11 Ways to Wear Fashion Sequins From Casual to Dressy During the Day


Sequins Fashion for Special OccasionsWays to Wear Sequins: Dress It Up for Special Occasion

For special occasions – from day to night – make sure you understand the difference between appropriate day wear and appropriate evening wear, so you don’t commit a sequin faux pas. Do remember that sequins are not great for complexity. If you want to wear a really complicated structured silhouette, leave the sequins in the closet. When you wear sequins, you don’t want to draw the eye anywhere else, because then your outfit can start to look messy. Keep your lines simple when you feel like you want to shine. And this also goes even when you are dressing up with sequins.

Tips: Fashioning a sequin piece with fur (or fringe) will give an ultra-glam vibe to the outfit. Pair these two elements nicely by using both in same color. Wearing sequins with dressy staple can also create a festive look for a fancy occasion.

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