Following the today’s trend, surely peplum outfit is one of the highest fashion must-haves, getting instant attention since the beginning of Spring 2012. Moreover, along with its practicality, best to wear for almost any occasions, leggings also take the major part in the world of fashion, which many women nowadays also start wearing leggings with a peplum top. However … can we wear leggings as pants with a peplum top ?

Based on its design and shape, peplum top is a very feminine piece that looks great with both skirts and pants, and since peplum tops are not long enough to cover your rear, they are usually worn with loose-fit trousers or pencil skirts rather than skintight leggings. Once again, we must remember that leggings are considered more as tights, and we shouldn’t wear them as pants. Actually instead of leggings you could do a straight leg, skinny pants, or even wide-leg trouser that won’t fit so tight on the hips and make you feel like they stand out too much.

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On the other hand, fashion rules aside, take a look at this gorgeous lady (above) who donned legging as pants and paired them with a peplum top. If you are confident and fit taking the probability of being exposed like her, and if you really know this is what you like, I think you can just go for it. Patterns, colors, shapes: do it all. Wear make-up and jewelry, do your hair just like usual. Never fear wearing leggings as pants because the whole silhouette is so streamlined that a busy or bold pattern doesn’t make you look heavier.

peplum top with leggings

In this case, depending on colors, materials, shapes, and quality, sometimes, when wearing appropriately, correctly and comfortably, leggings actually do look good to wear as pants with a peplum top.

Here are some safe guidelines to follow if you want to wear leggings with peplum tops.

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1. Start with good quality leggings. Good quality leggings means that you opt for leggings with appropriate materials, thick and comfortable enough and definitely aren’t see-through. They might be expensive, but to spring for a quality pair will happily last you years, plus no one will be able to see your thighs, hips, and rear in public

2. Choose basic, solid colors …. Since we are talking about pairing a legging with something short like peplum top, stick with a solid color on the bottom area is the best place to start. Preferably solid black, this color can visually cover your rear for being too exposed, and it surely can add personality and elegance on you.

peplum top with leggings

3. Exceptionally for jeggings and leather leggings, at some point, they aren’t exactly leggings. They are not sheer and they actually look more like a skinny pants, so no need to cover up. Pay attention to the types of these leggings, and choose those who have back pockets and jean-like stitching to achieve a proper look of your rear and hips area. However, these leggings have a tendency to sag at the crotch, so make sure you find the right fit for you.

peplum top with pants

4. Wear a peplum with leggings as tights. Back to the basic rules, you may start wearing your peplum with leggings, and layered them with other pieces over or underneath. Shorts or skirts with peplum top while leggings worn underneath, or wearing jacket and shirt to layer the peplum top can be some options to follow.

how to wear a peplum top

As for the peplum tops, although peplum tops mostly have a short ruffle attached at the waistline, there are actually some peplums that have hip-length ruffle that can cover your rear area, or at least, cover part of your butt cheek in the back. Choose these peplums and you will do fine pairing them with leggings.

how to wear a peplum top

Now, to finish my talk, I have a simple question for those of you who love wearing a peplum top specifically only with leather leggings – think of Kim Kardashian’s London Look – If leather leggings look almost the same like the skinny pants, and skinny pants fit much better with peplum top, why would push yourselves with something riskier like leggings and why don’t just pair a peplum top with your leather skinny pants to achieve that sexy punk looks appropriately, and most of all elegantly? …. Like this sophisticated lady, for example, who wore peplum with a fabulous leather skinny pants.

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the end ..

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