Shelter structures provide protection from sun and rain, making them the ideal addition to outdoor spaces. Their low maintenance needs make them economical as well, lasting years into the future. Metal shade structures offer more versatility than fabric awnings in terms of installation size and shape, including branding capabilities that cannot be found with fabric covers, but read on to learn more about their benefits.


When purchasing a shade structure for commercial property, it’s important to take into account all available customization options. They come in all kinds of forms – steel structures are popular options while fabric ones may have their own distinct benefits; while metal offers higher degrees of customization while still providing superior durability and performance.

They provide shade to parks, pools and other outdoor spaces – increasing comfort while shielding visitors from harmful UV radiation, which you can learn more about by clicking here. When selecting one to meet business needs and budget requirements it is key that it be chosen with care.

Metal ones offer an economical yet customizable option that can fit into any outdoor space seamlessly. Durable yet simple to maintain, metal structures make an excellent addition to businesses looking to create an inviting and attractive workplace environment. Unlike wood structures, which may splinter or twist under harsh weather conditions, durable metal shade structures will endure without being compromised by damaging forces such as winds.

Corrugated steel ones offer businesses looking to create an inviting outdoor space a cost-effective solution. Able to withstand harsh weather conditions like wind and heavy snowfall, they can also be custom tailored to match any landscape aesthetic aesthetically and can easily be installed onto concrete slabs or foundations for installation.

They can also be customized with lighting to add warmth and safety to outdoor spaces, which is especially essential in restaurants with many evening customers. Lighting also helps promote an atmosphere conducive to longer stays at your venue; encouraging customers to stay longer and truly enjoy themselves!


Metal ones offer exceptional durability for commercial spaces and public areas, withstanding strong winds, rainstorms and snowfall with ease. Their long lifespan compares favorably to fabric-made ones – though metal structures typically cost more than their counterparts due to ongoing maintenance such as touch-up painting or cleaning services being required for their upkeep.

Steel and aluminum are two popular materials used to construct them. Steel can be strong and long-lasting but is vulnerable to corrosion; to lower this risk, look for structures constructed using galvanized or powder-coated steel; this will prevent it from rusting over time and extend its lifespan.

Waterproof coating is another way to extend the lifespan of metal structures, protecting them from rain and sun while improving their versatility and allowing them to be used in different weather conditions. Alongside waterproof coating, fabric that allows natural light through is also highly recommended.

Woven PVC, HDPE, and knitted polyethylene fabrics all provide adequate UV radiation protection. When selecting metal shade structures, it is also important to take into account the area it will cover. For instance, if you only plan on shading one picnic table at once, a smaller shade structure is sufficient; whereas, when shading sports bleachers or walkways you’ll require something larger.


When installing a shade structure, its design and materials make an important impactful statement about how it will withstand weather. Solid metal structures tend to perform better than solid wood ones in terms of longevity; they require minimal upkeep while not inviting pests like wood can.

When selecting a shade structure, it’s integral to keep in mind the weather in your region and the frequency with which it will be used. Metal structures tend to be durable enough to withstand winds and snowfall better, while galvanizing or powder coating steel components will increase their lifespan and decrease maintenance needs.

Metal is much stronger than fabric and ideal for larger-scale shades that need to carry heavier loads (source: non-flammable structures near fire pits or grills, and won’t sag or fade with sun exposure over time. These customization options allow you to tailor shapes and sizes that perfectly complement your space.

They offer many advantages that can not only add aesthetic value but also save you time spent maintaining outdoor furnishings and equipment. They also help conserve water use in gardens and pools, benefitting both the environment and wallet! Keeping temperatures down also makes them a great solution when protecting equipment from UV rays from the sun’s harsh rays.

They offer home and business owners many benefits. They protect furniture and equipment from harsh sunlight, helping keep it from fading or being damaged by its UV rays. Then they help to lower overall temperatures in rooms while simultaneously adding style and making spaces look more aesthetically pleasing.

No matter the purpose, whether it’s adding shade to your yard or improving the appearance of a commercial building, they offer something suitable to every need. Choose from an extensive variety of styles and colors so you’re sure to find an ideal structure for you or your space – sizes and shapes vary too!

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