11 Ways to Wear Fashion Sequins From Casual to Dressy During the Day


Sequins and Leather Fashion IdeasWays to Wear Sequins: Pair it with Leather Pieces

Just like denim, black patent leather is also great for adding some sequin-free shine to your look, yet leather gives bolder look than denim. Leather pieces like skinnies and biker jacket are excellent to make a statement. Don’t worry about sequins being too fancy for beat up basic leather staple and utilitarian footwear. The casual shirt shape keeps the contrast in check perfect for a weekend brunch date or just walking around the ‘hood

Tips: Avoid leather that is too shiny or metallic. Opt for leather only in black or white for a safer look. Make your sequined piece as an interest to your leather-glam outfit. Dress down the sparks of sequin with a white tee to make a contrast. Or just wear your sequined top as a splash of spark of your top-to-bottom black ensemble. Remember that people are definitely going to be looking at you when you’re covered in sparkles, and you don’t want they think you are a disco ball.

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