How to Wear and What to Wear with Long Skirts

Over time, after a few seasons of short or mini-skirts parading around in previous years, we realized that the length of skirts are changing especially during this 2013 when bohemian vibe invaded almost every 2013 fashion weeks. Inspired by various hippie touches from the 60s to 70s, either with prints or solid colors, billowy or straight cut, various clothes are gaining more length and long skirts are back again to be one of must-wears every woman should have.

Being an incredibly practical and comfortable fashion staple, long skirts, or mostly called maxi-skirts, are super chic and flattering, perfect for almost any occasion depending on its designs, details and styles, both for day-to-day wearing if paired with basic and neutral pieces, and for night outfit if matched with more sophisticated and elegant accessories and blouses. In other words, these pieces are a kind of embodiment of beauty, femininity, style and practicality.

However, like many other fashion pieces, wearing maxi-skirts can also be tough depending on how it’s done. Knowing that long skirt is great for women with taller figure cannot be denied. But the fact is actually all woman with all body shapes can fashion the pieces, as long as they know how to make appropriate combinations. More importantly, skirts of this style mark the tummy area as well many women suffer from additional hump when wearing these skirts. Here are some tips for wearing long skirt

How to Wear Maxi Skirt 2013 TrendMaxi Skirt Fashion Look on Different Occasion

Perfect style with Maxi Skirts

1. Disguise your rounded tummy by putting the skirts just below breast or wearing them at the thinnest part of your waist.
2. Styles that fall smoothly from the waist – no gathering – work better. Bunches of fabric around the tummy can be tough, especially if you have problem around the area

Maxi Skirt with Crop TopMaxi Skirt with Crop Top

3. For great top pairing, you can wear a longer shirt (short tunic) over the skirt – not too long – that falls around the hips and do not tuck it in – or wear a basic crop tee with details like sequins or beads for a more fashionable look.
4. Figuring out the right skirt’s length for you is a bit of challenge since we’re all different heights. Just remember that the length of the skirt should be according to your height. When shopping for a long skirt, experimentation and hemming may be needed.

Midi Skirt Fashion LookMidi (Mid-calf-high) Long Skirt Fashion Look

5. For a very tall woman, you can use the skirt’s length to hide the feet and flatten your figure, while for a shorter woman, the length of skirt could be a few inches above the ankle or even below the ankle to enhance much higher look – heels are also worth trying to add height.

Maxi Skirts for Every Body Type

6. For tall and slim women, any type of long skirt will absolutely look good on them. Therefore, this type of women can bet on any composition, from patterns and prints, to various bold and neutral tones, to various designs, such as printed skirt with light blouse, slim-cut skirt with detailed blouse, and more.
7. For woman with short or petit figure, you can use long skirt to trick and heighten the silhouette due to the length of the skirt. You may pair below the knee long skirt with tight blouse with the same tone. Try to avoid large prints and heavy full skirted models. Petite figure looks great with lightweight, fit and subtle sleek outfits.

Denim Maxi Skirt Fashion StyleDenim Maxi Skirt Fashion Look

8. For more formal wear – the office, dinner, or a meeting – although it’s easier to wear ankle and longer lengths, skirts that are 3-4 inches below the knee, or the midi skirts, look more polished instead of to the ankle. But for casual wear, ankle skirts are actually much more comfortable and prettier than jeans or slacks. A cool denim skirt would work at any longer length
9. Pencil skirts, long and very close to the body, are a challenge. They’re fashionable but pretty much uncomfortable compared to the flowy, a-line cut. Make sure you wear pencil skirts that flatter you, as well as give great comfort to sit and walk in.

Long Pencil Skirt Fashion LookLong Pencil Skirt fashion style

What Shoes to Wear with Maxi Skirts

10. Choosing footwear with a long skirt relies heavily on each occasion. For day trips, for example, opt for flat sandals, slippers, sneakers, although comfortable sandals with wedges and low, stacky heels are more recommended.
11. As for compositions overnight, invest in more sophisticated footwear such as ankle boots, heeled gladiators, clogs, peep toes, pumps or dressy sandals.

Maxi Skirt with BootsMaxi Skirt with boots

Maxi Skirt with Sandals or FlatsMaxi Skirt with flats and sandals

12. Especially for boots, longer skirts look great with knee-high boots. They can be high or low heeled, suede or leather. All seem to work.
13. If you do not want to take that hippie style literally, use the skirt with ankle boots, sneakers, clogs, and peep toes, but nothing to wear them with dress shoes for boho, casual styles.

Maxi Skirt with SneakersMaxi Skirt with sneakers

14. Alternatively – tights, socks, opaque hose with shoes seem to complete the line from skirt to foot. If you wear ankle boots, tights will fill in color to make a smoother line.

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  1. Gary says:

    I wanted to compose you the tiny note just to say thanks a lot yet again for your pleasant suggestions you have discussed here. I believe there are many more fun times ahead for individuals that looked over your website.

  2. Ness says:

    Where can I purchase the maxi dresses/skirt on this website?

    1. dee-nee says:

      I’m sorry but we don’t sell any product here.
      If you have any question about particular item in this website, please send message or write it on the comment, and hopefully we can search the item for you.


  3. Thelma says:

    Hi im not really sure if this is the right place to send this but il give it a go, i have recently bought several pencil skirts and 3 of them have patterns or are covered in print (ie one is white with love in black printed all over it and it is a jersey material, another one is similar to the first but it is wine and black and has a kind of tribal print and finally the 3rd one has a beige background with an almost luminous pink lace design with a full length cold zip at the back) im hoping you can give me some tips on how i could wear them i.e what kind of shoes, tops, accessories could i pair them with!!!! thanks 🙂

    1. dee-nee says:

      Well, basically pencil skirts work with any blouse with sequins, lace, studs, etc. Those are very “in” right now. But I thought it would be odd to wear a tight fitting shirt with a tight fitting skirt like pencil skirt, so for me, it’s better to choose a dressy blouse or top that is slimming but isn’t too tight.

      Black and White Pencil Skirt
      For your black and white skirt, why don’t you go monochromatically and with splash of color. Because the skirt is printed, you may go with solid colored top, or do mix and match prints. Jersey fabrics look great for casual or semi-formal occasions. As for shoes, I like feminine footwear with heels (low or high) to accentuate much leaner and taller silhouette – just like the pencil skirt itself –, but of course, cute flats look great too with pencil skirts.

      Wine and Black Tribal Prints Pencil Skirt
      For your black and wine (although I’m not really sure these all skirts are exactly what you meant) … I think black and wine paired with brown are a good color combination. I’m not type of person who wears outfits that are too matchy-matchy. So I chose three colors combination instead of two, or paired the tribal skirt with flats in leopard print

      Lace Pink Pencil Skirt
      Lastly is your pink lace skirt, because it has a full length gold zip at the back, I paired the skirt with a simple top with metallic details, or added the entire outfit with one spot of gold jewelry. But I personally don’t think the zip will give much attention to the outfit, so you can wear anything you like without metallic or gold details.

      PS: Because I don’t know how to put images in the comment box, I just added images of your questions in the gallery. I’m sorry for that =).
      Please take a look at the gallery of this article to see the outfits I suggested you. There’re two ideas for each of your skirt (hopefully, you’ll like it)

      Thanks much for your comment =)

  4. Lindsey Drake says:

    Wonderful article! Thank you so much!

  5. bukola says:

    I love ur article,kip it up okay

  6. irma uribe says:

    interst on denim maxi skirt fashion look and others,send me prices and catalog, holl sale tankyou

  7. LilyLelani says:

    I wear long/maxi skirts several times a week and love them! I buy from Style J and have never been disappointed. Their sizes run European so a 30 is about a 10 and a 32 is about a 12. I get a 32. They have skirts for winter, office, and denim. Some have a little stretch, others do not, the quality is fantastic. For crinkle skirts with lots of color and style, I buy from the Southwestern Indian Foundation and I am very pleased with their skirts also. I pair my casual winter skirts with flats, sneakers, or comfy Baretrap boots. I use tights in various colors, toe socks or wool boot socks, and no show socks also. I don’t wear heels. In summer, I do wear sandals on occasion. I truly love wearing skirts much more so than jeans, so I have a wardrobe of casual and not quite so casual, but truly most of my skirts could be paired with a blouse to swing both ways.

    1. dee-nee says:

      Thank you very much for the comment Lily 🙂

      It’s nice to have someone sharing fabulous ideas for other visitors

      Have a lovely day

  8. rm says:

    I was wondering , would be okay to wear a black chiffon maxi skirt to a wedding, as a guest?
    And if so, could you please suggest some shirts that might go well with it?

    Thank you!

    1. dee-nee says:

      Hi rm,

      Whether it’s acceptable or not to wear black in a wedding totally depends on the couple (the host). You probably should ask the host if they have certain dress code for the guests. Check article “Wedding Guest Attire: What to Wear to a Wedding” to know more about wedding guest fashion
      But, generally wearing black to a wedding is absolutely acceptable these days, and not to mention wearing black chiffon skirt is also great to attend a wedding.

      Just keep in mind that you should add colors, or prints, or sparkles to give a festive look.
      Opt for a dressy top with colorful prints, or bright shades, or interesting details and neckline to make the look more formal and brighter.

      Check the article above to see outfits I’ve picked for you, as well as some tops I chose from several online stores.
      Depending on your personal taste, you can either pair your chiffon skirt with prints or solid color, you can go bold or subtle.
      Since I don’t really know your personal taste, you probably should check each links to find other pieces that might suit you better

      Thanks much for asking
      Have a lovely day 🙂

  9. Christine Roberts says:

    Love the article!!! Thank you, this is just what I needed.

    1. dee-nee says:

      Thank you so much Christine, I’m very glad you like it

      Have a great day 🙂

  10. Nur Amalina Osman says:

    Hi Dee-Nee

    Good job on your article. Love every detail. However I would like to asked for an advice on how to wear a long skirt per “muslimah style”. My big problem is my weight, just imagine a 5’2 lady weighing 65 kg. There you go. My big problem is how do I look nice or good in a long skirt? any advise. Hope u can help me out. My problem area is my stomach, it’s not that big, but its quite chubby and noticeable.

    1. dee-nee says:

      Hi Nur Amalina Osman,

      Thank you so much for the question 🙂
      By reading your comment, I assume you are considered petite plus size and you also wear hijab.

      For plus size petite – especially with ‘problem’ around stomach area – a very long skirt that drapes to ankle length (or slightly below the ankle) can be one best option to make the figure look taller, while skirts made of lightweight fabrics like lace or chiffon are good as they do not add any bulk in the stomach area.

      Generally, if you want to hide the stomach area, some key shapes to remember are:
      1. Choose empire and A-line long skirts
      2. Soft draping and pleating with vertical seams will glide over your tummy area rather than clinging to it.
      3. Avoid defined waistlines, so either to choose skirt with skinny waistband, you could also opt for skinny belt or belt with same color to the skirt.
      4. Avoid skirt with details around the ‘problem’ area.
      5. Wear layer to cover the area

      On the other hand, I personally think having rounded tummy shouldn’t be your problem as you can accentuate other part of your outfit to distract attention away from the tummy area.
      Especially because you wear hijab – meaning you would choose pieces that are nothing too tight and sheer-through – you could try disguising your tummy by wearing loose top or layer such as blazer, cardigan, or jacket.

      A peplum top – which isn’t too tight and too loose but light enough to wear – is also good to try. Make sure that the peplum is effectively hiding the tummy. The cut of a peplum, its drape, and the type of fabric used to make the peplum are all factors that can make a peplum either a good or bad disguise for a round tummy. Basically you could stay away from any top that is too voluminous as it makes your stomach look big too. Select a top, such as an empire style, that’s somewhat loose at the high hip area.

      Check out these two articles for more styling tips for plus size and petite figure.
      Fashion Tips and Style If You are Plus Size
      Fashion Tips and Style If You are a Petite Woman

      Lastly, take a look at the pictures at this article for fashion ideas of hijab style with long skirt.
      I also picked two outfits of long skirt for hijab fashion. One is with layer and other with loose top

      Hope it helps Nur, and have lovely days 🙂

  11. Vanessa says:

    Great ideas on how to wear maxi skirts – especially what jackets to wear with them and how to style the skirts in winter! Thanks very much!

    1. dee-nee says:

      Your welcome Vanessa
      Thank you very much, I’m really glad you like it

      Have a nice day 🙂

  12. leelongg says:

    Hi.Dee-Nee.Thanks for the article.It is so helpful.Great job.
    However I would like to asked for an advice on how to wear a maxi skirt. My big problem is i am having a huge waist ,which is 30 inches.As an Asian, i am consider to have quite a big size,imagine i am 5’7 weighing 60 kg.So my big problem is how should i wear to make my waist looks slender and can create an illusion that i am quite slim?Besides,what types of maxi skirt should i wear for my body shape?:)

    1. dee-nee says:

      Hi Leelongg

      First of all, maybe I can start my thought by complementing your shape, saying that 30 inches waist is not huge at all, even though you are 5’7 60 kg.
      Just trust me, there are many women out there who have much wider and thicker, showcasing their shape with great confidence and style.
      Please be confident with your shape because your figure is fine and perfect 🙂

      Secondly, if you really wish to look slimmer or slender with a long skirt, in general, there are some tricks to follow:
      – Wearing heels. This obviously will create taller silhouette which consequently you will also look slimmer/leaner. Since this is a long skirt (that will only hide or cover your shoes), just opt for the most comfortable shoes with chunky and steady heels, or you could also opt for wedges. Just keep in mind that comfort comes first when finding the right shoes.

      – Opting for very long skirt (below the ankle) is also a good choice. The longer your skirt the leaner you would look visually

      – To create slimmer waist, you could either wear waist-cinching belt or opt for high-waist long skirt. When wearing belt, find your sweet spot, which is often a little higher than your natural waistline so that your belt hits the smallest part of your torso.

      – Or you could wear the belt a bit loose under your tummy. Skinny or thick belt depends on your personal choices

      – A-line maxi skirts, full skirt, or a flowy long skirt is also good to give you the look of a waist and more of an hourglass look, while skirt with splits is good to balance figures. Trumpet long skirt create slimmer silhouette

      – Prints and patterns of your outfit could also help you to look slimmer – such as vertical and diagonal stripes or patterns that gives more focus in the middle vertically for guiding the eye to the center of your body

      – As for tops, you could choose top that emphasize waistline such as wrap tops or tee that wider around the midriff

      – Or draw attention away from your midriff by wearing a blouse that has details, prints, or colors around your upper body. Tops with V-neckline, scoop, cowl, open shirt collars and boat necks are good to get a focus on your upper body which also good to create longer and leaner silhouette (especially V-neckline)

      – Lastly, accessories and layers could also help to create more flattering, slimmer look.

      I put some pictures at the article for ladies with thick waist to wear a long skirt. Hopefully you will get the idea

      Have a great day Leelong, thanks much for your question 🙂

  13. Yiga says:

    Wow!!! lovely article. This means more maxi skirts in my wardrobe

  14. cheree says:

    thank you for advice I want to now how can wear maxi dress

    1. dee-nee says:

      Hi Cheree

      I don’t have article of fashion tips for maxi dress (yet)
      But you could probably check the article “Style Ideas: Spending Summer Days With A Casual Maxi Dress”
      Only for some style ideas of the outfit and some very basic fashion tips

      Thanks much for the comment,
      and have a lovely day Cheree 🙂

  15. Abhi says:

    Hi dee nee,
    Great article..I have an A line maroon straight long skirt..m petite with a ht of 5 ft 1 inch..n waist 26..cud u plz help me with what kind of top will b apt for a casual lunch..i dun want to wear a collar shirt or crop top…

    1. dee-nee says:

      Hi Abhi,

      Because this post is too long and confusing to read (between comments and pictures)
      I move your comments to “How to Wear and What to Wear with Long Skirts (Q &A)”

      Please check the article for my reply

      Thank you so much, and have a great day 🙂

  16. Deepti says:

    Long skirts are not only in but also a very elegance piece of outfits.long skirts are very beautiful and sexy.

  17. Unkown says:

    Hi, I love your article ! ♥♥
    Can I wear anything with long skirts ? I mean can I wear the same clothes that I wear with pants ?

    1. Unkown says:

      I wish if you can explain for me the deference, please ..

  18. Terra says:

    Hello, thank you for this website. I have a few questions. I’m a skinny girl in high school, and I recently bought a white chiffon plain skirt. I don’t know what to wear for the top (Or what color). My tops consists of long sleeve form fitting plain shirts (reds, blues, blacks, light green lace trim), I have some short sleeves in the blue and black color range. I tend to wear plain and non-patterned clothes.

    1. dee-nee says:

      Hi Terra

      You can check my reply at “How to Wear and What to Wear with Long Skirts (Q&A)”
      I hope the answer helps 🙂

      thanks much for the comment
      and have lovely day 🙂

  19. Nadya says:

    Hellou, i am very intrested of those wedge boots that model wears, please tell me where i can buy it! 🙂

    1. dee-nee says:

      I’m not sure which wedge boots or which model you’re referring to,
      but I’ve answered your questions here

      Hopefully you are asking the same boots

      Thanks for your comment Nadya 🙂

  20. suzy says:

    I interested on some of those long skirts.

    1. dee-nee says:

      You can write on the comment box which long skirts you’re interested in
      Hopefully I can help you by giving the original link of the picture, or links of similar skirt

      Thanks much Suzy 🙂
      Have a lovely day

  21. Joel says:

    hey.. I love this post of yours.
    I have a doubt. Recently, I bought a full length bright orange colored skirt with a zari work at the end.
    none of my tops look promising with the skirt. What do I pair the skirt with?

    and since its too bold an orange, I want a lighter shaded top.
    thanks in advance 🙂

    1. dee-nee says:

      Hi Joel

      You can check my reply at “How to Wear and What to Wear with Long Skirts (Q&A)”
      I hope the answer helps 🙂

      thanks much for the comment
      and have lovely day 🙂

  22. Ash says:

    Hey I have black maxi skirt n I purchased royal red top on it .
    Does is it a good combination ? Top is nor too short n nor too big..
    Give me u r suggestion

    1. dee-nee says:

      Yes Ash, the combination of black and red (royal red) is fiercely chic especially for winter
      You can also add a touch of femininity with printed scarf or glossy footwear 🙂

  23. Antome says:

    Not an absolute rule, but it seems to me that generally long skirts or maxi dresses work better with flatter shoes or lower heels, it depends of course. While higher ones might go shorter skirts or dresses, still not excessively high or thin heels of course and above mid thigh the opposite applies again :).

    1. dee-nee says:

      I couldn’t agree more with you, Antome 🙂
      I also love wearing maxi skirt with low heels, flats, or even sneakers, especially for casual looks

      But for special occasions like parties or other fancy events, opting for heels can really be a great solution to create a more elegant look, although I also see many women wear their maxi with stylish, embellished flats or sandals for parties

      Thank you so much for sharing Antome 🙂
      Have a lovely beautiful day

  24. Zara says:

    can a sneakers be paired with a corporate knee length dress or skirt? have plans to buy sneakers but need to know how to pair it to work. i work as an engineer.


  25. Martha says:

    please tell me what to wear with my maxi skirt

  26. komal says:

    Hi, I have white plane long skirt soooo what clour is look best for a top

    1. karthiga S says:

      I always prefer Red mixed pink colour with white. It will give very bright shade.

  27. Mallika says:

    Hey i recently bought a black voluminous pleated maxi skirt with small off white tribal prints. I wanted to wear a crop top with it but im not really sure what color will go with it. Any suggestions? (PS I tried my white top but the color seems too white-ish since the prints in the skirt are more creamy in color)

  28. jms says:

    I have 2 skirts that are short (knee length) in the front and gradually going to long in the back – what shoes would I wear with these – =summer was sandals but not that it’s cooler – what style?

  29. mongku badung says:

    hi i hve a cotton printed mixed color of black maroon n orange long umbrella skirt..wht types of tops n color shouls i pair with it

  30. Jess says:

    Some ladies think that long skirts can be worn with any footwear, but I think it’s very important to know what shoes can fit your skirt. Love these inspirations images, especially those pencil style midi skirts that are great for work!
    xo, Jess |

  31. Shahista B says:

    Hi I have long skirt so should I wear heel or flat sleeper please help

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