Men’s watches tend to get the most focus but watch companies have put more effort into their women’s lines. Today, more women’s watches are available than ever. Here are the considerations to make when buying a woman’s watch.


The size is one of the major differences between a men’s and women’s watch. Since women’s wrists are generally smaller than men’s, women’s watches tend to be smaller in size and feature smaller cases. Your best size narrows down to the size of your wrist and preferences. Overall, many women’s watches range between 5-7inches.

If you have a petite wrist, a watch ranging from 5-6inches, and a case size of 21-28mm. If you have an average wrist size, a women’s watch ranging between 6-7inches and a case size of 28-34mm may be ideal. Most importantly, consider whether a large or small watch case will give you the desired look.


Style is another major consideration when buying a women’s watch. In the past, women’s watches were manufactured with upscale dress styles in mind. Today, many styles of women’s watches are available, including dress watches, sports watches and minimalist, and others.

Consider your needs when picking the style of your new watch. Would you like to wear it every day to the office? Do you want a watch that can work for your sporty or active lifestyle? Do you want a watch to accessorize all your looks?

These questions can help you determine your needs to choose a suitable watch. Thankfully you can opt for a versatile roles woman watch you can wear regardless of the occasion.

Case material

The case material impacts the style and function of a woman’s watch. Most women’s watch cases are rose gold, stainless steel, yellow gold, white gold, ceramic and stainless steel. Many women prefer yellow gold due to its classic and luxe look, and white and rose gold are popular choices for dress watches or casual watches.

When choosing the material, remember that gold is a durable precious metal, but it is highly susceptible to scratches; therefore, it requires more care and maintenance. Ceramics and stainless steel are good options if you have a more active lifestyle and want a watch resistant to scratching.

The straps

Watch straps are categorized into metal watch straps and non-metal watch straps such as leather and nylon. While metal straps give a watch a more classic and upscale look, leather and nylon straps give a more casual look. Leather bands can also provide a classic look depending on the watch’s overall design. Your choice depends on the style and function you want in the watch.


Ladies’ watches tend to have a lot of color options? Think about whether you would like a more toned watch or one with more color. Watches with many colors are ideal if you want a vibrant and unique look whenever you wear them. On the other hand, neutral-toned watches are more versatile.

Final take

Choosing a watch comes down to your preferences and style. However, you should consider its functionality, style, and color.