It probably hasn’t escaped your attention that there are lots of different brow products on the market. Be it pencils, soaps, or waxes; you’re spoiled for choice. Below, we take a look at techniques you can employ to get the most out of powders and gel, so you can ensure your eyebrows are in tip-top shape. 

Should you use brow powder? 

Your first step is to think about whether you should use brow powder. It’s best suited for people with thick and full brows, and it works particularly well on oily skin. However, if your brows are dry and sparse, you probably won’t get the full benefit out of a brow powder, which makes a pomade or pencil more suitable for you. However, if you’re desperate to use a brow powder, it’s helpful to use a stencil before shaping your brows if they’re thin and sparse. When you’re selecting a product, go for one that is lighter in colour than your natural hair once it has been applied. This is because a brow powder should give off a naturally soft and diffused look.

How to use powder correctly

You should apply eyebrow powder after your face makeup. Start with your foundation before heading to your eyebrows. You should also use a primer when you turn to brow powder, as this ensures it will grip and stay in place. It’s also helpful to use a fine, straight angled brush that allows you to apply the powder exactly where you want it to go. Don’t apply too much brow powder, as it will look overbearing. Instead, remove any excess powder by tapping it on the back of your hand before application. Once applied, use some brow fix on top of the powder, as this will waterproof your brows and ensure you can head outside without fearing the rain!

Making the most of eyebrow gel 

Gels and powders are essentially just eyebrow powders that have been mixed in a solution. This makes them creamier than normal powder, and it has been popular for years. If you follow beauty bloggers on the Gram, you will know that gels and pomades have long been the product of choice for influencers. They have been much loved for their versatility, and the fact that they don’t need a primer makes them suitable for all brow types. You can also achieve a broad range of styles with an eyebrow gel, which should also be applied using a brush. It’s helpful to think of eyebrow gels as similar to felt tip pens, and they should be applied sparingly to your brows.

Another thing worth noting is that gels have been the go-to product for anyone hoping to achieve that glamorous ‘Ombre Brow’ that has been so popular in recent times. You just need to be mindful that time is of the essence when you’re working with a brow gel, as it can dry out quickly and become hard to work with. Also, most gels are naturally waterproof, meaning you don’t need to worry about your brows smudging during the day.

Final thoughts 

Both eyebrow powders and gels are definitely worth using, but it really just depends on your brow type and your desired look. They can both bring your eyebrows to life and are an excellent way to keep your brows looking sharp between appointments.

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