner and taller silhouettes, especially when worn with a fitted pant or skirt. Additionally, find out how military looks work fabulously gorgeous on you. Here are some style suggestions along with others plus size coats fashion for the upcoming season.

Plus Size Coats Military StylesFall Winter 2013 Military Chic Looks with Plus Size Coats

Plus Size Coats for Winter

Plus Size Coats Fashion Look

Plus Size Coat Fashion StylesFrom trendy to classic, from formal to casual, from vibrant to neutral shades, just update your fashion with a fabulous, well-fit coat to make your look more polished

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