Everyone talks about the importance of having a great little dress hanging in the closet, but most people don’t fully grasp just how versatile and valuable it can be. Whether it’s a little black, white, or red dress, all of them are the ultimate foundation piece to have in your wardrobe as you can dress it up for a gallery opening or dress it down for a casual Saturday outing. No matter the occasion, here are some easy tips to style your favorite little dress with what you may already have in your closet.

Although these versatile black, white, and red colors are the best kind of classics – whether you prefer to keep it simple or jazz it up with accessories, each shade evokes different types of classiness to give you almost everything you need to feel and look right for the occasion.

While wearing red color has been scientifically proven to elevate your self-confidence with its bright, lively, and sassy tone – making you ready to be at the center of attention no matter the occasion you attend, donning white color, on the other hand, is refreshing, carefree and breezy that is a great way to instantly create a clean, chic look, and altogether more appealing style when the weather warms up.

As for black, this color allows you to look timelessly elegant and trendy at the same time, helping you to show off your personal style with everything you may already have in your closet.

So, here are 10 ways to wear the simple black, red, or white dress to help you get inspired.

1. Make It Casual

Want to wear the little dress to class or out to lunch with the girls? Dress it down with casual staples like a denim jacket, a scarf, or with a backpack, along with a pair of sneakers, flats, or slouchy boots. Keep other accessories simple and relaxed.

2. Make it Professional

When getting dressed for work, your goal should be to project a professional and competent image through the way you put yourself together. Wear a blazer with your sleeveless little dress, along with a pair of smart pumps or flats, dainty jewelry and simple makeup. You can wear the dress forward or backward, whether you want to layer the dress with a blazer, or pair it with a sleek blouse worn underneath.

Add a little pop of color to make the look more colorful, but try not to attract too much of attention and keep your outfit elegant. In general, the more distracting a piece of clothing or jewelry is, the less appropriate it is for office wear.

3. Layer It

There are many ways to layer the little dress – forward or backward. You can wear the dress underneath a jacket, a blazer or a coat, or you can also layer your little dress with a button down shirt, a basic tee, or a turtleneck underneath the dress.

4. Wear as Separates

Mix and match your little dress to create your own versions of the timeless style. A slim-fitting dress – such as bodycon or sheath dress paired with the right top or skirt can double as a great basic top or chic skirt. Or you may also try pairing your mini dress with pants to create the stylish dress-over-pants combo

5. Make it Comfy

During winter or in a cold, breezy day, when a scarf just isn’t enough, make your little dress comfier and cozier by pairing the dress with a heavy thick sweater, and add some really cool pieces such as high booties, tights, or even more layers as we can fit under the sweater.

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