Nowadays, as one of those classic, versatile, and most essential pieces of a woman’s wardrobe, blazers or jackets have joined the ranks of tees as style staples. Through some fabulous design updates and new style rules, whether you’re dressing for the boardroom or for a casual evening out, at home, in offices, on dates, and even at movie premiers, these perfect fair weather staples are almost everywhere that work just as well outside the office as it does in. Get the tips on how to wear it best.

Casually or formally, for winter or summer, all you need to know when pulling off blazers are some basics rules about dressing for your body shape, as well as ways to update the classic blazer for a trendy, flattering look. Here are some tips on wearing blazers:

First of all, always wear for fit. Throw that shapeless, oversized sack you’ve been wearing to the funerals since it isn’t doing you any favors.  You also need to be careful about opting for a blazer that flatters your body type. In general, the larger your chest, the fewer buttons you want. A double-breasted blazer works well for flatter busts, but well-endowed women may want to consider single-breasted blazers with a single button.

Secondly, depending on the formality of each occasion, choose the right styles and colors (or even patterns) of your blazer. Neutral and classic shades, like black, navy blue, gray, and brown are the most common and the most professional. Lighter colors may naturally look more casual, while bright shades, especially with prints deliver edgier and more fashionable look.

As for models and designs, find the best styles appropriate for the occasions, while still wearing it fashionably. Here are five major models of blazer to wear for different occasions.

Bomber Jacket

1. Bomber Jacket: because this jacket has a sporty zip-front shape, it is best to wear for casual weekends, running errands, or coffee dates. Bomber jackets are often made of leather or suede, although nowadays designs may vary in colors, fabrics, and prints. Invest in design that sit snugly at the waist and not be too puffy – to avoid that ’80s look.

Boyfriend Jacket

2. Boyfriend Jacket: this piece is oversized and unfitted. It’s a menswear-inspired blazer that can be single- or double-breasted. Resembling those masculine blazers, its design is best when it’s long enough to cover your rear, giving you a cozy, boyish style. Even though the size of the blazer is exaggerated, make sure the jacket is not too large otherwise it will overpower your look. For more casual look, roll up your sleeves and pair this cut with leggings or slim pants. Wear them as informal to semi-formal outfit, or for Friday office wear.

Structured Blazer

3. Structured Blazer: the structured blazer can be considered as the most formal cut of a jacket. It can be single- or double breasted with defined shoulders. Slightly different from other cuts, structured blazers usually have conservative, strict design, which then best for formal, professional office suit, power dressing, and boardrooms. Make sure this cut is well fit to your body shape, while a nipped-in waist will define your curves. Avoid looking outdated by keeping shoulder pads to a minimum. Choose neutral and classic shades for a great addition to any office attire. For more casual style, wear it with less formal tee and leave it unbuttoned.

Military Jacket

4. Military Jacket: its shape and length may vary slightly among different designs and cuts, but military jacket often includes epaulettes, patch pockets or bold button detailing, resembling military style. Although nowadays there are many color varieties of military blazer, but based on its style, this type of blazer mostly comes in military-uniform’s colors such as army green, navy blue, white, or black. This smart but casual style suits most body types, any time and any place. Wear this with jeans and sneakers or boots for sporty look, or contrast this masculine style with girly touches for feminine appearance. You may as well add a leather belt to give this boxy jacket some structure.

Tailored Blazer

5. Tailored Blazer: this fitted jacket features classic elements like lapels and side or back vents. It is so versatile and most popular among women’s blazers that instantly enhancing any outfit for any occasions. If you have only one jacket, this should be it. If you can’t find the perfect fit in your wardrobe, it’s worth the investment to get alterations — basically tailoring is the key. Opt for design that sits at the hips to achieve leaner and taller silhouette. If necessary, choose a fabric with a subtle pinstripe for a slimming effect.

Fashionable Ways to Wear a Blazer

While its roots are in office or formal wear, know that blazers can also be worn casually, in many various ways, and paired with any fashion staple you find in your wardrobe then style them for any different occasions. So let’s take a look at one blazer worn five different ways for fifteen very different (but equally amazing) looks.

Elegant Formal Office Wear
To achieve those sophisticated looks, professional boardroom attire for women is very similar to what men are expected to wear. Opt for blazer in one-solid tone based on a neutral or earthy color palette. Avoid bright, colorful shades and invest in suits that are tailored to fit close to the body – but not tight. Think simple, sleek and chic. Skirts should hit at the knee or below – or you may wear a pair of opaque stockings to polish the look. And blouses should be conservative, freshly pressed and always tucked.

Flattering Semi-formal Attires

Flattering Semi-formal Attires
At less formal occasions, such as cocktail parties, running errands, or coffee dates – where you don’t have to style conservatively, yet still need to look smart, chic and elegant – simply add more colors and prints into the outfits. Pair your blazer with casual, yet glamorous outfits, for example colorful shift dress for making an impression at a cocktail party, a pair of printed skinnies matched with a sleek white shirt and striking accessories for a less formal occasion. Or do your fashion as well with tailored shorts and chic tee for a more relaxed, yet modern style. Wear the blazer unbuttoned, and do your color and print-matching for a more edgy look.

Dress it Down with Casual Outfits

Dress it Down with Casual Outfits
Based on its design and cut, a structured blazer will never be strictly casual on its own, but sure you can make your casual look more elegant by adding a classy touch of blazer. Obviously, casual pieces can work with a structured blazer, but they should still fit properly and have a clean, crisp appearance, and when you pair blazer with casual pieces, it can create a look that seems both fashionable and laid back. Just wear your blazer unbuttoned for a more relaxed feel, and feel free to wear it with sandals, sneakers, or boots for daytime comfort.

Glam it Up with Sparkling Evening Look
For a night out, glam your blazer up with striking, bold pieces, such as leather skinnies, sequined tee, or glitzy shorts. Add a touch of rocky-chick style, and play accordingly with colors, prints, and accessories. Don’t forget to always think of balance for an elegant look. Finish the look off with a pair of killer shoes – or even pick up a vibrant hue from the top —, and you’ve nailed a classy night glam chic. Don’t be afraid of wearing opaque stockings for a little extra warmth on cooler nights.

Fashionable Day to Day Chic

Fashionable Day to Day Chic
Celebrate sunny days with bright, colorful pieces (even for winter). Add blazer to your favorite skinny jeans and plaid shirt for a look that’s relaxed, refined and suitable for anything from brunch with the girls to drinks with the boy. Or think maxi dresses and sundresses, and pair them with comfortable, stylish accessories and footwear for a more flattering look.

Here are some other ways you can fashion a blazer. For a timeless, sophisticated appeal, a well-cut black blazer would always be the best answer to jazz up any wardrobe. Wear it with a fancy dress for less formal feels (and more Friday-night-out), throw it over a maxi dress to add instant polish, or try it as a top – button it up and cinch the waist and suddenly it’s a top. Slip a little tank underneath if you need more coverage.

As for pairing your blazer with trousers and shorts, to dress it down, a blazer kicks back nicely over a fitted hoodie and boyfriend jeans, while short and casual tee give much relaxed vibe into the style. Moreover, for a more unique, stylish effect, instead of thinking of a blazer as a topper, consider wearing it as a base layer. Wear your blazer under a vest – the furry one will give dimensions of your look – surely this look ups the style quotient.

Continue to article “What to Wear with Blazer for All Different Occasions” for more inspirations on wearing blazer for different occasions and with different fashion outfits.

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