11 Ways to Wear Fashion Sequins From Casual to Dressy During the Day


Casual Look with Sequins Casual Ways to Wear Sequins Sequins and Jumper Style IdeasWays to Wear Sequins: Do Mix and Match with Basic Wardrobe Essential

When wearing sequins, not only it’s a good thing to mix and match, it’s also something you should do. Mixing sequins with simpler articles of clothing that do not have embellishments will almost always look good. You can dress up something old or something plain without fear of going overboard. Versatile essentials like jumper, classic t-shirt or tank top, or chic blouse will do all the works with sequined bottom.

Once again, to get a modern-glam look you need to play nice balance between colors, prints, and textures. Try this out, silver or white sequins look great with seasonal summery shades, and gold is perfect for that festive vibe.

Tips: Try teaming an embellished sequin piece with a bold or interesting pairing for a look that’s dressed up and dressed down at the same time. Choose simple silhouette, for example a simple top with sequined bottom, or vice versa. Do also remember that bottoms such as skirt, shorts and trousers have numerous gorgeous designs to play up with. Skirt for example, you can pick from skater to A-line to pencil to maxi skirt. Wear different flattering cut to make a super cute outfit that’s really easy to recreate.

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