Fashion Tips and Style If You are a Skinny Girl (Part 1)

Some people mostly in fashion industry likely to claim that being skinny is better than having too curvy silhouette, as they create such image that many girls nowadays dream about having a skinny and tall figure as the supermodels on runway. On the other hand, fashion stylists also say that even though many trends look great on skinny figures there are still some key items every skinny woman should invest in and some fashion no-no’s that are best avoided.

Truly that most women are never satisfied when looking in the mirror that they can spend so much time in thinking about the attire to dress up in. Whether they were naturally born too tall, too short, too fat, or too skinny, lists of “how to wear” and “what to wear” can go on till forever. And although there are many practical advices for other body types, we cannot find so many useful fashion tips for skinny figure. So, take a look at some fashion tips for skinny girls to achieve a gorgeous result when looking in the mirror.

Dresses for Skinny WomenDresses best for skinny women as you can try those
peplums, babydolls, straight-cut dresses, and shifts for adding curves and volumes

The Right Cut
Focusing on how to create curves and volume is the main goal for skinny girls when fashioning their attires. You need to create curves where you want them, or to add a balanced weight to the entire look. Here, you can dare to wear very tight close cuts or longer, a slight hugging dress, or bigger cuts to make you look wider. Nowadays, there are a number of designs that specialize in creating perfect slim size cuts with feminine curves places exactly where they are desirable.

Sleeves and Necklines for skinny women
Dresses and tops with volume on shoulder and hips are great for thin women to create the illusion of curves between waist, bust and hips. You can add curves with an empire-waist dress, peplum style dresses and tops, or you can make fuller silhouette with shift dresses or baby-doll style clothes, although sometimes baby-dolls can also create a visual shorter look.

Sleeve Dress for Skinny WomenDesigns of sleeves, either for tops or dresses, for skinny women

Sleeves: If you want to hide your scrawny arms, opt for shirts with volume sleeve to create wider look and to balance your silhouette. Batwing sleeves are also great for adding some additional shape, while long sleeve tops with prints are great for disguising thin upper arms.

Draw attention away from the upper half of your body by investing in bright shoes, trousers or skirts, and hide your arm by pairing a long-sleeve top with a bomber jacket or waterfall blazer. Tucking in shirts can also make your hips look wider which will make your legs look better too.

What to wear for skinny girlsPlay with colors, prints, ruffles, layers, and other  elements for adding volumes

Busts: To fill out the bust area, opt for shirts or dresses that feature heavy prints and colors, as well as details like pleats, ruffles, twists, knots, or ruching at the bodice. If you have a flat bust, opt for a dress with sequins, jewels, or a bow near the collar area to help out your bust. Draping at the neckline can be a very flattering style for small-busted figures, but avoid very deep cleavage such as V-neckline and play fairly with the chest. You may as well wear tops and dresses with ruffled necklines or play with collar that is high and chunky including the turtle neck, high cowl-neck, or mandarin collars.

What to wear for minus zeroLayering is also a great way to create dimension around the bust area. Abuse chunky clothes and play with all details, layers, prints, and colors accordingly. But don’t exaggerate. The goal is to add volume with balance, not to attract people attention with something tacky!

Pants for thin legsSkinny jeans, bootcuts, slim-cut trousers  and cigarette pants best suited for skinny legged women

Trousers and skirts best to wear for skinny women

As for trousers or pants, a low rise is ideal for creating curvy silhouette. Trousers like boot-cuts or flared pants make your bottoms round and can give your body extra shape and dimension. Make sure you go for the ones that are a bit of flair at the bottom – tight-fitting but flare out at the ankles at least from the knees down. Opt for trousers that are well fitted and notice that wearing palazzo or extra wide-leg pants sometimes just make your legs look lost

Not that the skinnies look bad for skinny women, but super snug like jegging jeans or extra-fitted pants are not really meant for this kind of body type, as they can just end up making you look skinnier. Better to choose a slim straight or a cigarette pant instead. But, obviously you can still pull off those fabulous skinnies by abusing bolder prints and colors to give a little more presence to your legs.

Skirts for skinny womenA-line skirt, pencil skirt, and mini skirt best suited for skinny women

Where skirts are concerned, as well as the dresses, try clothes that are round from your waist down. Asymmetrical, tube or pencil skirts – short or long – that tapers at the knee is a good bet to give a visual extra pounds on your hips. While midi skirts with the hem that stops at the shapeliest part of you calf are also the best bet for skinny women. Play with belts, coats, pleats, tights, etc. to maximize the appearance you want to achieve

Shorts for thin legged womenOutfits with shorts best fashioned for skinny girls

If you wish for a mini, pieces like bubble skirts, flare skirts, and A-line skirts can also be a good option, just make it about four inches above your knee and allow the skirt to be well fitting, not a free size one. When choosing shorts, go for the shorter ones, the well fitted – not too loose and not too tight – short shorts around the hips. Avoid very wide leg shorts as they make your legs look like a pair of sticks or the very tight ones that will only make your body looks even skinnier. However, sometimes skinny women like to sport any kind of shorts and draw the attention away from the lower part of the body by adding striking and full details on the tops, which can be pleats, prints, appliques, bold colors, layers, etc.

If you are a thin, petite figure, avoid those super-maxis, oversized skirts or trousers as they will only make you look even shorter and smaller. A lot of women use baggy clothing as a means to hide the fact they are on the thin side, this is a mistake as it actually accentuates how small you are as the clothing tends to swamp your frame. Maxi-skirts with the right size and height are actually great for hiding legs and looking stylish at the same time, but again remember to avoid anything too baggy.

Continue this article to “Fashion Tips and Style If You are a Skinny Girl (Part 2)” for knowing other tips on how and what to wear best suited for skinny women.

Meanwhile, take a look at some style inspirations from street fashion, campaigns and celebrities best known for their slender figure, always well put together and really make the most of their figures.

2013 Fashion Look for Skinny GirlsIdeas of pants, dress, and swimwear for skinny girls.
Abuse colors and prints to achieve those volume and curves, as well as your youthful, teens-spirit

Trousers for thin legged womenBest trouser street fashion styles for skinny girls

Alexa Chung Dress Fashion LookAlexa Chung, known for her extremely cute and chic style, perfect for those with skinny frame

Keira Knightley Dress Fashion LookKeira Knightley always looks good and gorgeous with dresses and skirts

Not to mention, don’t forget to check more style ideas for skinny women via article “Fabulous Street Fashion Styles to Follow for Skinny Ladies”. Wish you all the most beautiful day 🙂

Outfit Ideas for Busty Apple Body Shape
question by Joanna

Tank top and Bandeau for Busty WomanFlowy or loose Tank Top with Bandeau underneath to create smaller bust visually

Tank top and Cardigan for Busty WomanTank Top with Cardigan or Scarf for Busty Ladies

Summer Outfits for Busty Ladies Summer Outfits for Busty WomanSpring Summer Outfits for Women with Large Bust

Outfits with Pants for Ladies Over 50
question by Fancy Nancy

Fashion Over 50 Skinny LadiesSource : Chico’s Pinterest

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73 comments on «Fashion Tips and Style If You are a Skinny Girl (Part 1)»

  1. Deanna says:

    I am completely disgusted with this article. It simply lowers my self-esteem as an ectomorph. It pretty much tells skinny girls not to embrace any part of their body, but try in every way possible to look bigger and curvier, while drawing away all attention from their actual bodies. This is not the way to go. Yes, bigger women are beautiful, but why are bones so disgusting to everyone? If that’s what you look like, embrace it, don’t mask it. Everyone is beautiful just the way they are, all shapes and sizes are beautiful.

    1. dee-nee says:

      Hi Deanna

      First of all, I’m really really sorry if this article annoys you … obviously, I never mean to offend anybody by writing this article

      I wrote this article mainly because some visitors asked me to do so. They asked me to write fashion tips not only for plus sizes but also for those with slender figures.

      Secondly, as you said “this article pretty much tells skinny girls not to embrace any part of their body, but try in every way possible to look bigger and curvier”.

      I don’t think that what this article means. Like I wrote at the begining of each article (part 1 and 2)

      “Finding the right outfits and accessories for thin, skinny women is actually much easier than for those who have curves and weight. Thanks to the fashion industry who creates such “skinnier is better” images by always bringing those skinny models to showcase their fashion staples. And by this, it means there are plenty of fashion choices out there for you to pull off just exactly like those models. So, be grateful with your slender body, and always be confident with that

      These tips are probably useless if you think your thinness is fine. If you don’t have problem with your body silhouette, then you can just wear anything you want. Many fashion pictorials show that being skinny is not a big deal since we can wear as many types of outfits as we want.”


      I’m sorry for my English, but I don’t want anybody to feel bad after reading this article. It’s only a fashion tip and you certainly don’t need to follow if you don’t need to.

      Not to mention, all pictures given are images of models that you can easily find in various magazines and runways. Those models are gorgeous and they do have skinny shape, so why should you feel bad with your figure ?? Many super-models feel grateful with their slender shape.

      All in all, again, I’m very very sorry if this article bothers you, I honestly don’t mean that.

      Thanks much for your comment, and I wish you understand what I meant here,

      Cheers 🙂

      1. Brianna says:

        Thanks so much! This article helped me a lot ever since this I go to the mall and keep in mind on what to wear! I’m sometimes sick of people saying bigger is better embrace it. What about us skinny girls? Just cause we are skinny doesn’t mean we struggle too! You really helped me with these and definitely boosted myself esteem.

        1. dee-nee says:

          Thank you so much for the compliment
          I’m so glad that you like the article

          Have a great day Brianna 🙂

      2. Laurie says:

        I embrace your article because sometimes I really do not know what to wear to flatter my legs. I guess my dad had it all right when he would tell mom to wear shorter dresses to flatter her skinny legs. Thank you so much for the tips. Please keep them coming!

        1. dee-nee says:

          Thank you so much for your comment Laurie
          I’m really glad you like my article 🙂

          Have a lovely beautiful day 🙂

          1. Linda says:

            I don’t like to show my legs because they are so thin

      3. Donya Smith says:

        This was a great article and very helpful to me as a slender woman. Thank you!

      4. clairebear says:

        Thumbs up

    2. Jenna says:

      Um… You just said “yes, bigger woman are beautiful”, so maybe you are the kind of people who lower our self esteem so we feel as though we have to cover up. SO SHUT UP!

      1. Sallie says:

        I’m pretty sure she means that all women, in all kinds of shapes and sizes, are beautiful. Not that bigger woman are more beautiful than the rest.

      2. Killerbabe says:

        Attention seeking moron!grow up.peace out!

      3. Killerbabe says:

        Jenna you for sure have the ugliest body..Dee-nee you rock!

    3. Janay says:

      Hi, I would like say thank you for this article! Most of the things you selected are items that I buy but now I have more, so thank you.

      To Deanna, I’m 27 yr old and I have Crohn’s disease and I’m all skin and bones right now. I have a husband two boys I work full time and I support a household of 8. When I have conferences or weddings birthday parties. It annoys me he certain things that used to fit just fine don’t anymore. So in my busy schedule these kinds of articles come in handy and makes a short trip to the mall!! if you can’t turn things around and find out how you can learn from it instead if judging it then you have wasted your time.

    4. Verna says:

      I loved this article! I am too skinny and have a difficult time gaining and maintaining weight. There is almost nothing available on how to dress if you are too skinny … too anything makes dressing difficult and any help is appreciated.

    5. Martine says:

      Big women are not prettier. Good proportion is prettier. Its not telling thin women to cover up. It said that short dresses are good on slender women. I don’t agree with all the advice, but I don’t think the intent is to make anyone feel bad, or say that thin is bad. Its not. Its healthy and youthful looking. And yes, sometimes its fun and attractive to really define your slender build too. But somtimes you just want a balanced, soothing look.

  2. Wendy Geduld says:

    I am very slender build, and need to get an outfit for my graduation.
    please help me, I wear a size 28 in pants and weigh about 43kg

    1. dee-nee says:

      Hi Wendy,

      I honestly think you shouldn’t have problem with your graduation outfits.
      Meaning you can wear any outfit you want just exactly like if you want to go to a wedding
      Check article “What to Wear to a Wedding Spring Summer 2014 Wedding Guest Dresses” for more ideas of this season’s dresses from various online stores


      How about opting for this season’s trends including floral prints, print mixing, white-on-white statement, or invest in a jumpsuit
      See the end of this article “Fashion Tips and Style If You are a Skinny Girl (Part 2)” for outfits I’ve picked for you (hopefully you like it)

      Lastly, you probably want to see these two articles for print-mixing and black-white fashion tips
      How to Dress Black and White Fashion Statement
      How to Mix n Match Prints and Textures in Outfits

      I hope you can find the perfect outfit for your graduation day
      Contact me if you need further info about the pieces.

      Thanks much, and have a great day Wendy 🙂

  3. Kristen says:

    this article helped me so much and boosted up my self esteem. thank you very much. c:

    1. dee-nee says:

      Thanks Kristen

      I’m really glad you like it

      Have a great day 🙂

  4. ruudy says:

    Thank you for writing this article. I am so fed up of people moaning about how big they are. We all do have issues. I am nearly 40 and have pencil thin legs i have what boyfriends in the past called childrens legs. I am an adult stuck in a childs body – yes i have breasts and a good waist size but i look young and have thin legs. What trousers can i wear or what can i dress in to make myself older looking! I know i am lucky buy it isnt luck when people find out your age and just stare at you aghast with amazement.

    When i say thin legs i mean no real calf muscle and no side meat to the leg – so no real shape! I can exercise to build it up but it is genetic from both family sides.

    1. dee-nee says:

      Hi ruudy,

      It’s actually quite surprising when most women wish for much younger look, and here you ask for older looking.

      My suggestions will probably to ask you to opt for more mature outfits, including pieces with more neutrals and more muted colors instead of the bright and vibrant ones (such as neon or metallic), or you can stay away from clothes with volume.

      For formal occasion, choose for more structured clothing, a jacket (even one made from a fabric with some stretch for comfort) will make you look more professional than layers of knits. A shirt with a collar, tailored trousers, a simple, elegant shift dress all go to making you look more mature. As for casual clothing, layers such as knit cardigan (instead of jacket) sometimes gives more mature looking.

      Fabrics made of tweed and velvet are great to give that heavy and older looking, yet elegant and stylish. Also you may need to look for more sophisticated shoes and accessories, – quality leather rather than vinyl or nylon for example

      Some says that baggy pants and elastic waist pants can make women look older, which I’m not really sure about it since those pants are among the must-haves this season. But you can try them if you want to.

      All in all, back to your question : First of all, make sure your clothes fit perfectly. Try trousers in neutrals, made of tweed or velvet (but not legging), or opt for tailored trousers (including fitting trousers and jeans, or cigarette pants – cropped ones are also good). Or choose trousers with simple or minimalist details to achieve more mature look. Baggy pants can also be your choice.

      Check pictures that I put at the end of this article (Fashion Tips and Style If You are a Skinny Girl Part 2) for more outfits inspiration

      Have a great day Ruudy 🙂

  5. Jenna says:

    I really do love this article, I was wondering what kind of stuff would you advise me to wear because I am also very petite, and most of the pictures you used were of tall people. THANK YOU! X

    1. dee-nee says:

      Hi Jenna,

      Thank you so much for the compliment, and actually you can check out article “Fashion Tips and Style If You are a Petite Woman” if you have petite figure.
      Hopefully the article is good enough to give you more inspiration and ideas

      Have a great day Jenna 🙂

  6. Linda says:

    Thanks for your point. And i like your article very much.

  7. grety says:

    hi i think u should give more advice

    1. dee-nee says:

      Hi Grety,

      What kind of advice?

  8. Aditi says:

    Hey .. I am from India..
    I stumbled upon this when I was searching for whether or not skinny girls should wear long cotton skirts.
    I couldn’t find the answer to that particular question. Could you please suggest what to wear on the upper half of the body if we want to wear long skirts.

    The article was informative, Good work !
    Thanks 🙂

  9. Aditi says:

    Hey .. I am from India..
    I stumbled upon this when I was searching for whether or not skinny girls should wear long cotton skirts.
    I couldn’t find the answer to that particular question. Could you please suggest what to wear on the upper half of the body if we want to wear long skirts.

    The article was otherwise informative, Good work !
    Thanks 🙂

    1. dee-nee says:

      Hi Aditi

      I’m very sorry for the late reply, and thank you so much for the compliment

      My suggestion is “yes, everybody can wear maxi skirt including skinny figure”
      You could check this article “How to Wear and What to Wear with Long Skirts” if you want to look for more style and fashion ideas with long skirt

      Tell me if you need more fashion ideas with long skirt for slender figure

      Have a lovely day Aditi 🙂

  10. Joanna says:

    Hi, I’m a petite 16 yr old girl and unlike most petite girls, I have a large bust. I was wondering what I should wear to not bring attention to my chest? I don’t know what I can wear in the summer to make it smaller. When I wear flowy tank tops, it just enlarges my chest and I get self conscious about it, especially when guys comment on it. I don’t have much of a be hind or hips, and i want to even myself out. If that makes sense? Any suggestions? Thanks so much!

    1. dee-nee says:

      Hi Joanna,

      Sorry for the late reply, and about your question:

      I don’t know whether you already know that wearing the right bra is very important for ladies with large bust. Just make sure your bra is fit perfectly (both for functional and aesthetic purposes). An ideal bra should be comfortable and well fit, can give you enough support and lift your boobs. Wearing good bra can actually save you from back-aches, make you appear several pounds lesser, and make the rest of your clothes sit and look better.

      If you want to wear flowy tank tops, how about layer it with bandeau or fitted tank top (preferably black) underneath the top to give smaller visual effect to your bust. You could also add cardigan or scarf for other layering options. I put pictures at the article above and hopefully you get the idea.

      As for choosing the right top, you would probably need to think of the necklines of your top. The suitable necklines for well endowed ladies are sweetheart, square, and scoop. You could also opt for strapless and one-shoulder, but make sure your bra has a really good support, while V shape actually lengthens the neckline and slims your upper half.

      Try not to wear neckline that cover your neck such as turtle necks, crew neck and boat neck because these types of neckline would only make your bust area looks even wider. Basically you need to opt for necklines that are open around shoulder and neck area. But be mindful of how much cleavage you are showing, low-cut clothing could probably make you uncomfortable since it shows more cleavage. Here are some styles of necklines for the ideas : Knowing the Right Necklines for Your Face and Body Shape

      For your bottom, in general, to make your rear seems rounder, opt for pants or shorts with decorative back pockets and decorative stitching on the back pockets. Make sure the pockets lay right over the center of your jeans. Classic wide-leg or bootcuts are best choice to balance out the upper and lower part of your body. Not to mention, A-line, empire, skater, and maxi fuller skirt are also great to add some fullness to the bottom.

      See four outfits I selected for your summer outfits. Hopefully you like it.

      Have a great day Joanna

  11. Joanna says:

    Im not trashy by the way, so a conservative, but not overly conservative look would be helpful. Thanks! By the way, great article. It has a lot of information.

  12. Anny says:

    I am very skinny ( 5 feet 3inches and 41kgs) and I am tired of listening to people who simply love commenting about my weight. I have even left going out these days as I feel in very next second people will comment bout my weight.

    I am not very white or black complexion, so I feel little awkward to wear short dresses. So, I usually wear jeans. 🙁 I am really really losing my self esteem these days and need your help. Should I try shorts?

    1. Antome says:

      Old comment I know, but I don’t think low weight and/or curviness, should be an obstacle to typically feminine outfits, you could try going for flats and a dress with an A skirt and medium high belt, or highlight your particular shape and be proud of it ;), or maybe wear heels but lower your belt or wear a long top.

  13. Georgia says:

    I feel as if the person writing this article does not have first hand experience dressing this body type. Many of the outfits in the photos selected are actually not flattering – not even on the pictured models.

    1. dee-nee says:

      Hi Georgia

      Well … I even don’t know whether I’m considered as plus size, normal, or skinny …
      I’m 5’5″ : when I was 18 y.o I was 143.3 lbs …. 26 y.o I was 121.3 lbs …. after-birth I was 154.3 lbs …. finished breastfeeding for two years I was 121.2 lbs …. when my son was 4 y.o I was 97.2 lbs (is it considered skinny ??) … now he’s 7 I’m 114.6 lbs
      I can say that I’ve been experiencing different body type in my life … LOL

      Actually my purpose for writing this article is giving tips by showing models with real skinny shape .. just like I show plus size fashion with real plus size models
      Please take a look at this link ..
      not that I’m saying the pictures there are not good … but I think most models are not even considered as skinny

      I’m sorry if the outfits in this article are not flattering … that’s the only pictures I can find with real skinny frame
      But I’ll try to find other pictures 🙂

      thanks much for the comment Georgia
      I hope you understand what I mean
      I’m sorry for my English … it’s not my first language 🙂

  14. Amrita says:

    Hi , I recently got promoted as a V n A trainer. I am shorted heighted skinny gal.. my height is 5 and weight is 40. I dnt have a curvey body. What should i wear for my sessions . Formals trousers and skirts are ok? If yes please some patterns that will go with my body type and as well the colour.. as I have dusky complexion .
    Please suggest some footwear ..
    Really need your help .


    1. dee-nee says:

      Hi Amrita,

      First of all, for your V&A sessions, you could wear casual business attire. It doesn’t have to be conservative with blazers or suits, just think smart and sleek outfit with tailored shirt and pants/skirt

      (Here are some ideas : Office Wear Fashion Tips: What to Wear to Work from Formal to Casual)

      As for your skinny – petite figure, it’s important to choose clothes that fit you right – not too tight, not too loose (Here are also some tips for you : Fashion Tips and Style If You are a Petite Woman)

      Please take a look at some pictures there for ideas what type of office wear you should wear (including shoes) and yes, formals trousers and skirts are ok

      For prints and colors of your outfit. I don’t think your skin color matters for what you wear – meaning you can wear any colors you want.

      But what matter is how your outfit presents a professional image to you. Since you are asking about an outfit for work, choose subtle prints and colors that don’t attract too much attention to give that professional look

      As for footwear, choose the most comfortable office shoes you have 🙂

      Thanks much for asking Amrita,

      Have a lovely V&A class 🙂

      1. Amrita says:

        Thank you …. you are a darling…. I thought I may not get the reply … thank you soo much … I will definetly go through the links … and get d best outfit for monday sessio . Thankyou for all your support and suggestion … 🙂

        1. dee-nee says:

          Thanks to you to Amrita 🙂

          It means the world for me to receive comments from the readers 🙂

  15. Briella says:

    Hi, I was wondering what would be a good homecoming dress style for my body type. I’m 5’3″, and weight around 38 kg. I don’t have a large bust so I can’t really pull off strapless dresses or low cut necklines, but have long legs. I don’t want to wear something frilly and high collared. Should I try finding a strapless dress or should I try finding another style? Thank you in advance!

    1. dee-nee says:

      Hi Briella,

      I think it’s ok to wear strapless dress … but wear it for your comfort first, don’t wear it if you don’t feel comfortable in it.
      How about trying spaghetti straps or one shoulder dress
      Check out this link as an idea
      I think some one-shoulder dresses shown there are pretty nice – I like Blue Corset One Shoulder and Sexy Corset One Shoulder (in cobalt) ones

      Or you could learn here for neckline suggestions best for your figure

      Hopefully this helps Briella
      Wish you to have a wonderful homecoming party 🙂

  16. anjali says:

    Hi Dear,
    Read ur article and advice for skinny ladies….well am happy i went through it…it really is a good help for ladies like us….do update more on this coz minus zero is hardly been discussed wit fashion…one request can u kindly add more pics of dresses and cuts for us to think more….Thank You once again…

    1. dee-nee says:

      Hi Anjali,

      Yes, as I realize not many fashion blogs and sites talk about minus zero, thank you so much for your supporting advice.
      Hopefully, I can deliver more fashion tips and ideas for ladies with slender figure.

      Thanks again Anjali,
      Wish you a wonderful day 🙂

  17. Jane says:

    Have you got any hints for older women (63) who like fashion but though skinny their bodies are changing shape e.g. knobbly knees, blotchy skin, bottom disappearing. Have to be careful not to look scrawny as all the plumpness has gone out of our skin.

    1. dee-nee says:

      Hi Jane,

      Well, I don’t have article for women over 50, but I’m planning to write about this topic later
      Lately, I’ve been super busy preparing for my son’s b’day (and also my work) that I don’t have time to write

      However, you could probably check article “How to Fashionably Hide Specific Body Parts (Upper Body)” which hopefully you can find some tips worth trying

      Thank you so much for your question Jane
      Wish you a beautiful and wonderful day 🙂

    2. fancy nancy says:

      Hi there! I also write to this lovely lady for tips. I am tiny and short and I find dresses that are body skimming small patterns, or plain , not too short work well. I don’t know what all your issues are but check out the cute outfits she put for Fancy Nancy. I am over 50 too. Wish you well.

  18. fancy nancy says:

    I wish someone would realize that some women over 55 are skinny and short and we need fashion advice too. Would really appreciate if someone noticed us skinny old gals who want to look age appropriate, but fashionable.

  19. rash says:

    could u help me with what type of jumpsuit shud I m skinny I Dnt relli understand wch one wud suit me

    1. dee-nee says:

      Hi Rash,

      Actually, skinny girls can wear any style of jumpsuit and they will look really gorgeous. It can be loose types and play with different fabrics and designs. You could try jumpsuit with ruffles to add feminine lines to your figure. And IF you really think it’s necessary, you could avoid tight styles and choose the loose ones instead to add more volume to your skinny frame. If you want to look polished you can opt for jumpsuit made of fluid and tailored fabric.

      Depending on your personal style, if you want to place the accent on the bust, you can choose jumpsuit with V-neckline or strapless. If you want to look taller or if you have petite figure, you can go for very short jumpsuits or very long ones. Learn “Fashion Tips and Style If You are a Petite Woman” if you are skinny and petite

      Thank you so much for giving comment Rash
      Have a wonderful day 🙂

  20. fancy nancy says:

    Love your site. Hope you can advise us gals over 50 who are very tiny and short, but want to look edgy and modern! Some of type of dresses you show totally work. Pants seem to look better if I keep to a very slim leg, but how to make them more feminine, since I look best with pixie hair. Keep up the great site.

    1. dee-nee says:

      Hi Fancy Nancy,

      I’m very very sorry for not replying your previous comment, really sorry, I must have forgot to reply when I approved it 🙁
      And thank you so much for your great appreciation for this blog. I really hope I can write more articles in this site

      About your question how to create feminine look with pants, I actually love how brand Chicos presents their outfit,
      Please take a look at the article above which I put some pictures for you showing stylish look with pants. You could add statement jewelries, wear layer or chic top (with prints or bright color) to make your appearance more stylish with pants.

      Meanwhile (since I haven’t had article about women over 50) you could probably check these two Pinterest links I found through google (here and here) for ideas and tips

      Thank you so much for your very nice comment about this site, Nancy
      Wish you a good and wonderful day 🙂

      1. fancy nancy says:

        Just wanted to thank you for your answer and the pictures
        which is cool, cause they look a lot like me, the model that is. Except I have red hair ,but also short hair! Love the outfits! Look forward to more short and skinny fashions. Thank you dear

  21. Nicole says:

    thank you very much this has been helpful…..if you could add more of casual and office wear i will be more grateful

    1. dee-nee says:

      Hi Nicole,

      Actually I have other post for skinny ladies. You may check “Street Fashion Styles to Follow for Skinny Ladies” for ideas of casual and office wear

      Especially for office wear (in general), this article might also help “Office Wear Fashion Tips: What to Wear to Work from Formal to Casual”
      I hope those articles could give more ideas you like

      Thank you so much for your comment Nicole,
      Have a wonderful day 🙂

  22. Emily says:

    So happy to come across this blog! I love it! Can you do more posts with tips for skinny women. I am 5’6″ 98lbs and struggle to find clothes that fit and fashion inspiration. Not everything looks good on skinny people and this series especially helped me A LOT. Looking forward to more posts.

  23. Shadi says:

    I’m so impressed happy to see Gorgeous ladies !!!!

  24. vivian says:

    lovely outfit

  25. Dannielle says:

    How about giving us tips WHERE TO SHOP!? No one has my size ANYWHERE. I am not a teen… I am a 30-year-old woman and I would like beautiful women’s clothing like curve-hugging business casual.

  26. Antome says:

    Hi, I found the some of the skinny straight leg type, benefit from a normally unflattering cloth (still depends, of course, but in general), like mid calf socks, which cut at the widest calf point :). That sort of round up and shortens those somehow excessively straight legs, but also highlight their particular beauty, sometimes even better than without socks.
    While, if you still like the sock and heels look, for curvier legs, ankles socks are more flattering, especially if cut at the thinnest point of the ankle. Or the classic knee and over knee socks.

  27. Faith says:

    Hey gorgeautiful thanks for the tips it inspires us skinny ladies on what to wear

  28. Lucky says:

    Hi there, I would like to know what would you suggest me- as I’m very skinny and taking part in a competition and they have a round called casual. What attire would be the best to wear to walk down the ramp

  29. morolake says:

    The dress outline is cool tho please can you post dresses for skinny girls to class like university. thanks i am a big fan of yours……

  30. jael owino says:

    just love the tips

  31. Tina Morgan says:

    I found this article to be very critical of skinny women and very contradictory I would be VERY surprised if this article was written by a skinny woman! I also did this article to be very insulting to small chested women ” you might as well wear high collars” and basically cover that shit up cause there nothing to see?! I got your pot shots lady! Maybe you should write about something different cause I walked away from this article not feeling so great about being skinny and small chested came for some empowerment and got seriously let down not that you give a crap but hey free speech right so I voiced mine. Thank you

  32. Rosie says:

    Im 4’8 not skinny but normal just looking what to wear how to look not become too short. Im hardly finding my size in the adult clothing. Huhuhu

  33. Dakota says:

    Hey what about rompers I didn’t see any

  34. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve got to say, this article seems to have been written by a jealous fat woman. The way it’s worded and the little insults thrown in. I was very surprised. I found this page through a google search- searching for good outfits for slim women. You may want to read what you write before publishing it in the future, because you really do sound like a jealous child. Why would our whole entire goal of dressing be to “add volume” and try to make ourselves look fat like you’re suggesting? I would say most of us are happy to be lucky enough to naturally have a good, slim body. Was hoping for an article showing clothing to embrace a thin and feminine body- not an article informing us on how to look like a lumberjack! I am sorry, but I don’t want to add fatness to my figure, I want to embrace my small frame which I feel very blessed with. Is this a joke? LOL at this entire page!

  35. Skinny girls should wear Skinny jeans, bootcuts, slim-cut trousers and cigarette pants best suited for skinny legged that make them more attractive and gorgeous.

  36. Tina says:

    This article really helped me deal with my issue of being a skinny girl .
    I never really liked my body ,but now I realized that there are some girls out there who battle to get a body like mine. This taught me to love my body and avoid listening to all the haisty things ppl say about me. Most importantly I learnt to love my body.
    Love your body too!

  37. christine says:

    Thank you for this article. I struggle a lot with my skinny ankles I do not wear anything that will expose my legs unless I am home alone, the only one that gets to see me is my dog lol. Do you have anything for women in their 40’s late 40’s?

  38. Miriam says:

    This article was absolutely shaming skinny bodies . I was looking for ideas to look nice not to look curvier , why do you have to suppose that ?!!

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