Anklets bracelets are usually round chains wrapped at the foot’s ankle’s area to achieve an entire preppy look. Over the past years, ankle bracelets have been trending at a high rate and have become more fashionable. Wearing an anklet usually enhances your style and brings out the aesthetic nature of the whole look. Here are facts about wearing ankle bracelets:

Fact 1: Anklets Were Used To Attract Partners

During the early Middle Ages, women wore anklets to attract male species’ delicate and luxurious attraction. These chains were joined in a round manner which came together to form the anklet. In some scenarios, people wear anklets to an extent where they cannot be removed due to them being soldered around the ankle.

You find that this is just a preference that some people have. They want their anklet to be soldered around their leg. Therefore, this helps different people achieve different looks that suit their style and personality.

Fact 2: Bracelets are Timeless

Another fact that you didn’t know about is that bronze ankle bracelets have been discovered in Europe. Research shows that the ankle bracelet has been in existence since 1800 BC. Therefore, this explains why the ankle bracelet is timeless.

According to Silpada, their sterling silver ankle bracelet usually compliments any look and makes it more appealing. To compliment your overall style, they have minimalist silver anklets to anklets accented with stones or charms.

Fact 3: Anklets Signify Social Status

When it comes to Indian beliefs and values, anklets are a piece of essential jewelry during marriages. As the name suggests, they are usually worn on the ankle on either the left or right leg. The Eastern community mainly uses them.

Western people wear these bracelets mainly on the most comfortable and convenient ankle to bring out a stylish look.

Different people have varying preferences. Some people prefer wearing the chain in the leg where they feel most comfortable. Therefore, do what is suitable for you when wearing your anklet to compliment your entire look.

Fact 4: Metallic Bracelets

Ankle bracelets are usually made from gold or silver metals. However, this jewelry can also be created by using materials like beads, plastic, fabric, or leather. People used to get creative when making these anklets, and the creators came up with different designs.

The latter led to the success of the anklet business as people were buying a different variety of pieces of jewelry. Therefore, these different designs have helped to create diversification and the sharing of other people’s cultures.

Fact 5: Anklets and Sumerian Tombs

Lastly, ankle bracelets were mainly discovered at the time of excavation of the Sumerian tombs. It is at this place that pieces of these anklets were first discovered and seen. Sumerians are generally viewed as the pioneers of development. They lived in the most southern part of Mesopotamia more than four thousand five hundred years ago.

In conclusion, these facts will help you understand more about wearing ankle bracelets to achieve your overall desired look. Therefore, ensure you learn and research more about the facts of ankle bracelets to enlighten yourself.

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