How to Wear and What to Wear with Long Skirts (Q&A)

In continuing previous article “How to Wear and What to Wear with Long Skirts”, here we are again discussing the hottest fashion staple long skirt or what we call the maxi skirt. Since I wrote the article few months back, I’ve got comments asking about maxi skirt outfit ideas for different body shapes and different occasions. And because it seems too long to read, I decided to continue the discussion in another new article, wishing that everybody could share more ideas and styling tips.

This post is only about answering comments from article I mentioned above, worth discussing if you have more ideas about the question. I don’t have – or actually I don’t know how to create – a discussion board in this blog. For that reason, I create this post. Enjoy !!

Casual Long Skirt Outfits for Petite Figure

question by Abhi (2014/08/05)

Q: “I have an A line maroon straight long skirt..m petite with a ht of 5 ft 1 inch..n waist 26..cud u plz help me with what kind of top will b apt for a casual lunch..i dun want to wear a collar shirt or crop top”

A: First of all, you may check article “Fashion Tips and Style If You are a Petite Woman” for general tips and style ideas.

As for casual daytime attire, since you ask for a collarless top as well as no crop tops, at this time I’m thinking of a maxi skirt with simple tee and flats – whether sandals or ballerina. Depending on your personal preference, you may add fun accessories such as statement necklace or cute bracelets for more interest. Hat and outerwear are also good for style and weather protection

Casual Long Skirt Outfit IdeasLong Skirt Outfit Ideas Casual and Easy Look

Casual Long Skirt Outfit for PetiteCasual Long Skirt Outfits for Petite, with V-neck Tee and Flats

I don’t know if the outfit looks too casual for you, but if you want to go for a bit dressy outfit, pair the maxi with chic blouse with cute ruffle details or other simple details. A light weight knit top or peplum top can also be an option with few accessories to finish the look. Here are some street style ideas for inspiration.

Long Skirt Outfits for PetiteOther Styles of Maxi Skirt Outfit for Casual Day WearSkirt with Peplum Top Outfit IdeasMaxi Skirt with Peplum Top Outfit Ideas

 Long Skirt for Diwali Festival

question by Annie (2014/10/17)

Q: “I have a magenta indian ethnic pleated skirt very similar to the yellow one in your previous article wear the photo www as of a girk wearing yellow pleated skirt and a grey top. I am 5’2 and waist size is 28. How can I wear it for an Indian festival Diwali?? Please help me. I have no clue as to how to pair blouses with Indian ethnic skirts”

A: I honestly don’t know much about Diwali outfits, but from what I’ve learnt and seen through various websites, it basically depends on the formality (glamour) of the event. You can choose whether extremely vibrant or simpler with less bold colors. Whether in traditional way or a bit with modern twist.

Secondly, I’m also not sure if your skirt is printed like most Indian ethnic skirts, or plain with pleats like the yellow one that you showed me. So I made outfits for both skirts (printed and plain ones). And I hope you like the ideas.

Skirt for Diwali CelebrationLong Skirt for Diwali Festival

About blouses to pair with the skirt, any tops that look like crop top would be your best option for the festival. The top can be long or short sleeves, or even with straps. Here are some style ideas for Diwali. Take a look at the picture as an idea and choose which one is most suitable for your personal style.

Luxe Diwali OutfitVibrant Look with Long Skirt for Diwali

Basically if you want to go for bolder look, opt for metallic or embellished dressy top that is festive enough for the event. Or choose a simple crop top and add the glam by wearing blingy, sparkling, and glittering jewelry or accessories. You may also choose color-block style between skirt and top.

Simple Diwali OutfitSimple Look with Long Skirt for Diwali

To keep it simple, pair you long skirt with nice tank top, silk scarf and loud accessories. If you want to go a bit modern, go for a dressy, fashion blouse and keep the accessories modern with a bold cuff, danglers, strappy heels, and a nice clutch to go with it. For a more traditional way, opt for a traditional Indian blouse (Choli).

Diwali Modern OutfitLong Skirt with Modern Top for Diwali

Below are more style ideas of long skirt for Diwali Festival. Whether you choose for dressy jacket, peplum top, or long tunic. The key look of these outfits is to find a nice top with striking traditional embellishment – gold embroidered top.

Dresses for DiwaliLong Skirt for Diwali with Traditional Embellishments

Lastly, about your waist size and height, I don’t think you will have problem to wear any fabulous crop top you want, whether it’s short length (around the bust) or bit long (waist line). Just think about balance, if your printed skirt is super-busy, opt for much simpler top with statement necklace, and it goes vice versa. To create taller silhouette, you can wear heels or choose for a very long skirt (ankle length one) to give much leaner look.

White Maxi Skirt Style Ideas

question by Terra (2014/10/29)

Q: ”Hello, thank you for this website. I have a few questions. I’m a skinny girl in high school, and I recently bought a white chiffon plain skirt. I don’t know what to wear for the top (Or what color). My tops consists of long sleeve form fitting plain shirts (reds, blues, blacks, light green lace trim), I have some short sleeves in the blue and black color range. I tend to wear plain and non-patterned clothes.”

A: White is a neutral color that can be paired with all colors. You can even wear the hue from head to toe for a fresh and crisp look.

So basically, just pair your white maxi skirt with any top you have. Plain or printed, long or short sleeves, all different tops work well with a white maxi skirt. You can dress your skirt up or dress it down. Make sure your wardrobe is a reflection of your personal style. Here are some style ideas featuring white maxi skirt

Long White Skirt Fashion Long White Skirt Street Styles White Maxi Skirt Fashion White Maxi Skirt Style IdeasWhite Maxi Skirt Style Ideas

Top for Bright Orange Maxi Skirt

question by Joel (2015/03/25)

Q: “I have a doubt. Recently, I bought a full length bright orange colored skirt with a zari work at the end. None of my tops look promising with the skirt. What do I pair the skirt with? and since its too bold an orange, I want a lighter shaded top”

A: I don’t know if you asked me to find a top for you, but actually you can wear whatever tops with the skirt – of course, the styles of the top really depend on the occasion. Even you can pair the skirt with a basic t-shirt or chambray for a casual look, or a dressy top for a more formal look.

Basically, you can opt for all different styles of top depending on the occasion – Whether you want to go for a casual choice or a bit more dressy. Crop top, long sleeves, sleeveless, jumper, peplum, button down, tee, tank-top … whatever styles go perfectly with the skirt.

Additionally, because your skirt is already bold and vibrant, you might need to make the skirt to be the center point by letting other elements simple and subtle. Thus, you will need to think of the colors and prints, Pick colors such as all pastels and neutral colors like white, grey, and blue denim, or pick small and simple printed top to tone down the brightness of your skirt

Below are some style ideas showcasing street style with orange skirt, and I also create two sets with orange skirt, which I think is similar to your skirt. I chose very casual footwear to make less vibrant look, but obviously you can wear a dressier one. As for colors, footwear in black or in skin colors are your excellent choice to pair with the skirt.

Bright Orange Skirts Outfit Ideas Bright Orange Maxi Skirt Outfit IdeasBright Orange Maxi Skirt Outfit Ideas

Orange Maxi Skirt Outfit IdeasBright Orange Long Skirt Outfit Ideas

How to Style Your Floral Maxi Skirt

question by tejaswani (2015/11/09)

Q: “I have a printed long skirt (delicated flowerish) .. plz suggest me any top to pair with that.. i dnt want to wear any crop top..plz reply a.s.a.p..”

A: As one of most versatile pieces to wear, a floral print maxi skirt is basically a safe way to go with any basic top you have in your wardrobe. This skirt is easy to style with anything, incredibly comfy, and great as well to create that whimsical boho-look or fresh mood for all seasons – from summer to winter.

So, generally, even though you don’t like wearing crop top, you can still pair your skirt with your favorite top in solid color, or even in print by considering a few tips of print mixing-and-matching. Learn “How to Mix n Match Prints and Textures in Outfits” for more ideas

You can go for a cozy vibe by pairing a maxi skirt with a jumper, or go for a super casual look by mixing the basics such as t-shirt and chambray shirt, plus sneakers or sandals. When you want to look more formal, wear a dressy blouse tucked into a maxi skirt or let them all loose, or add layer such as classic blazer or cardigan for a more professional look.

As for the footwear, design and style of the footwear will definitely bring different look to your skirt. If you want to look casual, simple, and relax go for sandals, sneakers, or stylish flats, while heels and embellished dressy footwear add a more festive touch to the look. Here are some style ideas for you to try.

How to Style and Wear Your Floral Maxi SkirtFloral maxi skirt with basic t-shirt for an effortless casual look. Floral Maxi Skirt Casual LooksFloral maxi skirt with jumper and layer for cozy casual look. Floral Maxi Skirt Outfit IdeasFloral maxi skirt with dressy top for a more festive, semi-formal look. . Floral Maxi Skirt with LayerFloral maxi skirt with basic shirt worn underneath a layer like blazer or cardigan to make the look more professional and streamlined How to Style Your Floral Maxi SkirtHow to Style a Floral Maxi Skirt for Casual and Festive Occasion

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  1. Annie says:

    I have a magenta indian ethnic pleated skirt very similar to the yellow one in your previous article wear the photo www as of a girk wearing yellow pleated skirt and a grey top. I am 5’2 and waist size is 28. How can I wear it for an Indian festival Diwali?? Please help me. I have no clue as to how to pair blouses with Indian ethnic skirts…

    1. dee-nee says:

      Hi Annie,

      I’m very very sorry for the late reply.
      I’ve been busy doing so many stuff here
      Hopefully, my reply (at the article above) is not too late for your Diwali Festival
      Thank you so much for the comment Annie

      And wish you a very Happy Diwali 🙂

  2. tejaswani says:

    I have a printed long skirt (delicated flowerish) .. plz suggest me any top to pair with that.. i dnt want to wear any crop top..plz reply a.s.a.p..

    1. dee-nee says:


      Please check my reply on the article above
      hopefully it helps

      Thanks for your comment tejaswani
      and wish you a wonderful day 🙂

    2. Anu says:

      Off shoulder bright white top would look beautiful

  3. Natalie says:

    What shoes would you wear with a maxi skirt during the fall/winter season? It’s too cold to wear sandals, and even wearing flats doesn’t keep your ankles from getting cold. Thanks!

    1. dee-nee says:

      Hi Natalie,

      You can wear boots for cold days 🙂
      Please check “How to Wear and What to Wear with Long Skirts” for various style ideas

  4. Ekta Mahayach says:

    Hi, I have a plain hot pink long skirt which I want to wear at my friend’s Mehandi ceremony. Please suggest me what kind of top should I wear on that?

  5. Sajal says:

    Hey there loved your article…although i m late but i hope you will reply me lol.. i actually bought a white pleated skirt with some print at its bottom i basically dont know what to wear with it like i want simething with full sleeves and not bold…give me some ideas..what do you say about a button down white shirt with some print???
    Hope you will reply soon 🙂

  6. Sajal says:

    Hi there…i know i am too late buy hope u will reply me soon..basically i bought a white pleated skirt with a rose print on its bottom…actually i m confused what type of shirt should i wear like i dont wanna wear crop top i want something like of full sleeves and not bold…what do u say about a white button down with some print..hope u will reply me soon 🙂

  7. Usha Goyal Usha says:

    Wow, beauty ful

  8. Tanvi says:

    Hey. I have thus long black colored skirt like those of traditional outfits and I want to knw hw cn I style it for a party/ formal event . I am 5’2″ and waist 32 .so plz rply aptly

  9. Anushka Tiwari says:

    Can you suggest me
    can i wear palazzo in winter in office ?
    & How to wear long skirt …?
    What Should i wear in winter in my office ??
    my colour is dusky ….& height 5″3 plz

  10. Rhoda says:

    pls how do I combi
    ne a white three quarter maxi skirt with a blouse .

  11. Rutuja says:

    Hey I have a blue colored skirt with golden printed design on it… I’m confused what to wear… I want to wear it traditionally… My height 5’4″ and my waist 32…

  12. Shivani sharma says:

    Hlw ….i have a floral long skirt n i hve to get dreesed for my cousins wedding can any one suggest me which type of top will suit and yes jewels too…..

  13. pankhu says:

    hello I have plain blue crop top n pink plain long skirt and my height is 5’6″ so what type of accessories will suit with my dress for marriage function….please reply

  14. Rekha says:

    I have one gold colour maxi skirt (cotton) with creepers design on that.
    Can any one suggest which colour top suits for that and what type??

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