MAT. Fall Winter 2014-2015 Plus Size Magical Fairy Tale StyleBook

Well known for creating trendy fashion garments for full figured women, is welcoming this Fall Winter 2014-2015 more dynamically than ever with ladylike looks based, consisting of sophisticated, dramatic and street style appropriate layered garments, on unique coats and classic dresses with fabulous motifs and the most incredible materials. Even if winter is cold, offers the need of having fresh appearances by putting colors and patterns including delightful floral print in their outfits.

The new Fall Winter 2014-2015 collection is divided into several parts, including Snow Queen, Morana, Marzyana, Ziva, Lelya, Leshy, Zosia, Zeme, Dola, Vesna, Dogoda, which showcase stunning pieces from day to night with sophisticated look of Urban styles, enriched by romantically floral trend to give a little touch of refreshing spring. This time the inspiration surpassed the Greek borders, exploring the beauty of Slavic mythology’s godesses, shrouded in mystery, compose a strange and fascinating world across most of Eastern Europe and Russia, from Poland and the Czech Republic to Belarus and the Ukraine. Let’s take a look at each part of Fall Winter 2014-2015 collection


MAT Plus Size Fall Winter 2014-2015 Snow QueenShowcasing eight selections filled with fabulous prints and beautiful colors, the Snow Queen line-ups evoke the aura of the sky, lakes, and streams, as it shows a whimsical fur hat that styled with multi banded ponytail and isle print sweater, a stunning V-neck printed poncho worn with black leggings, a bold and sophisticated burgundy dress worn with a fur, black vest, an asymmetrical wrap knit cardigan worn with black skinny pants and patent black leather booties, as well as a lush look of maroon velvety or floral printed dresses, which are ideal for special night-outs and formal events

One comment on “MAT. Fall Winter 2014-2015 Plus Size Magical Fairy Tale StyleBook

  1. love love love it… I am enchanted . Why can’t I buy these here in US or online at the very least ?
    I would, if I could, in a heartbeat. The garments are beyond gorgeous. I am a boho chic artsy woman and many women in NYC I know would buy and love these styles..What are you waiting for? Get these clothes online for purchase now. !

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