11 Ways to Wear Fashion Sequins From Casual to Dressy During the Day


Sequins with Black Style Ideas Formal Sequins with Black Fashion Sequins with White Style Ideas Sequins Black White Style IdeasWays to Wear Sequins: Pair it with Neutral Colors (Black or/and White)

Even a sparkly sequin can be daywear appropriate if you pair with neutral colors that are basic enough to dull it a little. White and black are your excellent choice as these colors are very versatile matched to any wardrobe – along with natural makeup and low-key hair. Whether you choose for classic sequins like gold, silver, or black, or opt for colored sequins, you can pick either the sequined piece or the matted piece that are black or white. Basically, your jobs are: (a) putting one of these colors in the outfit, and (b) matching sparkling sequins with matte color.

Tips: For formal occasion like a cocktail party, pairing sequins with dressy black piece will create elegantly luxe attire for the event, as well as for a night out – with skinnies or mini skirt – for a more casual look. While sequins + white will lighten up the shines so the outfit won’t look too sparkly during the day, easy black jumpsuit with golden sequined blazer surely make your head-to-toe black outfit looks stand out with a good statement topper.

Plus, you can also create a black and white monochromatic look by matching a silver sequin with matted black, or vice versa – black sequin with matted white. Just make sure to put one sequined piece at a time. Make sure you don’t wear all the lovely sequined pieces you have at once, because even a minimalist sequined look can make you stand out.

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