There were ruffles and bows alongside weird elements like plastic nuts and bolts among Christopher Kane Spring Summer 2013 collection. Showcasing on how the collection stood out in incredibly feminine and delicate touch, however, some details also left a clear evidence of the young designer’s inspirations, which surprisingly was Dr. Frankenstein, the Mary Shelley’s monster character.

Fascinating and stunning in an absurd way that isn’t easy to interpret, the style of Christopher Kane is always renewed and transformed with a sense of surprise, keeping the feverish expectation alive for more and more of his fashion shows. Delicate fabrics, including organza and lace that used throughout as well as many of the suiting looks that buttoned up with clear bolts and nuts, are some examples of Christopher’s truly original dresses that people keep waiting for.

Although ruffles, embroideries, and sheer fabrics, along with the use of pastel palette like powder pink, white, gray, and yellow, gave the epitome of romantic and feminine elegance, the appearance of white boxy jackets, paneled dresses, and menswear-inspired tops added another different theme that seem to blend between ladylike style and a tough-girls in biker jacket.

Not to mention, dresses fastened with plastic bolts, a sleeveless shirt that had the monster’s face screen-printed on the front, a pink dress adorned with dazzling bejeweled embroidery and with what looked like black electrical tape, and even the lace that in fact formed the shape of a vampire bat, all suggested any hints of Kane’s monstrous influence, creating a contrast between the beautiful and the darkness, the whimsical and the horror.

Ranging from pastel tones and delicate sheer laces on the surface, other looks were embellished with bows that topped a few of these dresses, which can often make for hackneyed fashion, but here they appeared light hearted and modern, especially when the designer opted to combine them with sheer fabrics and make them oversized.

Beautiful but sinister – in the world of Christopher – the parade was like a treasure hunt that came with a mysterious path, tortuous and enigmatic story littered with traps, asking the audience to discover the obscure sense of Christopher’s inspiration.

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