How and What to Wear a Shift Mini Dress 2013 Trend

Inspired by retro-chic style of the 60s, when shift dresses were fashioned and loved by the likes of British model Twiggy, today this dress style has got a contemporary facelift to suit all shapes, sizes and occasions. More precisely in 1965, a French designer, André Courrèges, revolutionized the fashion world with his ‘Space Age’ collection, known for its geometric shapes – squares, trapezoids, triangles – as well as boots, goggles, and hems three inches above the knee.

After the fever of sheath dresses that are characterized by a slim, form- fitting silhouette that closely follows the curves of the body, shift dresses, which are a straight-cut dress that doesn’t hug the body or cinch, promise a humbler, more lightweight and versatile designs, along with their impeccable elegance, and unrivaled comfort. Not to mention, their stark silhouette flatters any body type because it shows no specific curve.

Take a few tips on how to wear this flattering fashion staple, and create various stylish outfits perfect for any different occasions.  From board-room to dance floor, just wear this trend to perfection.

Shift Dresses with prints and patternsShift Dresses with prints and patterns

Shift Dresses on Different Occasions

Shift Dresses for casual day to day wearCasual Shift Dresses for day to day wear

Casual: to achieve a simple, yet fashionable and sweet aura, compliment your clean-straight-cut dress with minimal accessories for a fresh day look, and combine the outfit with casual footwear such as gladiators, creepers, ballerinas or sandals along with a tote or small box handbag or purse. Bet on lightweight fabrics and prints to create a fun and cozy look.

Shift Dresses for workShift Dresses for office wear

Work: the good thing about straight mini dress is the cut that works for all women, as long as combined with the correct shoes and accessories. Remember that the length of the dress has to end up at or above the knees to enhance a more flattering silhouette.

For office-wear, make a statement of this dress in several ways. If you look for a more formal style, opt for classic and elegant shoes then combine them with neutral accessories. You may also pair your sleeveless dress with blazer or even with skinny belt for something more conservative. Choose basic and neutral colors, as well as a more structured designs.

Moreover, if you look for a semi-formal outfit, skip the monochromes for something bright and more comfortable to get into the summer mood. Wear it with cardigan or jacket and tights to make the outfit neater, or combine with an envelope bag and scarf to complement the look.

Shift Dresses for a night out or partyShift Dresses on a night out or party

Party: To enhance the glamorous look of the dress, bet on straight-cut dress with embellishment and details.  Think textured pieces for a fun approach to these kinds of dresses, or you may choose a neutral colored dress but complement the look with some sparkling accessories with crystals and stones, while for footwear, elegant high heels and clutch are all you need to complete this look.

Shift Dresses best for your body type

Plus Size Shift Dresses fashion lookShift Dresses for Plus size woman

Plus size woman: for plus size women or those who want to hide fats, the trick is to pair a straight overlay dress with long blazer or cardigan – that sit around the hips –, and to draw attention around the neck area by wearing V-neckline or round neckline, as well pairing your dress with scarf or necklace. Don’t forget to bet on pieces that have lightweight fabrics, colors, and prints with hems slightly below or at the knee.

Shift Dresses for skinny womanShift Dresses for skinny women or those who have short legs and petite figure

Skinny woman: for skinny women or those who have small bust, straight-cut dress can be a good solution to let the body bulkier. You may also try to invest dresses with prints or pleats to give additional weight on your look.

If you are a petite woman, wearing a dress with hems above the knee or pairing with high heels in skin colors, are great to lengthen the silhouette. As for a tall woman, flats with colors that contrast with skin and dress color are also great options to try.

Take a look at the gallery for some fashion styles of straight cut dresses, and try some of them for your own fashion inspiration.

Shift Dresses Celebrities

Celebrity Shift DressesCelebrities shift dresses fashion look

Little Black Shift DressesLittle Black Shift Dresses – Street Fashion Style

How to wear Shift Dresses on different occasions

Shift Dresses for women

Various details, designs, colors, prints and fabrics of straight-cut shift dresses for enhancing your style to perfection

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