How to Wear Boots in Various Styles and Heights (Thigh-high Boots)

Thigh-high boots seem to be everywhere right now. These pieces hit hard this season, and they definitely have sex appeal, perfect warmth, as well as great elegance to fashion in the chilly days of winter. On the other hand, still, you need to know how to style them right so your boots don’t have to look skanky and tasteless or your style end up looking like Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman.” Take a look at these few easy rules you can follow so you look great (and sophisticated) in thigh-high boots.

The main goal of this season trend of thigh-high boots is to having an elegant and balanced style, while the key to a sophisticated and classy look with such statement making footwear is to keep the rest of your outfit slightly oversized. So always be mindful of fit. However, although most thigh-high boots are skin-tight, slouchy options can also provide a great way to turn down the sex appeal and make them work-appropriate.

Thigh High Boots in Various HeightThigh High Boots in Various Height

This season, as many designers have included thigh high boots in their fall winter collections, varieties of different sizes, heights, materials and colors are offered depending on your tastes and requirements. Even with different height over the knee – from boots that sit just above the knee to those extending right to the top of the thigh – there is a lot of choice available. In the winter months, they offer an extra layer to wear over tights so your legs don’t get cold.

Thigh High Boots Street FashionThigh High Boots Street Fashion Fall Winter 2013

Additionally, to get the best comfort among the varieties, pick your material carefully. If you have larger calves, opt for a pair with an elastic back so they are easy to slip on and off. Style your thigh-highs in many outfit combinations fashionably. Don’t just wear thigh-highs the traditional way. Fold over the top, slouch them down and play around with them to make them your own.

Open Toe Thigh High BootsOpen Toe Thigh High Boots Fashion Look

Black Suede Thigh High BootsBlack Suede Thigh High Boots Fashion Look

For those elegant looks, because thigh-highs mostly serve striking, eye-grabbing designs, balance the look by combining the boots with subtler outfits. If your thigh-highs come in bold colors, details, and patterns, let the lower part of your body become the main attention of your look. Think outfits in neutral shades and simple designs. Having monochromatic outfits can also be a good option to start with. Plus, if you look for a chic, classy style, try to avoid heavy eye makeup and red lipstick.

Thigh High Boots with LayersThigh High Boots with Layers and Outerwear

Considering that these boots are stylish and practical, it’s also worth trying to tone down its dressy effect by sporting simple and easy outfits for a casual day-to-day wearing. You don’t need to wear thigh-high boots only when dressing up as they also look great with leggings, tights, skinny jeans, or shorts. There are elegant models with heels that look fabulous with skirt or dress, as well as low models without heels, suitable and comfortable for many occasions, such as day walk, work time or even casual night party. Here are some ideas taken from various street fashions on how to combine thigh high boots. Choose your favorite styles and stay trendy this fall winter season

Thigh High Boots with ShortsThigh High Boots with Shorts

Thigh High Boots with Black Leggings

Thigh High Boots with LeggingsThigh High Boots with Leggings

Thigh High Boots with Skinny JeansThigh High Boots with Skinny Jeans and Pants

Thigh High Boots with Skater SkirtThigh High Boots with Skater Skirt

Thigh High Boots with Mini SkirtThigh High Boots with Mini Skirt

Thigh High Boots with Mini DressThigh High Boots with Mini Dress

Thigh High Boots with Knit TunicThigh High Boots with Knit Tunic

Thigh High Boots for Plus Size WomenThigh High Boots Fashion for Plus Size Women

Thigh High Boots Office AttireStyles and Fashion Thigh High Boots Office Attire

Thigh High Boots Military Fashion LookThigh High Boots Military-inspired Fashion Looks

Thigh High Boots in BlackThigh High Boots in Monochromatic Black

Thigh High Boots Celebrity StyleThigh High Boots Celebrity Fashion Style



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