10 Affordable Fall Winter Edgy Outfits with Fringe and Sequin

Both fringes and sequins are always eye-catcher. About fringes, for example, whether it’s on the sleeves of a leather jacket or subtly accenting a skirt or a shift dress, the long strands dance with every gentle breeze, making such interesting statement to the outfit. As for sequins, while you might usually keep your shiny sequin numbers for the evening, be a bit daring and take them out during the day. Check out 10 outfit ideas to don fringes or sequined (metallic) pieces without looking too overboard.

If you’re going to go for all elements – metallic, sequins, and fringes – in one outfit, make sure all colors chosen stay subtle, neutral, and less sparkling. Avoid all sparkling, fringy pieces head-to-toe which only makes you looking like a Christmas tree. Or, you can pick one of the elements and do a nice balance with simpler articles of clothing or neutral colors.

Additionally, not only that these style ideas are ideal for casual and formal dressing: relaxed, effortlessly cool, and incredibly fun. You can also have them in super affordable price which all sets cost less than $300 – all together. Enjoy!


Whether you want to go for fringes, metallic, or sequins, all of these elements of clothing can be totally fun and easy to recreate for your daywear attire. Check out some affordable set ideas below:

Fall Winter Fringe Edgy StylesGet your striking ombre fur coat for an edgy look with: a black tassel top + a pair of classic crop pants. Compliment the entire look with chic accessories like lace handbag, earcuff, and metallic loafers.  ($289 for all pieces)Fall Winter Fashion OutfitGo a bit crazy by rocking your basic white top and boyfriend jeans with a complete winter accessories including striking pink embellished cardigan + fringed shoulder bag + subtle sequined boots, along with optional accessories like beanie, scarf and jewelries ($280 for all pieces)

Bohemian Fringe Outfit IdeaAbuse a bohemian-mixed-modern look with fringed leather jacket and fringed backpack. Pair it with a pair of white sexy jumpsuit + strappy heels + boho-inspired jewelries. ($297 for all pieces)Sequin Bomber Jacket Outfit IdeaRock the sparkling, yet sporty sequined bomber jacket with head-to-toe black ensemble of jumpsuit + loafers + pastel crossbody bag for a touch of soft color. ($289 for all pieces) Fall Winter Metallic Jacket Outfit IdeaFor an urban look of black coated skinny pants and oxblood jumper, make the look even more polished with feminine red bow pumps + metallic crop jacket + large hobo bag. ($260 for all pieces)

Source : Gorgeautiful Polyvore

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