Ways to Wear A Little Red Dress in Different Styles

Red, you may already know, is having a moment – especially for the next Fall Winter season. There’s no denying the power of wearing this bright color will make you feel instantly more confident, bold, and – obviously – daring. The color is hot, and a little red dress looks can power up your business day, make you into a sultry siren at night, or add cute all red appeal to turn your friends green with envy. It’s the perfect color to warm you up, and also guaranteed to get you noticed, no matter the occasion.

Although little red dress is a classic and versatile wardrobe item that can be appropriate for a variety of occasions, this staple is actually not for those who always shun attention. In fact, those who put on red dresses automatically become the ones that differ from the crowd. So, if red is going to be an option to update your essential wardrobe, you’d better start your process of choice with finding out the shade of red, material, as well as cut and style that’s most suitable for you. Learn “How to Wear Little Red Dress for Different Occasion” for fashion looks and easy tips to master the dress.

A Little Red Dress in Solid Color or with PrintA Little Red Dress for Skinny, Petite, and Plus Size Ladies

Whether you opt for a dress with print or in solid red, whether you go for the classic or the flirt-ready one, it’s all personal preference. Regardless of your body type and even your skin color, you can actually make all choices work depending on type of occasion you’re attending, as well as your personal fashion taste.

Classic Style and Flirty Look of Little Red Dress

As for the type of occasion, certain occasions have specific dress codes that dictate what you should wear. So it is important that you take into consideration the appropriateness of your dress’s style elements. For example if you’re attending a conservative event – go classy and elegant on its style. But you can turn up the heat when you’re out clubbing by pulling off a LRD with more daring cut, detail, or silhouette.

Different Looks of Simple and Timeless Little Red Dress

However, if you’re looking for a red dress to wear to any occasion and want to be able to wear the same dress multiple times – then you should buy a red dress in a versatile, timeless style. Find a cut of dress that flatters your body type and makes you feel confident. Something that’s not overly formal or casual can allow you to wear your red dress on any day of the week, while securing a simple dress also makes it easier for you to create various fashion looks with it.

Ways to Wear Plus Size Little Red Dress

In addition to show you how a little red dress can be worn multiple ways, transforming the dress from day to night, from casual to formal, here are some fashion looks of a little red dress, mixed-and-matched with other staples for different occasions and styles to make you stand out from the crowd.

Additional Pieces to Mix and Match with Little Red Dress

Explore your fashion experience by making other complementary elements work for your red dress. Whether they are shoes, sunglasses, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, belts, scarves, or handbags, or even any other wardrobe staples such as layering pieces, tops and pants, find the ones to mix-and-match with your red dress, and dress up or dress down the dress many different ways without looking overloaded.

Casual Fashion Item (Boyfriend Blazer or Basic T-shirt) to Pair with A Red Dress

Since the color of red is already very high on is brightness, the key to mix-and-match with a red dress is to coordinate the entire look perfectly balanced. Do not over-do it with wearing all the elements together. Remember, simple is best. Add one or two simple pieces, including those in neutral color such as black, white, grey, brown, navy, or subdued pink, or you may also pair the look with silver or gold for a more formal occasion.

Besides accessories and jewelries, different style and design of layering pieces can also instantly transform your little red dress whether you want to dress it up or down. Pairing your red dress with a tailored blazer would obviously create a more polished formal outfit, rather than wearing it with denim or casual jacket. And this goes the same, whether you want to pull off a dressy top instead of a casual t-shirt underneath your dress, whether with sleeveless top or with smart sleeved blouse.

Take a look at these fabulous fashion ideas below, showing on how to wear one little red dress in different styles

How 1 Red Dress is Styled in 3 Different Ways

With one little red dress in classic silhouette, there are endless options to mix-and-match with other staple, transforming it into totally different look even for hot or chilly days. Wear it with a simple black belt and delicate jewelry for a more ladylike look, or layer the dress with a sharp, crisp white button down shirt on top to make it more fashion-forward. Or, you can also layer the dress with a sheer, loose blouse in exactly same color as the dress to create different style on the upper body.

1 Red Dress Transformed into Skirt or Top

If your sheath red dress looks too short or too fancy to wear on a regular day, maximize the function of your dress and make it appropriate for day-to-day wear. Since sheath dresses usually have well-fitted silhouette, layering the dress is a key idea to turn the dress into a top or a skirt (without looking too bulky).  Whether you layer up the dress with a loose top or a sweater – belt it up to make sure your waistline isn’t lost in those layers, or wear the dress with a skirt on it, these methods will have you feeling great and getting compliments along the way with your vibrant red dress.

2 Different Ways on How to Style A Little Red Dress

Layering and accessorizing a dress is a powerful key strategy to create many different looks from a single basic item – the little red dress. You can start with the easiest way of layering by pulling off an outerwear, or you can explore different styles of layering such as ‘dress-over-pants’ or ‘shirt-under-dress’. Learn these articles for more fashion inspirations and ideas of layering, or check video below on how to dress your little dress stylist and trendy.

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