Featuring a strap that wraps around the ankle and a connecting strap that runs down the front of the foot, the T-strap sandals or what so-called the Gladiator Sandals were favored for the first time by Ancient Greeks and Romans. Today, as the fashion world rolls through a series of weekly runway updates, Greco-Roman trends popped up, at the same time highlighting these sandals to be one of the hottest fashion items years to years.

This footwear is basically reinvented version of the flat strappy sandals. The craze began in 2008 when these sandals were declared must-haves in summer fashion, then went a step further in 2009 featuring up-the-foot looks, bold embellishments and heels. As for this coming Spring Summer 2013 most anticipated trend, gladiator sandals are continuing their role, proposing many variations of edgy style in much bolder, more striking, glamour and luxurious designs.

Among the next Spring Summer 2013 fashion must-wears, while most gladiators are coming out in leather – from shiny black patent to rustic brown and mustard – some designers strike with a range of materials – leather, rattan, and plastic – as well as styles in an assortment of colors from classic tan to metallic. In this case, metallic gloss also plays its part in gladiator styles by stretching to the knee or featuring metal accent pieces woven into the leather. Moreover, there are also some embellishments here and there such as embroideries, stamps, studs or beads adorning these gladiator sandals.

Gladiator Sandals on Different Occasions

Depending on style, height, and embellishments, these types of gladiator footwear, or also called the “cage shoes or sandals” can look both casual and dressy as well can be worn with almost everything – from maxi to mini dresses, capri to short shorts, pants to jeans, and even skirts – and they are sure to make your outfits look up-to-date.

The shoes are perfect to match with your bohemian and tribal fashion, yet also great to pull off feminine looks by pairing them with summer-y floral dress or shorts, or fabulous rock-chick manner. If you look for casual outfit, flats gladiators can be a great option to choose, while high-heels gladiators give fashionable and striking touch of your look. Nowadays, several high-heel gladiators are designed in very flattering and luxurious styles, which can be worn by all women regardless of their body shape.  Here are a couple of chic ways to wear them:

ankle-high sandals and a flow-y chic dress or skirt

Romantic, Feminine Style
Opt for high-heel, ankle-high gladiator sandals and a flow-y chic dress or skirt – either plain or trendy dress, mini or maxi – with some big gold earrings to create that perfect juxtaposition, feminine but not overly girly. Moreover, instead of pairing them with dresses, tight pants and a fine fashionable shirt, along with accessories like a maxi-weight collar are also good choices to wear for a romantic dinner.

gladiator heels Rock Chick Style

Rocker-chick Attitude
To achieve a more aggressive look with gladiators is basically all about replacing your boots with gladiator heels. You might bet on high-heel gladiator – preferably in darker shades – with long skinny jeans, a long tee, a vest, chains and loads of confidence. Play your style with studs, zippers, buckles and fringes to create that rock ‘n’ roll vibe into the look. You might also want to look for styles with plenty animal prints like python or other snakeskin prints to emphasize the attitude.

bohemian styles gladiator sandals

Bohemian, Free-Spirited Look
To evoke the ethnicity of bohemian styles, gladiator sandals – either in classic designs or with lots of details like beads, stones, and fringes – can also be worn to enhance the looks by pulling them off with various bohemian wardrobes, such as light skirts, billowy dresses, knitted vests, embroidered short shorts, crop tops, etc. Put bohemian accessories like bangles, chains, pendants, headbands, and long earrings, along with cross-body bag or tote, and other stylish ethnical boho-bags.

Glamorous Formal Outfits

Glamorous Formal Outfits
Outfits with sparks and glams for night outs or other luxurious parties can also look fabulous with gladiator shoes. If the occasion calls for a sexier, more glamorous and elegant look, get it with high gladiator heels. Opt for gladiators that are designed exclusively for the occasions, such as pieces with metallic materials, glittery details, or elegant styles, and pair them with dresses perfect for the event, as well as some accessories to complement the look.

original design of flat sandals

Casual Day-to-day Wear
Back to the original design of flat gladiator sandals that promise comfort and casualty, a chic casual day-to-day wear can be opted by pairing your washed denim shorts with gladiator sandals, or other light and casual attires such as mini dresses, floaty dresses, skinny pants, etc. One important thing while wearing these sandals is to get the comfort that gladiator should provide. Don’t wear them if you aren’t confident or don’t feel comfortable wearing it.

footwear with straps

Formal Office-wear Clothing
Since gladiator sandals or shoes are basically types of footwear with straps, there are plenty designs offered evoking the styles. Formal or semi-formal, all you have to do is finding designs suitable for the events and pairing them with apparels also appropriate for the occasions, such as boyfriend blazers, peplum skirts, formal shirts, etc. Gladiator shoes with chucky heels or wedges are also among the favorites, as they can be great with various formal, office-wear clothing.

fashion with sandals or shoes

Summer or Winter Seasons
All types of strappy footwear are basically great for summer, meaning that you can also style with gladiator sandals for any summer occasions. Miniskirts, bright and light dresses, shorts, and any flattering summer wardrobes are perfect to fashion with gladiator sandals or shoes.

gladiator boots

As for winter, although it’s quite difficult to wear the footwear pieces during cold days, there are actually number of styles to try with gladiators. With bare legs on warmer days, and with tights, layers, outerwear, or any winter essential outfits when temperatures dip, the open-toe, up-the-foot gladiator styles or sometimes called “gladiator boots” will update your fall winter looks fabulous and gorgeous.

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