With the signature Pucci geometric paisley and brilliant kaleidoscopic prints, bedazzle, and sexy dresses in eye-popping summer shades, Peter Dundas’ way of making a wearable presentation is getting more enticing, as he announces the new Emilio Pucci Resort 2014 collection. Without any question, this assembly line of easy separates makes mixing and matching your Resort wardrobe a no-brainer that everything is ready for travel, beach, pool, and sightseeing excursions.

Inspired by the beach and easy to pack some clothes and occupy “little space in the carry-on”, besides the fabulous bright shades such as aqua, green, teal, purple, daffodil, hot pink and white, every look is so practical and versatile that got the flat-shoe test, meaning every outfit favors either flats or heels.

Not to mention, the style of this line is truly the ultimate holiday fashion wardrobes, presented with a taste of couture approach even if you go to materials such as plastics and neoprene. Peter Dundas said “If it didn’t look good with a flat shoe, it didn’t go in the collection. And no checked-in baggage, either. It’s got to fit into a carry-on, even evening dresses.”

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