How and What To Rock Animal Faces Statement Outfits

Trends of fashion are changing with every passing day. Nowadays, animal prints including leopard, python, or zebra prints, have become such a wardrobe staple that what were once daring are now a neutral. And with the changes in animal print trends, in 2013, we have another trend of dressing with animal face dress, began for the first time by Kenzo with their Tiger printed sweatshirt or by Givenchy with Tiger printed t-shirt.

From sweatshirts to t-shirts to even dresses, numbers of animal face printed outfits have been featured at many street fashions as well as many boutiques and retailers, showcasing how this kind of clothing can be worn whether chic and cute or daring and wild, mostly for casual to semi-formal occasions for any season.

As for the prints, faces of wild animals like lion, wolf, jaguar, snake, etc. serve daring, rock chick looks especially those in black and dark shades, while faces of domestic or farm animals like dog, cat, parrot, horse, sheep, etc. in bright and light shades give a cute, more youthful vibe. Learn these inspirations to know what and how to pull off t-shirts, sweaters, dresses, and hoodies with prints of animal face.

Animal Faces Trend with leggingsAnimal Face Prints with Leggings

Animal Faces Trend with skinny jeansAnimal Face Prints with Skinnies

Animal Faces Trend with shortsAnimal Face Prints with Shorts

Animal Faces Trend with skirtsAnimal Face Prints with Skirts

Animal Faces Trend with blazers and jacketsAnimal Face Prints with Blazers and Jackets

Animal Faces Trend with Layers

Animal Faces Trend with layers and outerwearAnimal Face Prints with other Layers or Outerwear

Animal Faces Print Dresses

Animal Faces Print Mini Dresses and SkirtsAnimal Face Print Dresses

Animal Faces Print SweatshirtsAnimal Face Print Sweatshirts

Animal Faces Trend for SummerAnimal Face Prints for Summer

Animal Faces Trend with ScarvesAnimal Face Prints for Winter

Animal Faces Statement for OfficeAnimal Faces Print Outfits for Semi-formal Office Wear

Animal Faces with Animal PrintsAnimal Faces T-shirt match with other animal prints.

Animal Faces Trend with ScarvesAnimal Faces T-shirt matched with scarf

Find more Inspirations with Animal Faces Statement Outfits          

Animal Faces 2013 Trend

Animal Faces Fashion 2013 Trend

Animal Faces Print Fashion Trend

Animal Faces Statement Outfits

Animal Faces Print 2013 Trend




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