Beautiful and reachable campaign has been shot by the talented fashion photographer, Steven Meisel, along with Marc Jacobs, as always, who took care of every detail. In a sultry, erotic boudoir hotel setting, the new Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2013 campaign has just arrived, presenting several major models including Carolyn Murphy, Gisele Bündchen, Isabeli Fontana, and Karen Elson who stylized as they are a film star, posing in all brunettes which echo the look and feel of the Fall Winter 2013 fashion show.

The models are shown wearing elegant lace edged negligees and fur coats that seen on the runway in Paris, while the photos itself look like paintings with  a little bit smoky and matte effect, yet truly reviving the LV brand spirit, which was created in 1854. Despite great coats and furs, and other feminine collection proposed for the season, delight models acting takes unusual positions as they look womanly and carnally. In the dim light of a hotel room, the models are ambiguous, lazy half leaning, show a high passion means.

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