Andreea Diaconu for H&M Spring 2014 Conscious Exclusive Line

The third H&M Conscious Exclusive collection – set to launch on April 10th – modeled by Andreea Diaconu highlights a glamorous facet of eco-conscious dressing. This environmentally range uses sustainable materials and it comes with some exquisite, drop dead gorgeous pieces in natural palette of midnight blue, off-white, and rose gold. With gracious Spanish culture served as inspiration, the new creations features dramatic yet wearable, flamenco and Bohemian-inspired pieces

Throughout the lookbook, we can see how the Swedish retailer has focused on creating interesting ensembles with an elegant twist, showcasing Andreea, who is also the current face of the Swedish retailer’s Icons collection, models various romantic designs from the lovely lace dress to the fierce bolero jacket to embellished tops to romantic maxi dresses. The limited edition lineup includes pieces made with organic cotton and silk, vegetable tanned leather items, gowns made from 100% recycled polyester and even cool accessories made from recycled plastic beads.

H&M Spring 2014 Conscious Exclusive Line 02 H&M Spring 2014 Conscious Exclusive Line 04 H&M Spring 2014 Conscious Exclusive Line 06 H&M Spring 2014 Conscious Exclusive Line 07 H&M Spring 2014 Conscious Exclusive Line 08 H&M Spring 2014 Conscious Exclusive Line 11Though the new selections propose number of pieces with prints, white on white ensembles, and silky boho-chic looks, the label also focuses using attention grabbing accessories as the main focal points. The most interesting accessories are showcased from the new line including a gorgeous shoulder piece made from recycled plastic, embellished mules, simple masculine-inspired flat leather shoes, statement earrings or chic headbands. As for prices, it’s a little higher than usual, which I’m hoping that means better quality too – certainly looks it.

H&M Spring 2014 Conscious Exclusive Line 12Check out the complete lookbook below along with previous year’s collection from H&M Spring 2013 Conscious Exclusive Line

7 comments on «Andreea Diaconu for H&M Spring 2014 Conscious Exclusive Line»

  1. Sallykawai says:

    I agree that everything in this collection is beautiful, I’m still loving last years dresses as well as this year’s dresses. My favourite are the red rose, and satin blue dress. This year’s are the white lace and big black one! 🙂

    1. dee-nee says:

      Hi Sally,

      Have you checked the new Summer 2014 Line ?? it’s just a capsule collection, but as beautiful as this Conscious collection.

      Love them all 🙂

  2. Dee F. says:

    I’ve been trying to track down the cotton & embellished leather sandals, but haven’t had any luck. Any suggestions? I’d love to click the Add to Cart button!

    1. dee-nee says:

      Hi Dee,

      So, you are looking for H&M Conscious 2014 Embroidered Sandals, right ??
      Well … I can only find the pieces at ebay (here and here)
      I don’t know whether you are going to check there or not
      But they say the items are new (with and without box)

      Hopefully it helps Dee
      Have a great day 🙂

      1. Dee F. says:

        Yes!! Those are the sandals I was seeking. Alas I’d need a shoe horn to fit my size 10s into those itty bitty ones for sale. Should you come across them in 10s, please do let me know. You’re a gem.

        1. dee-nee says:

          Well .. I could only find them in size US 9.5 or UK 7.5
          Please check here, here, here, and here

          Have a lovely day Dee 🙂

  3. Sania says:

    Salve, sto cercando il vestito di h&m conoscious esclusive 2013…vestito manica lunga in pizzo bianco e rosa…introvabile su ebay e Italia…lei potrebbe aiutarmi? Mi piacerebbe sposarmi con quel vestito è favoloso! Grazie

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