How to Transition Outfits from Winter to Spring Easy and Chic

Is it cold, is it hot, or is it lukewarm somewhere in-between? The weather flip flops so much this time of year that it makes it impossible to know if you need a parka or sandals for stepping outside. While a new season of clothing has arrived in stores and we couldn’t be more excited for the warmer months ahead, unfortunately, winter is still holding on strong and the next few weeks can be the most challenging days to dress for. So, here are 13 style tips and inspiration that’ll make getting dressed a whole lot easier.

As stores and magazines start filling with all the new spring trends so early, and if you’re impatient to wait until the weather warms up to wear them, not to fear, you can always incorporate a few trendy, versatile spring items into your existing winter wardrobe to create outfits that look more like spring but are still appropriate for the next few weeks of winter weather. And with a few simple style techniques you can make the winter to spring transition looking your absolute best. Read on to bring in the new season stylishly, fashion lovers.

Winter to Spring Transition Outfit Fashion Look

Layer, Layer, Layer

Winter to Spring Transition Outfit with Layer

Layering is probably one most important and easiest fashion technique for making the winter to spring transition. It ensures your look to be ready for unreliable weather and manage that time between pairing down your winter clothes to not yet fully wearing your warmer weather pieces head to toe.

You may start with light-weight garments such as blouses, t-shirts, camisoles, leggings or dresses as a base and work up from there with variety of layering pieces including cardigan, jacket, blazer, parka, trench coat or even an oversized or chunky sweater

Lighten Up

Winter to Spring Transition Outfit Fashion Tips

Lighten up your transitional outfit by combining staples that speak to the heat of sunshine, while still keeping you warm. No need to pull off a pair of knee-high boots with your cozy and thick winter clothing, but wear them with light-weighted pieces such as a chiffon dress underneath a suede or denim jacket. Think flowing fabrics, delicate detailing, or softer styling. You’ll look chic, and they will keep your legs warm – all while showing off a bit of skin.

Another example, you may also try a combo of white blouse with a feminine skirt and a touch of pretty pastel, worn underneath a stand-by suede jacket along with boot combination. All of these combos may complement and highlight your look by slowly working in the upcoming seasons’ lightest garments, colors and trends. Forgo the tights, wear a cropped pant, add in a sleeveless blouse, open up that neckline, let your skin breathe – as long as you are balancing the look with warmer layers everywhere else, you will still feel cozy and be able to avoid making such a dramatic change once summer arrives.

Play Up with Colors and Prints

Winter to Spring Transition Outfit with Colors, Prints, and Texture

Spring is a time when the flowers bloom, the sun is out, birds are singing, and you’re heading out to the farmers’ market to pick up a fresh bouquet. It’s all about bright and colorful season when the world seems lighter, fresh, effortless, changing from winter that typically draws out a more muted and subdued styles as well as heavy fabrics. This time of year is all about lightening up your look by investing in pieces that speak the new season.

Winter to Spring Transition Outfit with Pop of Colors

Breaking into the new season, abusing fun colors and prints is one of the easiest ways to play with your look, offering big impact for small additions. Pulling off a pastel floral coat over grunge style of cropped jeans and chunky boots, opting for denim with a black leather culottes, have fun with pop of neon colors, or even selecting garments that have interesting texture and pattern, each piece will add visual appeal to your look and ensure you are transitioning into the spring with a chic and dynamic wardrobe.

Accessorize the Look

Winter to Spring Transition Outfit with Accessories

As spring season is all about the sunshine that starts to come up on the horizon, in this time of year you can easily transition winter to spring outfit just by lightening up your look and changing out the accessories – as well as footwear and outerwear. Swap your chunky winter scarf for a cute printed bandana and you’ll keep your neck warm while giving a nod to those sunny days ahead. Or you may also change your knitted beanie into cute fedora or wide brimmed hat to protect the sunshine. This obviously will work the same way to change those summer outfits to fall just by adding back accessories for hot seasons into pieces for cold days.

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