How to Dress a Flattering Black and White Fashion Statement

Not only black and white speak sophistication and elegance, both colors are also classic, simple, and obviously safe for every shape, size, height and look. Not to mention, a black and white ensemble is the ideal chic get-up for any occasion, social or professional, even for any season from summer to winter. For this summer 2013, for example, while colorful trends of pastels and neons are a necessity for your closet, you shouldn’t count out the classic non-color trend of black and white.

Wearing all solid black head to toe is certainly sophisticated slimming that gives a touch of edgy, minimal, and chic style, which was the hallmark of the fashionista for years. On the other hand, unlike 15 years ago, nowadays solid black has gone mainstream that there is no guarantee that the person wearing black will be the best dressed. As for all white, it is definitely reserved for brides, evoking purity and sacredness, as well as giving a touch of clean, bright, and light appearance to the wearer.

So how to combine black and white to make an attention-getting fashion statement that highlight this season trend? It can be appear as the most tried-and-true color combination or modern sharp punch of ebony and ivory. Or even you may turn formality on its head in graphically minded pieces, or use it to give geometric motifs new class, or with the perfect accessory such as an elegant touch of gold. The rules are simply black and white. Here’s how

Black and White Prints FashionCreate a Black and White fashion statement by combining between prints and solids

1.Have a sense of aesthetic balance: Do choose between prints and solids. Remember that combining two different prints of strong black and white can be overwhelming and confusing. Choose the image of balance that makes you feel most comfortable. Not to mention, opt for the best accessory to any outfit to show your self-confidence.

Black and White Print MixingMix prints in balance by choosing one strong pattern over the subtle one

Black and White Fashion StatementPlay with accents by choosing all-black or all-white outfit with the opposite accessories

If you choose prints, follow the fashion rules on how to mix prints or choose whether you prefer one main color combined with prints of the contrasting color. If you choose solids, and if accents are your style, wear an all-black dress, suit or skirt and top ensemble with white accessories, or vice versa. Check out article “How to Mix n Match Prints and Textures in Outfits” for general fashion tips on print-mixing

Black and White Street StyleCombine black and white pieces accordingly to achieve the balanced figure

2. Pay attention to function of each color: As a bright color, white creates the effect of volume and weight. So do be careful if you wish to hide some parts of your body. On contrary, black has the power to make some body parts look slimmer and thinner.

Use each function of these colors for enhancing body shape you want to create. For example, wear black on your bottom half to hold weight on hips and below, then matched with white on the top half to emphasize the line at the waist and narrow it even further.

Here are some fashion inspirations you can try anytime for any occasions

Black and White Winter FashionBlack and White Fashion Look for Winter

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Black and White Fashion Prints DressBlack and White Printed Dress Fashion Look

Black and White Pops of Color FashionBlack and White Fashion Look with Pops of Color Accent

Black and White Fashion Trend – Spring Summer 2013 RTW

Black and White 2013 Runway 01  Black and White 2013 Runway 02

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Black and White 2013 Runway 04

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