Among the new Fall Winter 2013 collection’s lookbook by Fabio Gavazzi, there’s glamour of clean and precise outlines, as well as refined cuts and details with a mixture of different furs and colors that come together to create kaleidoscopic garments that never fail to surprise. Characterized by authentic sobriety while showing great personality and feminine appeal, the lines show clean and awesome silhouettes that add each garment becomes a unique and timeless object of desire.

Simplicity and comfort are on the first place of this collection that strikes with horizontal, diagonal and irregular cuts, while natural shades of silvery mink with metallic glints are interposed with sable, chinchilla and fox in powdery and dusty shades. Then, the offerings become even more thrilling and intense, electrifying and lively, when they change to strawberry red, burgundy, royal blue and emerald green, as in an imaginary game.

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