New Year’s Eve Glam with Reserved Carnival 2013 Ad Campaign

In approaching glitz and glamour of New Year’s Eve, the prominent Polish fashion label, Reserved has launched its new Carnival 2013 ad campaign, which promises lots of gloss, metallic effects, sequins, splendid detailing, statement jewelries, and chic accessories to help you shine at New Year’s celebration, or even at Christmas party. This season, the brand focuses on the timeless glitz of sequins that shine in five colors including black, gold, silver, royal blue, and the mesmerizing emerald.

Although sparks and glistening pieces dominate most of the selections, there’s nothing tacky and overwhelming about this collection, sequins and metallic thread that appear on dresses, blouses, tunics are proposed beautifully feminine which evoke a perfect amount of elegance. In addition to the traditional and most elected dresses, cocktail dresses appear in varieties of detailing such as ruches and sequins applique. While other classic apparels tone down the glows and shines including those chic blouses with embellishments or made of fabric with a glossy texture, which paired with elegant skirt, classic trousers or leather pants in neutral tones, along with additional jacket or vest to polish the look. Reserved Carnival 2013 Collection Ad Campaign 04

Reserved Carnival 2013 Collection Ad Campaign 10 Reserved Carnival 2013 Collection Ad Campaign 12 Reserved Carnival 2013 Collection Ad Campaign 07 Reserved Carnival 2013 Collection Ad Campaign 06

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