Known with its bold ideas, stylish and elegant garments with an innovative twist, Parah launches its Spring Summer 2013 swimwear collection, showcasing an extensive collection ranging from flower embellishments to optical prints, from plain lace with 3D effect to romantic fantasies, from spicy tones like orange and fuchsia to classic shades such as black, white, and beige. The collection is incredibly versatile and spontaneous along with charming accessories that make it even more spectacular

Through the use of bold, colorful patterns and sensual silhouettes, the offering exposes the alluring, sensual side of a woman. Among the pieces, there is a tribute to the beauty and sensuality of nature, featuring feminine lines that are adorned by tulle flowers on a base in glossy viscose jersey with twirls of embroidered lines in matt cotton for a surprising effect. All in all, the looks are extremely contemporary with minimalist and geometric designs for bikinis and swimsuits, while the two pieces are featured with creative and sophisticated craftsmanship with romantic ruffles, drapes, and frills caressing the body.

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