For sure, the plus-size fashion industry is moving in a positive direction. As far as the industry goes, an increasing number of brands and stores are now including numerous styles of plus-size clothing. While that’s all amazing, it’s really the appearance of plus size fashion blogger that seems to be making the most influential waves. While providing such a great sense of fashion, they keep promoting self love and the continued growth of plus-size fashion, ready to inspire all women of all shapes and sizes.

And for all plus-size ladies out there, here in this article I would like to feature various sets of plus size outfit, inspired by bloggers whose names and styles get recommended over and over again. Not only do these ladies have fabulous style, but they’re bright, educated, and thoughtful bloggers helping cultivate and change the landscape of fashion. So check out their swoon-worthy style, be inspired and get their look.

Gabi Gregg – GabifreshSandee Joseph – CurvEnvy

Margie Ashcroft – Margie Plus

Nadia Aboulhosn – Nadia Aboulhosn

Nicolette Mason – Nicolette Mason

Source : Gorgeautiful Polyvore

From casual street styles to glamorous party looks, from easy daywear to office attires, find out more and more outfit ideas through article “Get The Look: 10 Plus Size Fashion Blogger Outfit Ideas (Part 2)”, and don’t forget to check these articles about plus size bloggers related to fashion, styles, and clothing. Enjoy

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