How to Wear Little Red Dress for Different Occasion

Besides the little black dress or little white dress, a little red dress will be your new favorite go-to for day and night. While timeless colors like black and white will always have its special place in our closets for an easy mix-and-match combo with other fashion staple, footwear, or accessories, the color of red can be a bold fashion statement, and is actually quite the versatile color when it comes to dresses, so you can take the opportunity to add some new styles, and keep your dress the focal point of your outfit.

Depending on the shade and silhouette, whether you’re looking for casual daywear or elegant eveningwear, if worn well, a little red dress can create a look that seems both classic and seductive, and soon will become your new favorite style. Here are some easy in-depth guides how you can harness the color’s power.

How to Choose a Little Red Dress

The best length for LRD is at the knee or shorter, whether a shift, sheath and fit-and-flare dress, or even some options of below-the-knee, calf-length (midi) dress. As for its styles, there are numerous of LRD with various details, cuts, necklines, fabric, texture, and shades of red (from burgundy to maroon to scarlet), that you can choose largely depending on what suits you, your personal taste, age and the formalities of the event, as well as the season (whether for hot or cold season). But more importantly, select a dress that flatters your body figure and makes you feel comfortable and confidence.

Little Red Dresses with Different Styles, Lengths, Cuts and Details
The LRD made of various fabrics (from leather to chiffon to velvet to lace, etc.) Little Red Dress for Various Body Types and Frames

How to Style a Little Red Dress

The way you style a red dress depends on the occasion. Whether you’re heading to a fancy dinner or cocktail party, or are going for a night out with your besties, a flirt-ready and fierce red dress with figure-shaping bodice and a few feminine details can be your best option, while for a more understated affair, such as a formal wedding, conservative party, or even worn for business attire, it requires a simplistic approach to avoid appearing over the top.

Little Red Dress Fashion Trend for Festive or Fancy Occasion
Flirt-ready and Fierce Cocktail Little Red Dress Attire
The Classic Little Red Dress Look for Conservative and Formal Occasion

Additionally, since little red dresses can be worn day or night, to dress up or dress down, formal or casual, if you’re on a budget and want to be able to wear the same dress multiple times for various occasions – then buy a red dress in a classic style to be paired with different layering pieces, shoes, or accessories. Not to forget, you may also pick choices of red dress with prints instead of featured only in solid red, to quickly turn into a timeless dress style, making this little red dress even cuter.

The Little Red Dress Easy and Casual Street Style Business Office Attire with The Little Red DressSummer and Casual Look Printed Little Red Dress
The Little Red Dress Spring Summer Street Fashion The Little Red Dress Fall Winter Street Fashion

How to Accessorize a Little Red Dress

Because the color of red is a standout shade on its own, when you choose accessories to wear with a red dress – including clutch or bag as well as layering and jewelries – stick with simple, subdued pieces with a more neutral color to complete the look without going over the top. Fashion the accessories only to add a little interest and contrast without drawing too much attention, and keep your dress the focal point of your outfit. Jewelries with red gemstones can create a coordinated look, while silver and gold settings have classic appeal.

Depending on the Occasion and Season Accessorize the LRD with Pieces in Neutral Shade

On the other hand, if your little red dress is already filled with chic details and has figure-flattering silhouette, sometimes the very best accessory can be no accessory at all. Help your great dress highlighting the entire look without any distractions by matching only with shoes and clutch (or handbag) without jewelry, belts, or other additions.

As for makeup color to match with your bright red dress, wearing this color will give you the perfect opportunity to try out minimalistic or nude makeup looks, and you’re ready to be the life of the event, no matter where you go.

Dainty Jewelries and Accessories (or No Accessories at all) for a Classic and Elegant Style

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