How to Fashion Denim Shirts on Different Occasions (Part 2)

As versatile as a denim shirt can be, it’s time to break out our wardrobes and start pairing our favorite denim shirt with any items, transforming it into various chic and flattering outfits. The denim shirt is a classic that brings an effortless edge to any outfit. Smart, button-up styles offset denim’s casual associations, meaning they are also office-appropriate when paired with suitable pairing such as blazer or suits, while denim shirt worn with opened button acts like layers for more casual, relaxed attitude.

In continuing the previous article “How to Fashion Denim Shirts on Different Occasions (Part 1)” check out the numerous styles and inspirations on how you can wear a denim shirt. From colored to printed, from mini to midi to maxi, from pants to shorts to skirts to dresses, it makes sense that the denim shirt would be having its moment as an excellent piece to rock on many different occasions.

A. Wear a denim shirt in many different looks

Denim Shirt Bohemian LookDenim Shirt Bohemian LookDenim Shirt Casual LookDenim Shirt Casual Look Denim Shirt Feminine LookDenim Shirt Feminine Look Denim Shirt Rocky LookDenim Shirt Rocky Chic Look Denim Shirt Urban LookDenim Shirt Urban Look

B. Wear a denim shirt for many different occasions

Denim Shirt Cocktail PartyDenim Shirt Party OutfitsDenim Shirt College WearDenim Shirt College Attire Denim Shirt for Night OutsDenim Shirt for Night Out Denim Shirt Office WearDenim Shirt Office Attire Denim Shirts Beach WearDenim Shirt at the Beach

C. Outfits of a denim shirt in many different styles

Denim Shirt Outfits Urban LookDenim Shirt Outfit Urban Look Denim Shirt Outfits Trendy LookDenim Shirt Outfit Trendy Look Denim Shirt Outfits Chic LookDenim Shirt Outfit Chic Look Denim Shirt Outfits Elegant LookDenim Shirt Outfit Elegant Look Denim Shirt Outfits Girly LookDenim Shirt Outfit Girly Look

D. Wear a denim shirt with various fashion item from jewelries to tops to bottoms

Denim Shirt with Statement NecklaceDenim Shirt with Statement Necklace

Denim Shirt in Different StylesDenim Shirt in Different Styles Denim Shirt Street StylesDenim Shirt Street Styles

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  1. jasmin krapp says:

    Loving all the different ways to wear a Denim shirt. I also adore Denim, check out my blog for some ideas and advice on how to wear Denim 🙂

    1. dee-nee says:

      Love your cute outfits and chic styles Jasmin 🙂
      as well as the cool photoshoots

      Thank you so much for sharing more ideas in this blog

      Hugs and kisses 🙂

  2. joe chuagah says:

    waah!your casual are amazing ,em contemplating on getting your trend to up my client cool out fit …

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