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What to Wear with Leggings Top to Toe (part 2)

Besides all matching clothes with leggings, footwear also takes essential part when wearing this fashion staple. Depending on your personal styles, people may see leggings tacky if paired with the wrong footwear. Follow some suggestions of the right footwear paired with leggings, as well as other advices for wearing leggings at work, for casual occasions, and on a date. Enjoy … and have a great day with your leggings.

Continuing from “What to Wear with Leggings Top to Toe (part 1)” here are some ideas of wearing leggings.

The best place to start with footwear is a nice tall boot, calf to knee high. As for sandals and ballerina flats, however, because both sandals or flats and leggings are slim and streamlined, wearing a low cut shoes with leggings looks great to expose the top of your feet, meaning these kinds of footwear are also considered as one best pairs that can help elongate the silhouette.

Furthermore, if you fancy wearing cropped leggings, since leggings of this length can make your legs look shorter than they are, wearing them with a visually tall shoe can help elongate the look, while ballerina flats or sandals are the classic choice for pairing with these leggings.

How to Wear Leggings Top to Toe on Different Occasions 01Leggings with flats or sandals

As for boots, they are perfect if you want to opt for a more rocky chick look. There are actually varieties of boots you can try with leggings, offering an easy solution to keep your fashionista looks smooth and fabulous. High boots, for example, will enhance a classic look, ankle boots are a practical choice, while sheepskin boots typically create a very casual, yet fashionable look.

How to Wear Leggings Top to Toe on Different Occasions 02Leggings with calf to knee-high boots

How to Wear Leggings Top to Toe on Different Occasions 03Leggings with ankle-high boots

How to Wear Leggings Top to Toe on Different Occasions 04Leggings with UGG sheepskin boots

Choose boots in basic, neutral tones like black and brown and pair them with leggings in different styles, such as brightly colored or printed leggings. And finally, you can also pair a cowboy boots with many different kinds of leggings, including ankle length, calf length, colored and patterned.

What to wear with leggings at work
As a versatile fashion staple, if worn correctly, leggings are applicable for both casual and semi-formal occasions. However, if your workplace is very dressy, leggings might not be the best choice. So make sure your working environment supports for wearing this type of pants.

How to Wear Leggings Top to Toe on Different Occasions 05Wearing leggings at work with layered outfit 

To achieve a professional-looking outfit with leggings, preppy style is the best choice for wearing leggings at work. There are four elements you should keep in mind when wearing them at work, which are fabrics, colors, pairing clothing, and footwear. Even though cotton leggings are more common for work rather than other materials, you actually may choose leggings in variety of different materials (leather leggings are one among the popular nowadays), and noted that having a few different materials allows you to mix and match outfits for work days that can transfer to a night look after work.

How to Wear Leggings Top to Toe on Different Occasions 06Leggings at work with structured blazer

For wearing leggings at work, consider wearing them with a dressy, preppy shirt, knitted tunic, or a flowing tunic top, as well with tailored layers such as structured blazer or  vest. Add some accessories too, such as a scarf or necklace and you’re ready for a day at the office. As for colors, keep your outfit ultra-professional by wearing a pair of neutral colored leggings with a darker blouse and matching layering.

Wear the right footwear to accentuate your formal leggings. Depending on your working place, you may choose a pair of low-heels or boots for a dressier, trendier, and more practical look, especially if you work outdoors, while a pair of ballet flats or high-heels is great if working in an office for a casual style .

What to wear with leggings for casual styles
There are plenty casual styles for leggings. These pieces are basically applicable to everything that match and proper. Just start with suede leggings paired with either a big chunky sweater or a long button-up shirt and cardigan for a more relaxed vibe, or you may also try a solid-colored dress and scarf with patterned leggings for a trendier summer look.

How to Wear Leggings Top to Toe on Different Occasions 07Leggings for casual wear at winter

As for winter, you may opt for a turtleneck under a long sweater tank, pair them with flat boots and shorts. And if you want to stand out with more striking outfits, plenty of pairings with leggings are there, including short dresses with flip-flops or sparkly sandals for more colorful effect, or wild patterned and shiny sequined tops for a glamour, sparkling night out. Not to mention, leggings that are brightly colored and printed can also look very fashionable and gorgeous.

How to Wear Leggings Top to Toe on Different Occasions 09Leggings for a dressy and sparkling night out

What to wear with leggings on a date
Other than frocks and skirts, a pair of denim leggings – commonly known as jeggings – also looks stunning for a special occasion date-night spot. Pair your black jeggings with a chic tee, a blazer, and a pair of flats for a casual style, or high heels for a comfortably-dressy style

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