If you are interested in visiting gorgeous islands with your family, we recommend visiting Tenerife. This is one of the seven largest Canary Islands, endowed with stunning natural beauty. This magnificent volcanic island with several mountain ranges is a fantastic spot to explore. Every year, innumerable tourists from around the world book a yacht charter in Tenerife to explore the island on their own terms.

The island’s many sights make it an excellent getaway for families. Consequently, Tenerife is a fantastic destination for those who appreciate the outdoors and wish to relax in style while touring the island on a luxurious boat.

You and your loved ones can enjoy a memorable vacation by exploring all that the island of Tenerife has to offer. If you’re planning on hiring a yacht to visit this stunning island, there are some sights that you can’t miss.

Some of the most attractive tourist attractions on the island of Tenerife include the following.

Teide National Park

As a nature enthusiast, Teide National Park, which surrounds an active volcano, is the best place to begin your holiday. This location is a study in contrasts; on the one hand, you will see an almost entirely desolate landscape due to the recurring volcanic activity. On the other hand, you will be captivated by the abundant flora and wildlife. When you hire a yacht charter in Tenerife, check whether the route is near this fantastic natural park. You could request that the captain dock the boat in a nearby harbour and visit this lovely location.

Siam Water Park

This is another fantastic location where you can spend time with your family. The Siam Water Park is one of Europe’s largest such parks, set in a lush green forest surrounded by lovely tropical flowering plants. When you charter a yacht, you must spend some time here. Anchor your boat near the water park and take a taxi or walk there.

You can dock your yacht at several different spots around the island and enjoy the warm sunshine.

EL Puertito Lagoon

This lovely lagoon beach teems with aquatic life, making for an unforgettable snorkelling experience. When negotiating a yacht charter in Tenerife, you should ask the captain to visit this beautiful place. There are numerous resorts near this lagoon where you may have an authentic local lunch with your family on the secluded beach.

Masca Bay

If you’re seeking a quiet beach in Tenerife to spend time with your family, head to Masca Bay Beach, located in the heart of Los Gigantes. A boat is one option for getting to this secluded island. You can anchor near the beach and spend time swimming in the warm seas or walking along the miles of black sandy beach (volcanic sand). When you come to this beach, you will be amazed to witness the playful dolphins swimming around.

When you hire a yacht charter in Tenerife, you have the freedom to plan your vacation around your demands. You can explore unusual tourist destinations that can only be reached by boat. Furthermore, if you enjoy a place and wish to stay for a while, you can ask the captain to drop the anchor there.

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