There’s always a good reason why Christopher Kane is a London Fashion Week darling. In less than a decade, Kane has positioned himself among England’s designing elite, creating clothes that are not only pretty but also a bit quietly subversive, always femininely unique. And a mirrored runway made reflecting on Christopher Kane Spring Summer 2014 collection a thrilling task. Here, Christopher Kane has proved he can stay true to his aesthetic while making smart business choices for his brand.

In presenting this season’s collection, surely in mind of the designer, flowers aren’t exactly innovative, which is why Christopher Kane made a point of showing a different side of flowers. Inspired by botanical illustrations, Kane used both flower petals and scientific flower diagrams to insane effect. Among the proposal, textbook illustrations depicting floral anatomy were emblazoned onto sweatshirts and were also made into linear prints for skirts. Of course, the illustrations were spiced up with bolder colors and sequins.

Started with the high-shine surface as the perfect backdrop for reviewing the many angles of the designer’s crystal brooches, iridescent fabrics, and sheer panels, the show was then slowly transitioned to perforated botanical diagrams that were so detailed they could be confused for a print. The collection was not completely cut and dry. A few sequins as well as super sheer silhouettes made appearances as well. Later, the show ended with pieces that only compounded on this look. There were enormous patches of middle-sliced flowers and oxygen-path-indicated arrows that all topping sheer dresses. They were busy but in a jubilant way, very smartly done.

Throughout the runway, the Kane essence really came to a head with his outfit that paired a sequined and embroidered flower diagram sweatshirt with a matching midi skirt. The results were ultra-cool sweatshirts that will definitely find a place in our personal mirrors. As for the botanical motif, it also made an appearance on pant-suits and dresses in the form of crystal pendants scattered across the silhouette. Kane also offered more pared down looks such as draped dresses in twenties shapes or jacket and skirt combinations. Final word, just leave it to Christopher Kane, the one and only, to make a floral for spring that felt truly fresh.

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